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  1. I am currently booked in an obstructed view balcony cabin on deck 6, and I can upgrade to a balcony (not obstructed view) on deck 13 for the same price Any ideas what deck is better--do you feel the ship move more on a higher floor thanks
  2. Would love to go to Horseshoe bay, after you take a can there, is it a long walk I am going with my mom and she loves the beach but really cant walk very well
  3. Anyone sail on the Anthem from Jersey in October How is the weather the first and second day, and is in warm in Bermuda at that time
  4. Verizon has an international plan, its just 10$ per 24 hours, you are only charged if you turn the phone on, so you dont need to be charge each day I use it all the time I cruise Its called travel pass
  5. yes buy the card thru aarp ---so a 500$ gift card cost 450$ and then you can use it to buy the cheers package online
  6. I am able to check in on line next week, and will be checking in for friends also What info do I need to check everyone in Can i leave out the credit card and they can go back in and add it thanks
  7. I read on here that if you purchase a classic drink bring the receipt to the casino and receive 5$ in casino money does anyone know if this is true I can't find the tread. TY
  8. dgskd What is the web address for the e-gift cards ty
  9. Does anyone know if the walls in the cabins are metal
  10. I know the Cheers package includes 15 drinks a day, but if you get water, coffee from the coffee shop or smoothies do those count as part of your 15 drinks for the day
  11. Does Carnivial dock in OSJ or at the Pan American port
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