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  1. Thanks for all the reply's, Unfortunately thing's didn't work out for us, we will just have to settle for a spacious balcony😐 Mike
  2. Looking for advice from more experienced cruisers. We are sailing March 8 2020 on the Adventure, and have placed generous bids on a JS, GS,GSx2 about a month ago. As of now they all show pending with around 24hrs before boarding. My question is should I be hopeful? RCI still shows that suits are available among other cabins (probably many cancelations) or should I be content with my spacious balcony cabin? Also is it possible to upgrade at Check In also? Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. Great! thanks for the info. Enjoy your Vacation !! Mike
  4. We use Purefy, we bring it on the plane and spray the tray table and arm rest ect… with it. We also bring a few on our cruise and go crazy spraying our cabin from top to bottom. It's available on Amazon. Mike
  5. WE were on it last year, the INDY was updated in 2018 I believe. My kids 6-10 at the time had a blast on the water slides and mini water park and mini putt. AS for cabin I guess it's a matter of preference. Mike
  6. X2 We have been twice before with our kids that are a bit older. As others posted, cheap and quick taxi ride, $3 PP to get in, and great service good food and the cocktails are awesome!! Mike
  7. Can we just stroll in to Malecon21 without reservations? Last year on our stop in Costa Maya it was raining and we ended up staying in port. We will be there second week of March. Mike
  8. From International Pier we paid $18 each way for the four of us. Mike
  9. When buying jewelry in port can sometimes be a 50-50 chance of good or bad. Two years ago I bought an expensive Swiss Watch and a Diamond crusted ring in our port stop of Jamaica form one of the "Diamond" stores. I had registered the warranty for the watch while still in port just to make sure, but as for the ring we could only take the word of the store owner. But the good news was when we returned home my wife went to a jeweller to have it appraised and was told it's value was close to double of what we paid (including our 15% sales tax) A few months later talking to another cruise
  10. YES! I learned that the hard way, it cost me a Swiss watch and diamond ring😆
  11. I've never seen it that full that they turn people away. And we were there around March break. I'm sure you will be fine, Have fun! Mike
  12. We were there last year for the second time. They offered us AI but we declined, 3 beans pp to get in, service food and drink is excellent. The beach is clean and offer a water "play ground" They also have a pretty big pool with lots of loungers around with no chair hogs 😉. We will be stopping in Cozumel on our March cruise, and most likely spend at least half the day there! Mike
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