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  1. The bus to the airport leaves at 8:30am. So I'm assuming those not on the 630am train will be on the 8:30am bus.
  2. Westjet was the cheapest - $400 per person and Air Canada on the way back - $1200. The Westjet flight is now $800 per person. It's something about flying out of Ottawa, or any Canadian city. I have friends who drive to Watertown (2 hours drive I think) and can get $200 flights to Florida.
  3. I'm on the same cruise and super jealous you got such a great deal. There is something wrong with airline travel in Canada... The cheapest flights I could get cost $2400 CAD.. and just checked and they are almost double that now ($1200 per person just Ottawa to Vancouver)
  4. I am travelling with my 12 year old on a cruise in a week. I bought lanyards with the plastic holders for our room keys. That way it will always be around his neck (and not in his pocket or in his hand where he can leave it somewhere). I always try to be proactive as I know my son would also be forgetful.
  5. The answer to the OP question is on the NCL website. Why can't people just read the FAQ section then come here if they can't find it? This question has been asked a million times in here. Why can't people scroll down before asking the same question. Sorry to rant but this site has become exhausting.
  6. I am choosing to use the sky train because I think it's a cool experience. I'm from Ottawa and we don't' have any train service.
  7. Random question that came to mind as I was swimming at my local beach. Do they supply pool towels on Alaska cruises? I will not be swimming but my 12 year old will swim in anything, anywhere 🙂
  8. Now I'm confused. I received a CAS free cruise through my land based casino which included free drinks at the casino. I know that if I was a brand new player I'd need to get up to Jade level to get free drinks but I was told I would get free drinks right away. 😞
  9. Do I have to be playing at a machine or can I order at the bar? I"ve looked up the answer and seem to be getting both answers as correct/incorrect. I don't drink alot so looking mainly to get free diet pepsi and sprite for my son.
  10. I've never been on an NCL cruise so do not have a CAS level with NCL. I have checked out the levels, however not sure what level I'd be at.
  11. Sorry to jumpin but how do you know what level of drink card you get? I have a CAS cruise coming up in a few weeks. Is it based on your room category (i was offered an IA for free). thanks
  12. I'm in an IA on that cruise.. wanna bribe NCL to upgrade me to the last of the balcony rooms then you can have my IA? 🙂
  13. She posted a PDF that has every Freestyle Daily. I read every page with interest 🙂
  14. Yes. I posted that a while ago in the "What was your upgrade bid..." I have been keeping track of inventory and it looks like they are sold out, so no need to worry anyways.
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