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  1. Nobody is saying that you can't have a leisurely meal and a nice cup of coffee or two. People in the Lido should be there to dine. If there aren't other places to knit, chat, read, meet up or whatever, the ship needs to create them. An information memo on boarding would help ... but a pax who would approach another pax eating lunch, insisting that the table was for her knitting group would need some additional counselling. As far as the buffets, people are making mountains out of molehills. It's the same buffet, but you don't put the food on your plate, a crew member does. End of conversation.
  2. Most of our problem is the inside knowledge that politics affects everything, and we're rightly skeptical of anything "they" tell us. How long has the "scientific" debate been going on about eggs and whether they're good for us or harmful? Twenty years? If "they" can't even figure that out, why should we trust "them" on any other subject? Controlling the population has always been a fun past time for "them". "They" can all run around pontificating and striving to get into the media spotlight; keeps them from having to do any real work. One thing for sure, the world economy will soon collapse if "they" don't do something to let us get back to our lives.
  3. I have just spent THIRTY MINUTES looking for a way to change my email address. Can anyone tell me how to do this? It's preposterous.
  4. What a lovely story! The age of 3 is magical for sure.
  5. Very good point ... buffet dining in whatever form it takes will be wildly different. Much slower too. When the buffet lines are long, more pax will do the sit-down option, so it will all even out ... sort of.
  6. I believe that the cruise lines are phasing cruising back in, 5 ships at a time. That plan makes good sense. So of course they're sending crew home now, it will be months before they're needed. Cruise pax in the first six months should be ready for anything, managing it all will be a huge challenge, not to mention implementing plans on each ship. I am always fascinated with "how things work" and expect our September cruise to be very interesting.
  7. I'm fairly comfortable with the big cruise lines. It will be quite some time before any Virgin ships sail the high seas. All my cruises are insured for insolvency so an abrupt stoppage would be really annoying but easily handled. As usual, it's the crew and people without resources who really suffer. Management is so awful that they can't take care of the problem and just let business screech to a halt. I mean, how can you not notice that there's no cash to pay the expenses? I wish all upper management of a BK corporation would be held accountable.
  8. We're booked on Dawn for the December 19 sailing, couldn't resist the itinerary. I anticipate no problems with the virus by that time. Might as well be optimistic, right? The availability of current news nowadays will make it simple to cancel if things aren't all nice and normal on December 1.
  9. You've pointed out the reason for my question in the first place, Seaman. I don't remember ever wanting something on a cruise that I didn't just ask the steward for, or order from room service. Dinner on your balcony sounds nice, goodies delivered at cocktail time as well. So I'm curious about what others' experiences have been. Thanks for this.
  10. Thanks so much for your thoughts. Extremely helpful. Sorry you've never had a butler.
  11. How could any cruise line publish a plan of any kind at this time? Anyone who cruises as soon as we're back cruising needs to be ready for anything. If NCL publishes their "intentions" today, that will be taken for gospel ... any changes down the road (like the next week or even the next day) could go unnoticed, then everybody will start screaming and jumping up and down because they weren't paying attention.
  12. What should one do? Monitor the situation, consider the source of the information. In this case, it was the audit folks who reported it, and I think they're required to. Only a couple of days later, all was well. Any travel provider is in a very bad position right now. Just do what makes sense to you, and remember that bad news travels 95 times as fast as good news, so sit back and do some analysis.
  13. Isn't it amazing how we survive not having our toys work 24/7? People get so tied up in knots over something that really isn't very important. Get out there ... enjoy your cruise ... deal with real life when you get back to the US.
  14. NCL just confirmed our 9/11 sailing on GEM from Quebec. I am thrilled. I know there will be more hurdles to jump over, but I'm going to stay positive and open-minded about last-minute changes. Opening the Canada/US border would make me seriously happy. If masks are required, we'll probably cancel, but otherwise not worried about the virus ... pretty sure I had it from a China trip in November. Yeah ... we were in Wuhan November 12. We're both super healthy and will get blood work done and see our docs in August in case something "medical" is needed. Other than that, it will be just one week at a time all summer.
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