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  1. Thanks for all the responses - they have been very helpful! Especially pleased to hear the Aldi Bauhn Adaptor Kit has passed muster with Princess in the past - that is the one that we have used in the past, but ditched it for the last couple of cruises because we were taking an extra electrical appliance. Will dig it out again for 2020! Also, to clarify, I have just re-checked the power board confiscated by Princess in Sydney last year and was surprised to find it was actually a surge protected one - therefore despite my surprise at the time, the security guys in Sydney were acting consistently with the information provided by Princess on their website. My bad! K
  2. Thanks Buckeye10640. Unfortunately we had it in our carry-on, in the misguided belief that we could start plugging things in before our checked bags arrived! My next plan was to pack it in the checked bags, but from your post that looks like it's a no go too! I wonder if it's an Aussie thing? Interesting if the UK is different and it's also a British Commonwealth thing?
  3. We are sailing on Crown Princess and Island Princess out of Southampton in August/September 2020. We have only sailed on 2 Princess Cruises before, both out of Sydney, Australia. Both times, our non-surge protected power board was confiscated, notwithstanding that the FAQ suggests that power boards are ok, provided that they are non-surge protected. Is there a practice applied in the UK concerning non-surge protected power boards? If so, is there a particular type (which accepts Australian plugs) which is acceptable and therefore not liable to be confiscated?
  4. Thank you for this information. Helps wth the forward planning!
  5. We are travelling on cruises to Norway on Crown Princess and to Norway and Iceland on Island Princess in August/September 2020. I have never travelled on either of these ships before. The passenger information suggests that there are only 110v/US electrical outlets. As I am from Australia, some of my travelling appliances are 220v. I was wondering whether there are any 220v/European outlets in the staterooms on these ships. If it is relevant, we are in a S4 & S5 Penthouse Suites. Many thanks for any information you can share.
  6. We are sailing in a Sky Suite on Celebrity Constellation in October 2019. According to the Celebrity Website, there is both 110V and 220V power to the cabin. I would like to bring my 220V hair dryer, rather than a less powerful dual voltage one. Does anyone know where the 220V outlet is located in the cabins? Thank you
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