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  1. If the OP is thinking of spending a few days at the end I would assume the thought is eastbound, if in fact it's a TA and not a TP.
  2. I didn't need to read any farther after that.
  3. Considering he's talking about Marina and not an R class I'd say the room will be nicer on O. AQ on =X= gets you a dedicated restaurant which we enjoy very much for breakfast and dinner. You also get unlimited access to their thermal suites (called the Persian Garden), which is an upcharge for everyone else. The OP mentioned he was Zenith, which means he'd normally have access to the suite-only cocktail lounge, but =X= eliminated that benefit for social distancing. Z's get unlimited laundry, so the lack of a launderette is not biggie for the OP but would be for me were the journey 15 days
  4. You have plenty of time for flights and lodging, but do pay close attention to your specialty restaurant deadline. Wave to me on Feb 7. I get on when you disembark. Enjoy!
  5. We love the west. Just back from Utah nat'l parks and Yosemite is next. We always use Vegas as our base! Except for Yellowstone....that was SLC.
  6. Congrats on your state's reopening. As vital as CA is to the economy and as fatigued as her citizens must be, I pray it goes well.
  7. You're singing my song. Among those not getting the difference: Johns Hopkins.
  8. Certain verandas come with add'l perks. Deck 11 is home to Aqua Class. The exact same room dimensions...but passengers get their own restaurant for breakfast and dinner, called Blu. You also get unlimited access to the Persian Garden (steam, sauna ceramic loungers) and the Relaxation Room. The shower is upgraded as well with body sprays. Book forward for full sun, mid ship for shade, (but beware of the pool deck noise above.) A couple of cabins are obstructed by a window washing scaffold. 1546-1540 starboard are fine. Port is under the Spa Cafe. That can also be noisy.
  9. Just an FYI. If you end up in Curacao, Cas Abao Beach has fantastic snorkeling, right from shore. About a 40 minute cab from port. You can tell your driver at what time you'd like to return. Enjoy your cruise either way. The Caves in Tortola are also super cool if you get to go, but we found the Baths to be disappointing.
  10. Pee was talking about vaccinated people being asymptomatic and unlikely spreaders. You post speaks only of asymptomatic without reference to whether they are vaccinated. IMO you haven't made the case that science disagrees with him. Besides, your Lancet article is more than 3 months old. The landscape is changing quickly.
  11. Please post that in every thread. (and site a source, just so you're not flamed.)
  12. That's kinda the point of the forum, Bill. To opine. And to seek the thoughts of others. I'm sure your previous 77 posts were are compelling as the last. I'll try to meet your standard.
  13. Mine too. Are we finally waking up to the fact a positive test equates not to a "case?" Yet the writers of the Bible, Johns Hopkins, calls every positive a "case." Unnerving.
  14. And don't forget the bridge can and does on many occasion override your window control and shuts the window themselves. This happened to us at the slightest hint of bad weather. We truly did not care for the IV and will not sail E class again, as we sail AQ and IV is pretty much a given. You may have a completely different take, and I'm hoping you do. Have a great cruise.
  15. I check our TA daily to make sure it's still scheduled. 52 days to OCI.
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