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  1. I have cruised with NCL and Carnival. NCL is way overpriced without a lot of good deals. I can book a Carnival cruise for $300 for an 8 night cruise. I know what cruise lines I'm going to book with for a last minute cruise....
  2. Canada is pushing for local tourism. Instead of Canadians travelling to the US they want us to stay in Canada (aka not go across the border flying or driving) and spend our money here. Tourism boards are voicing their concerns but at the same time until the border is open no one from the US is getting into Canada to get on a cruise ship.
  3. Posted a similar message in another Cruise Line forum. Canadians have been mentionining this for a while so at least it's official. Our border is still closed as well, so unless you lived in Canada you weren't able to even get to the port. I do agree that it is sad and I love cruising. My son and I book "fantasy" cruises every few days. We play the "where would we go if we won the lottery and didn't have to go to school/work".
  4. Many Canadians have been mentioning that this would happen but at least it's official. We still have border restrictions so unless you live in Canada and were going on a Canadian cruise you wouldn't have been able to get here. And is anyone commenting on how airlines are still selling tickets for flights that might not be running either?
  5. I was given the same offer and I have only done one cruise in 2018 and perhaps gambled $1000. I want to take the offer but I"m in Canada and not sure I can get to one of the ports for the cruise 😞 I just logged in to re read the offer and it sounds like drinks everywhere is for the first and second guest.
  6. I cancelled our Hawaii 2021 Cruise a month ago. I waited 2 minutes on the phone. This was still when they were cancelling cruises so I was impressed. I also go my refund within 3 weeks.
  7. Thank you for asking this question and also all the answers. We are looking ahead to doing a Transatlantic - Southhampton to New York. My 13 year old son is obsessed with Titanic and that is his dream cruise. We both like dressing up. fancy dinners, so happy to hear this.
  8. Yes. Find a nice waiter. Tip them very well the first day of the cruise. Visit the casino a lot. You don't need to gamble a lot, just be at a machine. I have done that twice and both times gotten a lot of drinks without having to gamble a lot. I also was very happy to give the waiter the money directly.
  9. I noticed the same thing. I wasn't going to book right away but I have to fly in so was looking at a 7+ day cruise. Now that there are only 4-6 day cruises it's not worth it to go down to Miami or Orlando. I have been eying the 8 day cruise on the Horizon so we could enjoy the Havana area.. oh well..
  10. If it is an Alaskan cruise that has a Canadian port you should be paying attention to how Canada is reopening. Canada is being way more cautious and I doubt that by September B.C. will be open for business. If the port isn't open the cruise will be cancelled. I was on the Jewel last year and it left Vancouver. Now if you are leaving from Seattle just ignore my rant 🙂
  11. I'm a little offended by all the offers I'm getting from NCl and Carnival. I'm smart enough to realize that putting money down for a deposit will just sit with the cruise company, and not in my bank account.
  12. Another thing to mention is that every government body, business, company, etc. is only making predictions one month out. I"m sure its to make sure that people don't freak out but people are already freaking out. I"m in Ontario, Canada, and for example day cares fall under a different regulation then schools. The minister was able to close schools for a month at a time but only daycares for two weeks. In May they will announce June and then continue that trend.
  13. Once again interesting since their website indicates you will get an E-Credit, not money back.
  14. Interesting since that is not what their website is saying. Most airlines are allowing changes to booking without a fee, online cancellations, but are only giving future travel credits. So you received the full amount that you paid back to you? I guess I should have used that airline 🙂
  15. Be happy that you are getting any refund. Airlines are not refunding ANY money at all, whether it's because you cancelled, or they cancelled. That includes vacation packages. I have $6000 sitting with Air Canada that i will use when this is all over. You will get a refund, just not at this moment.
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