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  1. I will be using Carnival gift cards for sail and sign account. When I am filling out online check in, do I set it as cash or CC and go to guest services when onboard?
  2. Can anyone tell me how much it cost for a diet coke on board? I am trying to decide whether or not to buy the bottomless bubbles or pay by the drink. Also, do they give you the whole can when you buy one?
  3. I just got off Dawn yesterday and there were kids in the pool but it was so cold the most people I saw in pool at on time was about 3.
  4. Has anyone ever done the Outlet mall excursion in Portland and if so could we go by cab? It is $39 per person which seems outrageous if we can take a cab or UBER.
  5. I know it has been posted a bunch of times but can someone tell me where I can find out what restauraunts are included in dining package? I know Cagmey's is included but I am not sure what else. Also, will the accommodate a party of 8?
  6. We have a return flight from New York at 4:52pm. Any idea what to do with our luggage if we want to go enjoy New York for the day?
  7. Thanks, Some people can't functon in the morning without coffee but for me it is Diet Coke.
  8. I wanted to know where on the ship I can get it that early? I have the drink package.
  9. We are going on The Dawn on June 8, 2019 to Canada/New England. Is there anywhere I can get a Diet Coke for breakfast? I am not a coffee drinker and I am use to my Diet Coke every morning. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I called NCL and they told me that the person I talked to put me in the new promotion without me knowing when I added the 3rd passenger. The new promotion jacked the price for 1st and 2nd up $130 each. The agent I spoke to changed it back to original promotion and original price. I probably would have never noticed if my final payment wasnt due today.
  11. I called NCL last night to add 3rd passenger to my cabin and they raised the 1st and 2nd by almost $200 per person. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  12. I found Skyline Hotel. Looks nice online and it is only $250 per night and 2 blocks from port.
  13. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent hotel close to the port of New York? I am flying into Newark on Friday night and cruising on a Saturday.
  14. We would have eaten in St Kitts but we had an excursion and just made it back to the ship. As far as the comment about the specialty restaurants, we went to 4 of them and none were crowded.
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