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  1. Going on the pride in January with a group of friends and our 6 children combined. My kids seem pretty excited about the camp carnival, but they are wondering what sorts of activities they do! Does anyone have a list of some of the activities they put on? I know, many years ago, they sent out a write up of what happened each hour of each day haha but I forget and have no examples to give my kiddos!
  2. Thats exactly right. I have seen my fair share of positive experiences on this ship from facebook groups and here as well. Just thought having a thread of the more positive aspects of the ship would be good to look at as well!
  3. Sick of seeing all the negatives of this ship! lol lets have a positive thread about the sunrise so people aren't scared for their booked cruises!
  4. I have always seen a conveyor type oven too, but still get the odd burnt part. I still LOVE the pizza though, its my daily late night snack haha hoping the new name is just that, a new name!
  5. We are going on the Sunrise in September and I just noticed they do not have a pizza pirate!!! But they do have the pizzeria del capitano, is this just as good as pizza pirate because I am considering canceling my cruise lol (joking obviously!) also, is this pizza place the same as pizza pirate and open really late or 24hrs?
  6. Thanks Guys! I remember her calling it a certain name, but I kept forgetting it! lol I guess I will just have to experiment at the alchemy bar again! oh darn!
  7. So, I am sure this is a long shot but I have to ask. Last year I was on the carnival conquest, and one of the bar tenders at the alchemy bar made me a drink. I told her "I like sweet, but not too sweet, not to strong of an alcohol flavor" lol and she made me a drink that was cream based, with some sort of raspberry flavor and a couple fresh raspberries on top. It was SO good, but I can not remember the name of it for the life of me! Anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hey Going to bermuda for the first time in September, just wondering if there is a curfew for being back on the boat at night? We are there for 2 nights!
  9. Well it sounds like parking at the port is just much more convenient haha
  10. It is an extended cab. I am going to call and ask forsure! Thanks!
  11. If I am reading this correctly, pickup trucks are not allowed to park at this lot? thats unfortunate as thats what we have!
  12. If I am reading this correctly, pickup trucks are not allowed to park at this lot? thats unfortunate as thats what we have!
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