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  1. Was able to do the work around and see my cabin and the new itinerary. I did keep the same category (BA) but the room is directly across from the elevators on the Riviera deck we were on Baja Deck several cabins forward of the elevators. The thing that is really bothering me is the switching out Victoria with Ketchikan; no offense to our Canadian neighbors but it is an Alaskan cruise. I've never done an Alaskan cruise and most likely will only do it once, so should I rebook with a Ketchikan port or do the Victoria?
  2. The Sapphire Jun 18, 2022 is my third attempt at an Alaskan cruise/tour, the first was 2020 on the Royal, 2021 on the Grand. My second and third attempts were on smaller ships based upon others experiences. I could accept the switch to Royal but am not pleased with swapping out Ketchikan for Victoria. Seriously considering pushing the 2022 trip till 2023.
  3. You could be right about not counting teens as children, I'm old so either your an adult (18) or a child.
  4. They said the reason there is no Hibachi on Adventure is because it is on the Promenade; the cooking smells would waft out into the Promenade. At least that's what they told us when I was there in August. If your thinking of a special dinner I'd suggest Giovanni's, tell them it's a special occasion and they'll seat you near a window. For adults I highly recommend the Sushi & Saki lunch.
  5. Yea I wouldn't have moved either, and my first instinct would be to throttle the young lad; but knowing that would get me banned from cruising he might have just had a little slip on the stairs. Honestly I blame the parents, they made an announcement that no unattended children were allowed in the first three rows. That's the only bad behavior we observed on this cruise and I didn't let it ruin my night, all in all it was a great cruise.
  6. I understand patient rights and such but I wish they were more forth coming on cases on board. I was under the impression that everyone over 12 was vaccinated and one of the reasons I chose this cruise. That being said it's been a week since we've been back and still healthy. I will say the only rude behavior we ran into was at the Headliner Show on the last night. In the third row of the theater (first available row for seating) was a group of about a dozen pre-teens and teens. A middle age couple sat down in the two seats on the end, one boy (12) told them they couldn't set there that there were plenty of seats in the theater. They got up and moved back to the next row, the wife was livid and wanted to call for a crew member. I told her that they were big people and if they moved it was their call. So as not to condemn them all a 17 year old boy told the other kid that he was rude.
  7. On the Adventure last week we were given bottles of TRU and Kirkland (Costco) with the drink package.
  8. We were switched from the Sapphire Princess to the Royal Princess
  9. Just got the email for our June 18, 2022, they are switching Ketchikan to Victoria. Not happy with this change in ports (also said port times may change) and will have to wait and see what cabin I get assigned and if it's not acceptable I'll make a decision on what to do.
  10. Just did Izumi on Adventure of the Seas last week, Adventure doesn't have and hibachi. They have you pick one small plate and two large plates. Here's some pics of what the two of us had.
  11. We did it several years ago along with a chocolate tour, there was ample time at the ruins as it is a guided tour. As some have said there are no great pyramids but the tour was very interesting and educational.
  12. Now that I'm back and experiencing the post cruise blues, I thought I'd post a summary of our trip. I had tried posting while on ship but posting from my phone using ships internet was to slow for my patience. Day 1-Embarkation Day: Check-in at the British Colonial Hilton went quickly and smoothly and we were on the first shuttle to the ship. Drinks, specialty dining reservations and lunch at the Windjammer. Rooms opened up between 1:15-1:30. Dinner at night 1 was at Izumi's; with the 3-night dining package you were allowed to pick 1 small plate and 2 large plates plus desert. The sushi was fantastic but we could only eat less than half of the order. In hindsight i will eat at Izumi again but will just purchase it ala carte. Day 2-CoCo Kay: The plan for today was Oasis Lagoon, we were joined today by Freedom of the Seas 1500 or so guest to the Adventures 637. The swim up bar at Oasis Lagoon was hopping that day but there was still plenty of room to spread out in a lounger and soak in the Lagoon. Didn't have lunch today as we were still full from the days before meal plus we had Chops for tonight. DW had the petite fillet and I had the NY Strip both were cooked to perfection. Partaking of the drink package continued and listened to the Culture Band and Switched on Band. Day 3-CoCo Kay (part du): Walked around the beaches and once again decided on Oasis Lagoon. The pool was refreshing and the service at the swim up bar and at the loungers was outstanding, even danced to a few songs from the DJ. The island felt empty, had lunch at Chill Grill. Was a good selection of foods available we settled on pork and chicken tacos. Tonight was the first Formal night so we got dressed up and headed to our first meal in the MDR. The service was exemplary and the food was pretty good. The evening was taken up with partaking of the drink package, bar hopping and dancing. Day 4-Sea Day: Today was our anniversary so a relaxing sea day was a perfect way to spend it. Solarium loungers was the order of the day; we had booked the "Sushi and Saki" lunch at Izumi's. If you like sushi this is a great meal you sampled 5 different sushi, beef fried rice and Mochi ice cream. Each course was paired with a different saki. Took in the ice show "Cool Art Hot Ice" and iy was amazing, such talented skaters that obviously love what they do. Dinner was at Giovanni's and the service and food was outstanding. More bar hopping, dancing and listening to the bands ended the evening. Day 5-Cozumel: Up early and hit the town, grabbed a taxi downtown and wandered around the park, had a drink at Fat Tuesday's and made a purchase of Vanilla for the kids back home. The heat and humidity was oppressive so we decided to grab a taxi back to the ship and cool off in the pool. Day 6-Sea Day: Just another relaxing sea day and then the second Formal night in the MDR with lobster. Day 7-Freeport: Freeport is my least favorite port of call, there is nothing in the excursions that interest me here. I really wish they would come up with some interesting excursions. So it was another day filled with sea day activities. Day 8-Nassau: This was my least favorite day of the cruise, breakfast at Windjammer then waited in our room to be kicked off the ship. The transfer to the airport went well and was very easy; don't sit in the last row, as we took off water from the AC came pouring down the wife's back fortunately there were two single seats that we were able to move to. Airport went pretty smoothly the only hold up was the security scanners; it was a bit disorganized as we were moved from a working scanner to an unmanned scanner, the operator arrived and had to wait for a supervisor to turn it on. After to long flights we were back home after midnight. It was a great cruise with a super fantastic and energized crew, I only wish I had the forethought to do a B2B.
  13. Was on the Adventure last week we wore either a 2 layer cloth mask or a disposable mask. I would recommend the disposable one in the high heat and humidity of the Caribbean. I did see some in a KN-95 but no neck gaiters.
  14. Well it’s CRUISE DAY!!!!! Yesterday started at 4:30am on Thursday, we had an early flight 5:00am on Friday and had maybe an hour of sleep before. We flew AA because I had pre-Covid vouchers to use, all in all both flights went well with only a slight mechanical delay in Charlotte. Getting thru the airport in Nassau was pretty easy but like everyone said it’s a long walk before you get out of the airport. We took a taxi to the British Colonial Hilton with a delightful and friendly guy “ Captain Jay”; the cost was $36 plus tip. The room is nice and the staff very friendly, we were exhausted from travel and the day before so we had a drink and conch fritters in the hotel bar and crashed shortly after.
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