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  1. Good I will have to remember that in the future
  2. Contact your cell phone provider and ask about if they support WIFI calling. I have Verizon and it worked on our cruise in December. I even used it off the ship in the cruise terminal. Just make sure the the phone is turned to airplane mode and then search for WIFI and look for a good signal. I have also heard from other people that the WIFI coverage is even better now.
  3. Last year I paid for my cruise in full and just before we left the price dropped and when we boarded the ship I showed them the price drop and they issued me an on board credit. Hope this helps
  4. You will be assigned to dinning in the Luminare. Basically the first time you go there they get all your information and keep track of it for your next meal. This way they can try to put the same staff with you every time. The longest wait you will ever have is ten minutes. The food is the best on the ship and as other posters have said you can order from all the other restaurants. I have had several occasions were I wanted some pasta so they went to Tuscana kitchen and came back with some fresh pasta. I typically get the French onion soup from the MDR menu then something off the Luminare menu for appetizers and chose something for the main dish from either menu. Hope this helps!
  5. I always go around and look to see what specialty restaurant we want to eat at and give them my name and room number and to contact me if if they have any discounts and tables available for any night. I can can usually get 50% off but you don’t get much notice.
  6. You will have plenty of options to watch the World Series. They usually set up a location for each team in different locations and then will have the game on your room television.
  7. I just bring a rope with a bag tied onto the end of it. Put my clothes in the bag add soap and toss it over board. Pull it up after ten minutes and it’s ready to be dried. Then tie the clothes to the rope and leg it dangle in the wind being careful not to let to much rope out or the ocean will get your clothes wet again.
  8. Bring with you a magnet with a hook on it. You can put the magnet on your door (yes the door has metal in it ) and this will give you a place to put your information we’re you can find it right away. I bring multiple hooks and then can put other things up there as well. Enjoy your trip
  9. I agree you will need to find the Dailies. This lists all the activities going on and off 5he ship. They are delivered to your room the night before. Several people post them and you can find them by doing a search.
  10. Yes Yes Yes You always want to bring bring your own equipment if possible. Masks get scratched and going from one size to another stretch’s the band and can cause your mask to leak. Not all companies clean their equipment with the same sanitary process. You don’t want to be the one not getting some clean equipment. Get your our own equipment and then you you will have good fitting equipment that won’t disappoint you while snorkeling.
  11. Hello Bridget I didn’t have any luck contacting her. Do you know of anyone else that might be interested in giving us a walking tour of Curacao? Thanks Bill
  12. We used Ellis Tours last year and he was one of the best tours we have ever been on. You can find him by going to Facebook and type in Ellis. He has several tours.
  13. Look at home for the prices before leaving. You save not having to pay sales tax on the ship but generally can find it cheaper before you leave.
  14. His tours are one the best I have ever been on. Ellis is a local that really loves his island. My wife and went on a all day tour and loved every minute of our time with him.
  15. I always stop by there on my towards my room at the end of the day for some late night snacks. I even now bring some Tupperware to keep them fresh.
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