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  1. The taxi's were $16 round trip for adults and $10.50 round trip for children. They were super conveniently located close to the port. When you paid they gave you a wristband. Very easy to find at the beach. You just showed your wristband and they gave you a ride back. We didn't have any trouble taxiing to one beach and leaving from another.
  2. I was just there in May. It was my first time but I thought the beach was gorgeous. The entrance to the waters was a little steep and the waves were a little harder than we were used to but we still had a great couple of hours there. There are no buildings there anymore. Bathrooms were port a potties and locals grilled out and sold drinks out of a cooler. We took a taxi $8 per person per way. They had us pay round trip and gave us a bracelet for our return. It was super easy. Our daughter was 8 though so we didn't bother with anything other than a seat belt.
  3. I am happy to report that we did walk this in May with no issues at all. We got off the ship around 8 am and taxi'd to Mullet Bay. We were in the water by 8:30 and it was beautiful. Around 11:00 we walked to Maho. No sidewalks and a little sketchy by the golf course. Lots of broken glass. But that part wasn't very long. Then there were sidewalks that led directly to Maho. I'd say the walk was about 15 minutes. Maho was no beach at all in my opinion having just come from Mullet but we were there for the planes. My daughter got in the water a little bit but it was very crowded. We practically had Mullet to ourselves though so it was a big change. We hung around for about an hour and a half to see the planes and then taxi'd back to the ship in time for a late lunch. Great day in St. Marteen! Hurricane damage is still very evident but the beaches were absolutely beautiful.
  4. I was at Mullet Bay in May. It was beautiful. Taxi ride was about 20 minutes. Getting a taxi was super easy from both the port and the beach. Cost was $8 per person per way. You paid up front and they gave you a wristband to come back. The beach was free but each chair and umbrella was $5. The standard setup was two chairs and an umbrella for $15. No bathrooms, only port a potties. Food was locals grilling out and selling drinks out of coolers. Locals came around trying to sell jewelry, massage, t-shirts, etc but if you said no thank you they weren't a bother.
  5. This looks very easy on google (less than a mile) but does anyone have any experience walking from Mullet Bay to Maho beach? The satellite view is subpar so I'd like some feedback. Are there sidewalks? Is it safe? I will have two adults and a seven year old.
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