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  1. Wine packages. Has the Captain’s choice and the Commodore ‘s choice which you could choose at dinner been discontinued?
  2. Wine waiters get tips on the drinks they sell, it is already included in the shown price.
  3. On P and O, my understanding has always been that a percentage has already been included in the price the drink. It is not added on afterwards.
  4. Good evening Tom. Thank you for sharing this, a lesson for you - but a timely warning for others. It’s always useful to check the on board statement every so often, to make sure that you can recognise the items on it.
  5. Definitely, it would be cheaper to ‘pay as you go’
  6. Providing your daughter was the legal age and you had a kindly waiter who looked the other way, it may work. This is, I think, where the drinks package, ie: everybody in the same cabin must have the package or nobody has it, is falling down. It may be that you don’t want your daughter to drink this much. In which case, I think it may be better to ‘pay as you go’. Have a wonderful holiday.
  7. One person consuming 15 drinks per day is not responsible drinking, which I understand is what P and O are encouraging.
  8. Dear John, Thank you, I think I have probably reached the same conclusion, unfortunately a step back. Another solution i am exploring is to use a good Travel Agent’s website, they seem to be showing available cabins. regards Tablelamp
  9. When I book a cruise, I like to take time which is not possible doing a telephone booking. Has anybody had any success?
  10. May 2019. I have been trying to use the new P and O website but am unable to see what cabins are available and at what price. Has anybody had any luck using the new site?
  11. I see the Arcadia now has a Glass House. Will this mean that there is another area of the ship you cannot use without paying?
  12. As a solo traveller for many years, I find it better to ‘pay as you go’ and not take any package. I would not drink speciality coffee anyway. On port days, you may be off the ship and have a couple of drinks. Having the drinks package means you still have the £40- to spend. I love my red wine, but drinking £40 per day is not responsible drinking, which, if you read the ‘blog’ from P and O is what they want to encourage. I agree that the prices of drinks is reasonable but the package is too much.
  13. I would suggest, that if you fancy a drink, you use your card and NOT take the package. You may end up drinking more than you would like, in order to get your money’s worth.
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