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  1. I remember reading on here about these changes. Also when you search up each specific cruise ship it shows the category changes before/after Sept 14th 2020.
  2. Cruising on the Jewel July 29th - August 5th. Currently in an inside cabin. Offered an ocean for up to $300 per person US and offered a Balcony for up to $500 per person. Decided we did not want an ocean view so put in the lowest bid ($150 per person) for a balcony. Doubt we'll get it but it doesn't hurt to try.
  3. Seems to be a problem when there isn't a direct flight. My husband gets beyond stressed when we have connecting flights and demands at least 3 hours between flights (making for a long day). We're cruising out of Vancouver and luckily we able to get a direct flight from Ottawa. I guess the annoyance is that airlines don't have direct flights to ports. You would think with the number of passengers on each of the cruise ships leaving every day there would be a market for direct flights. With that said our flight home from our cruise is Anchorage - Vancouver - Toronto - Ottawa - 17 hour trip.
  4. It's probably because you are calling on a Monday morning. 🙂 My land based casinos give out their "free" cruises on a weekend, Saturday mainly, so people have to wait until Monday morning to call. Also people who have no time during the week and spend their weekend doing cruise research then have to call in Monday morning to book/rebook/etc.
  5. My 11 year old son and I did the tour on our last cruise. He is OBSESSED with cruise ships and loved it. At parts he was more interested in it them me. Our tour had mainly students who were learning about working in the travel industry. We got a lot of information about working on a cruise ship.I will say that it is very difficult working conditions and not something I would choose to do.
  6. Me too. It's saying Visitor Prioritization Waiting Room... haha
  7. I like to think of it as airmiles, the points I get through Shopper's Drug Mart, and the money I get through cashback on my credit card. I'm already spending the money so a little extra perk is worth it.
  8. I cruised in March of 2018 so I might not have the most up to date information. I was offered a free drink each time the waiter walked by. The more you tip, the more they come to you. I ordered rum and diet coke or ciders. My waiter was awesome in that sometimes he'd bring me two ciders and only open one, so I'd have a drink for the pool the next day. I could not get a free drink at the bar. I had to be playing a machine. When I say "my waiter" I mean that the first waiter to get me a drink once I hit the number of points I tipped quite well and since he worked every night that the casino was open he came to me each time.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. It would be nice if the upgrades and perks was simple to understand. I have an inside room and was offered one perk - internet. As long as I don't lose that I'm good since the rest of the perks I don't want. 🙂
  10. The cruise I'm going on seems to be a little strange. There are a lot of inside cabins and not a lot of ocean view or balconies. Most of the Haven is sold out. I"ll need to decide financially whether a balcony is worth it. Our last cruise was an ocean view room and I didn't like it. I just like knowing I have an option to upgrade, whether I'm offered one or not.
  11. Thanks for the info. I know I am over thinking this but I have a little bit more money and thinking a balcony would be much better. Can I ask how much the upgrade bid was? I know it's a different ship, cruise, etc. Just curious on the price difference?
  12. I have read quite a lot of the threads on the bidding process but haven't found any information on my situation. I used a land based casino offer to book an inside room for a cruise to Alaska. I only paid admi fees and taxes. Will I be offered an option to bid on an upgrade even though I didn't pay full price? I guess what I'm asking is when I do a cost comparison between an inside cabin and ocean view or balcony I am using what my type of room currently costs ($3034 US), not what I actually paid ($762.42) Will I not get a chance to upgrade simply because they aren't making a lot of money off me anyways (I say that because it seems the point of upgrading is to charge people more for an empty more expensive room and then fill the original cabin as well).
  13. If only $40 of a $100 tip is making it to the dealer perhaps if you tip $250 in total then you'd still be giving them the $100 you wanted to in the first place.
  14. It has already been discussed ALOT that cruise lines don't pay their staff very well. This sounds like a good tactic to guilt you into tipping more. I had a similar situation at an all inclusive in Dominican Republic. The day we were leaving our waiter gave a sob story about being able to go home tomorrow, 3 hours drive, only being home for 2 days. I knew it was a story to make us want to tip more.
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