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  1. Does anybody know if we will be scanned for a high temperature before boarding? Cruise coming up for 2nd february.
  2. I too have been selected for online checkin. Maybe it is reserved for those people who have shower curtain issues. Last year, in a ‘rock and roll’ situation, I fell through the shower curtain, out of the bathroom and straight into the wardrobe, the doors of which I had left open.
  3. No need to keep it in the fridge, a plastic dome is all that it s needed.
  4. I like the idea of shared tables, but please don’t limit it to solo travellers. As a solo traveller, I don’t want to be labeled. ‘SOLO TRAVELLER’
  5. there will be no problem at all. I live in Jersey so do not have a UK passport, the most that will happen is that they will LOOK at yo7r passport.
  6. it’s the same old thing that we hear time and time again. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?
  7. I’ve never had any problem whatsoever. Bring water / soft drinks on embarkation day and any of the ports you visit. It is alcohol which is restricted
  8. Despite receiving promotional e-mails encouraging me to book excursions, I am still unable to log on so cannot book excursions for an early February cruise. I have reported this to the Q & A team and have received the usual pathetic excuse. Should the excursions be full be the time I am able to book, I shall be very cross.
  9. Is there a lot of piped music around the ship during the day?
  10. If I produced something that nobody could use properly, I should get the sack!
  11. I totally agree; We are welcomed at these ports, and to leave in a noise of jingoistic patriotism makes me ashamed of being British. If anything we should leave whilst playing THEIR National Anthem. I hope P & O see my message and take note. The three blasts on the horn are to say “Goodby and thank you”
  12. I am going on the Oceana early Feb. I am an outdoor person. Has anybody got some handy tips for me?
  13. I also have spent much time on the Aurora, and would advise C deck. Point one. It is very slightly lower so there would be slightly less movement. Point two. If there is an open deck above you, the crew start tidying up the lounges at about 6 pm so you would get quite a lot of noise from the dragging of chairs/loungers.
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