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  1. During my travels, I have seen people put their cases through some sort of machine at airports and when the case comes out the other end, it is completely encased in plastic.
  2. it sounds like a sales gimmick to get you to spend more.
  3. What sort of things do they offer during the day?
  4. Is Cafe Jardin on Oceana is open during the day and is there a charge.
  5. I have used photo book in the past although not through P and O.). I should like to know if Photobook are going to charge for each photo you upload in which case it would not work out any cheaper. Can anybody throw any lights on this. Christine
  6. I think it is a matter of personal taste, I always take my own as the ones provided in the cabins are huge!
  7. Waju, No apology necessary, you message came through, perfectly fine. I actually prefer sea days. Just that there seems be be so much bad feeling, I prefer to be safe.
  8. But how would that waiter you in a large crowded area.?
  9. To Waju. I did not expect cruise credit for the missed port, it’s just that I saw it on You Tube and wondered.
  10. I noticed that when ports were missed on a transatlantic cruise in September, due to a storm, we had letters from P & O advising us that there would be no compensation from P and P and that we should contact our own insurance Companies. I see other cruise lines offer credits. Any thoughts anyone?
  11. I would agree. Two tables of eight Next to each other would be much more manageable; you cannot talk to all 16 people at once and I think it would be very difficult for the waiters and could result in cold food.
  12. I wear ordinary black shoes with a small heel, except on one occasion, when I ventured forth in a long black evening dress, only to be recalled by my cabin steward as I still had my white p and o slippers on. Just wear smart shoes and don’t rush about.
  13. It was on The P and O Arcadia in the buffet area.
  14. I once saw a waitress come out of a toilet and make her way to the door without washing her hands. When I remonstrated she replied “it doesn’t apply to me because I have gloves on”. I’m still trying to work out the reasoning behind her remark.
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