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  1. sorry cruisestich , I meant card. It looks weird that celebrity redirects you out of their website to canyon ranch website to book spa... I don't mind using the card, just that I would like to use OBC for what I need and not be force later to go to casino or shops...
  2. thanks cmhdoogalsatsea for insight. we want the spa booked on the two sea days. hopefully, it will work out. we did not have specialty dinners after we had our kids. we like to be flexible on time and dining arrangements ... not sure how specialty dinner would work with kids if you have any advice?
  3. I tried to book spa before our Christmas cruise and it is cash only, you cannot use OBC. what is your experience with availability booking spa once onboard? We have high OBC and we should use it on the things we like and not pay cash pre-cruise and later waste our OBC on stuff we do not need...
  4. You can check google.com/flights. They have multiple tools to compare prices. For example flight graphs shows you same flight across multiple days. It is true that closer to Christmas day prices go down. you can also check a flight search engine as http://www.momondo.ca My experience is that prices go up for holidays flights. For example, last year I booked my Costa rica flights in April for 700CAD and in October they were like 2100CAD... go figure who would pay that kind of money... This year, I already booked my flights for Christmas time cruise out of Puerto Rico for 560CAD and price already went up to 820 CAD. Note that my experience is with flying out of Toronto.
  5. Been to Ocho Rios January Seaside cruise. Jamaica is a nice place. Don't understand all these negative comments. Always had great time talking to people in Jamaica. You can walk to Turtle beach... yes, when you get out people offer their help, wares.... Turtle beach is big, nice and secure and you can rent chairs. When we left port a guy offered to show us the way... turns out he was a beach guard... he helped with beach chairs... We gave him 10 usd and left our stuff at the beach and took a taxi to blue hole... nothing was touched... the guy protected our stuff with his life :-) beach is extra nice at turtle beach, water is clean, calm and not deep with great views of seaside. we were 6 adults and 5 kids (1 year old, 3 year old, 2x 5 year olds and 1 six year old) great time. yes, people approach you for "drugs stuff"/pot/whatever... you just have to say no and they move on. some visitors really enjoy this stuff... not for us... driving to blue hole is great... stopped a few places including a great jerk chicken restaurant... did not have any issues... the taxi lady was extra nice... she knew everyone and negotiated all deals for us. btw, don't get a taxi from port it is more expensive. we got our taxi at the beach and it was much cheaper...
  6. I believe a negative opinion/review is when your expectation is not met... my first cruise was on celebrity and I was blown away... last year cruise on allure of the seas was great however did not leave up to the high expectations... this year on seaside I was blown away... maybe I had lower expectations from this forum... regarding javaguru review... never had warm bread on a cruise... however if you expect it and you get cold bread it becomes a negative... seaside bread is the best bread I had at sea... and better than many restaurants...it was obvious it is fresh... I know that food is subjective... however saying MDR food is mediocre is a little distorted... again if you expect chicken Marsala in a specific way, you should ask to be done that way... same with prime rib...I had prime rib and enjoyed it... also if you don’t like some food ask and they will accommodate. One evening, ordered a dish and it was different than what I expected... I asked to be changed and order again. Waiter was all over me, what is wrong, how can she can help... i explained that nothing wrong, just that dish was not my cup of tea....in a few minutes I had another dish and it was delicious... anyway I don’t usually respond to negative reviews... however I would go to seaside MDR in heartbeat and had to respond :-) maybe if you expect MDR to be a certain type of ethnic food, you might be disappointed...agree with javaguru that lunch buffet was repetitive and can be improved... however I was avoiding to eat too much at lunch to enjoy my dinner so it was ok for me. Regarding the comment about food at 4pm... I think buffet on deck 16 is open... we had some food around that time on embarkation day... also passed by buffet on deck 16 around that time on a sea day and remember it was open... I will check my dailies for buffet times... Sent from my iPad using Forums
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