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  1. The Owner's Suite looks nice and roomy but I wouldn't take it for the location. I didn't like the view from the balcony and I don't want to look out onto the Lido deck. Sure was spacious though! Hope you enjoy your Junior Suite!
  2. Thanks. So a brunch on sea days but no lunch in MDR beyond that, makes sense. The last cruise I took was on Princess 20 years ago. I'm sure we'll try room service for breakfast and eat out on the balcony at least one day as well.
  3. We'll be taking a 10 day cruise to Alaska in July on Carnival Miracle. I thought you had to eat breakfast and lunch in the buffet. Now I'm reading you can eat them in the MDR. What do they typically serve for each of those? Is there a menu provided to you when you board of what the meals will be each day in the MDR? Are there other restaurants that are included in the cruising fare that serve breakfast?
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