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  1. We will be getting a refund. I do not trust the economy at this point to hold on to a "credit".
  2. I have a cruise the first week of April that I am seriously considering canceling. I couldn't care less about the virus, but the mass hysteria and threat of quarantine is making it virtually impossible for us to go.
  3. It is definitely coming. I wouldn't cancel until the last minute. If they stop you from going, they have to refund your money. I don't want a FCC - want the money back.
  4. The family is posting videos of the fight on their Facebook pages. They are indeed proud. It's sick!
  5. That whole group was trashy. The blonde that started the whole thing was walking around and grabbing other women's breasts. She was thrown off - with her small child. Class act.
  6. Nothing on NCL's website. Crazy that they don't give more information ….
  7. Just received a text message for us to come two hours later on Sunday. Are people sick onboard or something??
  8. This is too funny. We are from north jersey - best pizza in the country, IMO. And we always stop at this place for a slice!!
  9. We are two weeks from sailing, and had a last minute guest join us. I have to change our party of 6 dinner reservations to a party of 7 once we board. Is this still done at Teppanyaki?
  10. We booked directly with NCL. The cruise line states our excursion starts at 8:30am. Are you saying we will not actually be on the ferry to the island until 10:15am?
  11. The pool deck on Encore is much smaller. That is obvious, and anyone trying to gloss that over by comparing it to other ships is in denial. Vibe is much larger on the Encore. $200 per person - NCL is making out like a bandit here. I'm not overly concerned - I get up early, and most definitely will save seats for my family. However, like any other cruise, if you are strolling outside at 11 am, you won't get a seat.
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