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  1. Rush to the room as soon as it is available to try on the life vest. Turn on the TV and binge watch the safety information channel over and over. Study the evacuation map on the door to memorize the way to the muster station. Call down to guest services every 15 mins asking how much longer until we get to go to the drill. Jump in the shower with the life vest to activate the emergency light beacon on it, while singing “My heart will go on” Pop my head out the door and startle people in the hall with a loud impression of the evacuation signal. “Bah-Bah-Bah-Bah-Bah-Bah-Bah-Baa
  2. I hear that the Grand Turk Ministry of Tourism is using these next several months to squeeze 1,000 more "$20-per-use" beach umbrellas between the free green ones and the water. 🤪
  3. With the way things are opening up right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually started with 100% capacity... but did so quietly.
  4. And I ordered on 6/6 and had it delivered on 6/15. If only Carnival used this service to send refund gift cards.
  5. They’ll probably keep laundry service perk, but similar to the other changes, you’ll have to lug the laundry yourself way down to deck 00. You know - so there’s less “touching” of things 🙂
  6. I don’t get it… Why do they not want to drop off water, logo gifts, etc to the stateroom? What’s the benefit to anyone with this change? Fewer crew on-board?
  7. But then watch what happens... Instead of most chairs reserved with a towel, they’ll be blocked with red tape and a sign forbidding their use in order to maintain social distancing. 😂
  8. I must have had a crappy price for our cabin, because adding the RU1 Cheers package to our existing booking only cost a total of $70 more. Salut!
  9. I don’t know how they’d implement it, but do something to eliminate the packed crowding on the stairwells before the gangway is opened at a port.
  10. It seems to be completely inconsistent. Eight weeks ago, I cancelled an excursion paid for with a GC. Still haven’t received the refund.
  11. If they really wanted to make this Carnival-themed, there’d be no money. You’d just pay for everything with your sign and sail card and every time you go around the board, you get OBC. The chance cards would include: “You’ve bought FttF. Advance to nearest Bar or restaurant.” “Caught sneaking booze onboard. Go directly to the brig.” And of course everyone’s favorite... “Congratulations. You removed auto tips. Collect $200.”
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