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  1. DKNE

    Seaview- comedy

    Is there any Comedy clubs on the ship?
  2. Thanks everyone. We have booked the Hotel Constanza 😁
  3. DKNE

    MSC Seaview

    April 25 Seaview out of Barcelona
  4. DKNE

    MSC Seaview

    Ya still nothing on the site. Even when we went on the MSCUSA site it was rather confusing and the agent at MSC had no idea what to do.
  5. DKNE

    Pope in Rome

    Dogs4fun, we actually ended up booking a tour from the port to Rome. A 9 hour full day of sightseeing 🙂 The only thing we are not seeing is the Sistine chapel.
  6. Bobal, that would definitely be a bummer !!
  7. DKNE

    MSC Seaview

    I haven't seen much about the Seaview, but I am wondering when they put their excursions on their MSC for me app? On the app as well if I log into my profile, our itinerary is showing zero excursions for the entire cruise. That can't be. I just want to see what they are offering and compare with DIY.
  8. DKNE

    Pope in Rome

    The day that we are in Rome, the Pope is giving his address to the crowds. What are the chances of seeing the Pope, or is it next to nil? We are in port from 7am to 6pm. I did get a quote from one tour company and asked if it was possible to see the Pope and their reply was 'no time to see the Pope'. Knowing this day will be super busy, along with the port having 5 ships in port (totaling 10, 452 passengers), what suggestions do you have as must see's in Rome, with it being a insane busy day. Tks 🙂
  9. Thank you twruger
  10. Thank you Mapleleaves, unfortunately we can't book cruises a year in advance. So we deal with what we have. Tks Truger, will stay away. That sounds rounchy!
  11. Thank you everyone. We are looking at keeping the cost under $200 per night, Canadian$. The Euro for us is not really good. A number of the recommendations are well over $200, even $300. Also received our itinerary disembarkation time and it is 4pm on the Saturday. We fly out on the Sunday at 11:30 am. So that does not give us much time at all to see anything in Barcelona.
  12. It will only be my 2nd time in Europe. Last year was in July, Eastern Med. and it was super hot. This year we are going end of April/beg of May. What are the temperatures like at this time of the year, for Spain, France and Italy. Not sure if I should bring shorts and tank tops, or warmer clothing. 🙂
  13. DKNE

    MSC Seaview

    Thank you!
  14. DKNE

    MSC Seaview

    Silly Q - but what is the currency on board the MSC Seaview. Departure Barcelona, Western Med. Is it USD or Euro? Tks.
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