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  1. It is the same as before then. It would be better on deck 9 if it was starboard side, then the whirlpools could be used without the smell of smoke.
  2. You are so right. I too could drink fairly heavily for a couple of days, but couldn’t keep it up for a longer period of time. Personally, I wouldn’t spend part of the package on specialist coffee or juices. What bothers me, is that my friend, sharing a cabin with me and who is teetotal would be forced to take out the same package. Why? What about the days when people are on lengthy shore excursions? A solution might be if P and O did not limit the price of a cocktail or whether you shared with you cabin partner but allowed you to drink cocktails which were more expensive. Once you have drunk your allowance then start charging you.
  3. The ferries are able to dock at any time. However, they are very much at the mercy of the weather, and we constantly have cancelled ferries, a problem for people travelling. Also those shops who rely on goods shipped from England often have some empty shelves. Solution: shop local. And a note to Sogne. At a really low tide it is possible to see the old tree stumps on the west coast.
  4. The main reason why cruise ships do not come to Jersey is because the waters in the bay are not so deep as they are in Guernsey. If you go to Guernsey or Jersey be aware that the larger shops, fortunately will not open on a Sunday. So we do have one day of quiet.
  5. I was referring to the Arcadia
  6. Does anyone know if smoking is till allowed on the Lido deck, one side af the area around the Aquarius pool. Both whirlpools are in the same area, making it unpleasant whilst using them.
  7. I live in Guernsey, it is a wonderful place and I do hope you are able to come. (Also a p and O Cruiser)
  8. I agree that standards have and are continuing to drop, although I’ve no idea why. I imagine it’s right across the cruise industry. Does anyone have any idea which cruise lines are still operating with high standards?
  9. I am not being critical of anybody.. however, I am critical of P & O as their reasoning behind stopping us taking more than 1ltr.of alcolhol on board was to encourage ‘responsible’ drinking. Their drinks package rather defeats their.objective.
  10. To Tom Baker, i agree, the amount they are charging is far too high. Getting your money’s worth would not be what P & O are calling responsible drinking.
  11. P & O’s promotion of cigarettes, Buy 200 and get 200 free seems ludicrous when coupled with their support of MacMillan.
  12. I have cruised with P and O for many years and have noticed many ‘cut backs’. More and more things on board now incur a charge, room service is now being charged for. The charges used to be on certain items only.
  13. Good luck with that. I drink red wine, but will not be taking the package. To get my money’s worth, I would need to drink £40 worth of red wine per day. No only is that irresponsible drinking, but I would be ill.
  14. When are P and O going to stop the irresponsible habit of selling cigarettes ‘Buy one, get one free’. It does not sit well with their support of MacMillan.
  15. Have just heard P and O alcolholic drinks package will cost £39.99 per day. No sharing. Are they having a laugh. Who is going to drink that much in one day.
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