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  1. We were just on the Majesty for NYE and we were told that there won't be a Chops because there isn't anywhere to put it. The Viking Crown isn't an option because they can't add a galley and there is no crew elevator that goes up there to deliver the meals.


    Other areas didn't seem to be an option because of size.

  2. We just got off the same cruise and found most to be wonderful with the exception of one very dismissive Guest Services Rep who basically told me I was nuts when I tried to explain that Diamond+ received a 30% discount on the deluxe drink package (we were charged full price). I finally asked her to go get the printout left in our cabins which showed the perks, She was a little nicer after that but still, I have never experienced that level of rudeness on any other ship so I get the OP's point.


    I agree! We were on the ship in October and experienced good service with everyone EXCEPT guest services. The lines were long and slow. We kept trying to get them to fix the multiple errors on our account only to have to come back again the next day and do it all over. We did this for 5 days straight. They never had a smile on their face when we approached the counter and were rude. Even when we would just show up to request change (so we can tip their staff extra) they were rude. We are Pinnacle and it was like pulling teeth trying to get our 40% discount.

  3. Tonight’s Headliner show was Chad Chesmark. It was an excellent, funny illusionist show. We really enjoyed it and I highly recommend the show for adults and children alike:



    This lady was the best! I hope she sees this review. It was such fun to see her being a ‘good sport’ and she made the show even more enjoyable!



    The Michael Jackson Mickey Mouse impression :)d0f9a4e5eb878d0ca628eca23d8fefc2.jpg






    This is awesome! She is our friend Karen. She told us she was so nervous up there she was shaking and thought she'd pass out. :p

  4. I also didn't mention that getting off the ship was a breeze. We had planned on meeting at 7:30 and when we looked off our balcony we saw people leaving the ship before 7:00. So we walked down with our luggage a little after 7:00 and there was no line at all for self carry. We walked off, no lines, customs line was also non existent.


    We were in our car well before 7:30 and on the road.

  5. We were also on that sailing. Yes, the boarding process was an absolute nightmare. We got in the terminal about 10:30 and didn't board until almost 1:00. No organization or control of people. If there was a fire, we all would have died.


    Food in the Windjammer was one of the worst ships we've experienced. Seemed that there was a little variety but the same things were offered nightly. Even on formal nights, there was nothing special served. We counted 10 chicken dishes on one night.


    Chops was also not as good as other ships. We went a couple times and had filet, and bone in Ribeye. Most people that we ate with sent theirs back due to not being cooked correct.


    Nice benefit for Suites and Pinnacles was lunch in Chops on sea days. Had the full "paid for" lunch menu.


    Giovanni's was really good and same with Sabor.


    Johnny Rockets was also just OK. It was better on the Majesty last month.


    Bar service, entertainment, music in bars and by pool were all excellent.


    Stateroom attendant was also excellent. Donna was her name.


    Lots of crew including HD, Activity Director, and staff were either new on the ship, or just signing off when our sailing ended.


    Did changed times on the ship on day 2 I believe. We didn't change back until the morning of our departure. Thought that was a little strange. But we gained an hour so it wasn't too bad.

  6. What are my options of getting water on the ship if I have not bought a beverage package? Sailing on Oasis soon...



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    I drink about a gallon per day. You can buy a water package on the ship, or try and carry on a flat of it. Yes, some people say drink the tap water from the ship.........it's free. However, I've noticed with the amount of water I drink, the ship water gives me headaches after drinking it for a while. Keep in mind, the treatment for ship water is not like your home.


    We do buy the drink package and land up bringing about 10 bottles per day back to our room. If they all don't get drank, we tell our room attendant to help themselves. They usually love it.

  7. I love the Lamb Chops! Sometimes I will switch to the Filet as it is better in Giovanni's than Chops. For lunch, I do agree the Lasagna is awesome. Sometimes we will give them a pre order and have it at dinner. But the Eggplant Parm is also very good.


    I am not too crazy about their deserts. I find they use orange zest in the cannoli's which I don't like. But the cannoli is the only desert I will order just to try a bite.

  8. More than likely they will start with people in the next category down and try and sell the rooms off at a discount once the sailing date gets closer. That will usually do the trick for filling the rooms and they can sell off the other persons room too.


    We went from a JS to Crown Loft on the Oasis that way.

  9. We have several Invicta watches. I would not buy them on the ship because we paid 1/4 of the price through Amazon for the exact same watch. No major issues except when the band broke on one and when it hit the ground the watch fell apart.


    Now, just because the price is low doesn't mean there isn't value. I bought a $9500.00 Brietling. It was the watch of my dreams. I wore it for only a couple hours and noticed that it was gaining 20 minutes every hour. So it was shipped to CT for repair. Got it back and it broke again, keeping time fast. Now I have it back again and it keeps time slow.


    So price of a watch means absolutely nothing. If there is something wrong, there is something wrong. Just like buying a car.

  10. It is really unfortunate that we were some of the few that booked at these rates, paid in full, only to find out after having a zero balance invoice, that they changed the price.


    They said to make it right they would give $100.00 obc, but the price they inflated the cruise to for a 3 night is crazy. They aren't giving anything, they are pressuring us to cancel or pay a crazy rate.


    If based on their contract they have the right to make corrections to pricing due to technology errors, this could really happen any day to anyone.


    If they think the ship is selling out because of demand, they can take and increase anyone's price and call it a error?

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