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  1. My 12 year old and I were on the Jewel and there were very few children. I think the average age was 60 🙂 I was told that the Jewel was more adult oriented so that is something to consider (no waterslide, no really fun kids activities).
  2. We went to Alaska in the beginning of August and almost didn't get to go dog sledding because it was so warm the dog sled camps on the glaciers were closed. I would suggest going earlier in the season if you want "winter" type excursions. There is also a Alaska section on this website. I got a lot of information about the weather, excursions, ports etc.
  3. My 12 year old son and I ate at Teppannaki on our Alaskan cruise. He absolutely loved it. We paid the price for two people, as was expected. He eats off the adult menu and has for almost 2 years. I don't think 12 year olds would be happy eating off the kids menu and if all they want are hot dogs then perhaps a fancy cruise isn't worth it for them.
  4. I'm looking at getting another credit card and since I love cruising with NCl I figured this might be a good choice. The link given above for rewards doesn't work for me. I'm in Canada. I remember someone mentioning on my last cruise that the credit card and reward program is only for U.S. - is that right?
  5. I was on the Jewel in August. Now that I think about it the shows were more for the 30's 40's crowd. I did notice the average age was 60's. I actually loved that part of the cruise even though I'm 41 and when with my 12 year old son. I'm not a big foodie but it's been mentioned a lot that the food quality isn't extraordinary. I'ts good but if you are expecting 5 star food like at a restaurant at home it won't happen.
  6. I was on the Jewel and ate at O'Sheehans. It was very quiet. I didn't really enjoy the food there so it was also good to know right away where NOT to eat.
  7. Isn't the OP a helicopter parent? If I read the post correctly she is posting in here to complain about what NCL did to HER daughter. Why isn't the daughter posting about the issue?
  8. For all those complaining about the way NCL handled the situation with Hurricane Dorian, I'm assuming that you will be booking with another cruise line for future cruises? Doesn't make sense to come in here and complain yet continue to give such a horrible company your business.
  9. Cruisemapper is also good as it has not only the ports but all the ships. You can search for a specific port to see which ships are in port but also search where each ship is located, etc.
  10. Nothing. Even though I spent what I thought was a lot of money I didn't spend enough to get anything taken off. Was pretty annoyed since on Carnival I got quite a few things.
  11. An intelligent traveller will go with the company that gives them the best service for their money. If a company is not giving you the customer service you want, why waste money with the company? I'm suggesting that if you feel that NCL isn't giving you good customer service then you should try a different cruise line. I don't care about loyalty. Loyalty programs are designed to make the customer FEEL as if they are important. If you are sticking with NCL just because of the loyalty program then clearly they have done their job at convincing you that you are important.
  12. Sounds like you need to find another cruise line?
  13. I was on the Jewel and the bar at O'Sheehans was open.
  14. I do not remember being charged tax on the pop that we got at lunch on the first day. It was before 4pm so we were still in port. I did not drink alcohol so not sure if there is tax on alcohol drinks.
  15. I got to about 2000 points, losing about $1000. I already had a drink card since I had a land based offer. Was also not impressed since with Carnival losing the same amount I got free wine, free steak, and a lot of offers for cheap cruises.
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