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  1. I just did a Lift and Shift, so need to change my response: 1. Celebrity Summit, 7/21 2. Brilliance, 4/22 3. My current vibe on most things 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. 1. Brilliance, 4/2021 2. Celebrity Summit, 7/2021 3. I’m no longer devastated by anything cancelled due to the pandemic.
  3. I did get a fairly quick and good response on Twitter, which included follow up messages as well as a phone call.
  4. I found calling earlier in the day ( around 7-7:30 a.m.)I had shorter wait times.
  5. The remainder of our refund finally showed up this morning. It took just under 60 days, 3 phone calls, and one Twitter DM. I did receive a phone call from RCI yesterday to let me know the remainder of the refund had been processed.
  6. For those of you that received refunds on different dates, what was the time frame between each refund (for the same booking)? I’m still waiting on about a third of our refund. The total amount I was quoted by one of the csrs I spoke to matched what I should be receiving. It’s been a week and I still haven’t seen the remainder.
  7. Another update- we received a partial refund this morning, so there’s hope 😀. The amount is for about 2/3 of the total. The total number of days for a partial refund to post from the request date is 50.
  8. Still nothing for us, nothing pending on my cc. The Twitter conversation I had with RCI stated refund was issued on 5/6, but 🤷‍♀️.
  9. Our refund request was done online, and we received a reference number in the initial email that stated our refund would be received within 30 days.
  10. I’m still waiting as well. I reached out to RCI on Twitter, and someone actually contacted me. I let them know what would have been most helpful would have been stating from the start that it could take between 30-60 days to receive refunds. Giving specific dates and then not receiving a refund or update has proven very frustrating.
  11. I’ve spoken to my cc company, and there is no pending activity at all. I just thought it was interesting that when I asked for reference numbers for the refund I was told was initiated on 5/6 that the response was they really have no idea when the refund will be received.
  12. An update- no refund for us yet. I spoke to yet another CSR, and was told that my situation was escalated. I asked again for more specific information on when we could expect any refund and was told “ there is no way to tell when you will receive your refund”. We went from refund within 30 days to refund in 45 days, to refund by 5/6, to we don’t know when you’re getting a refund. So while I appreciate the honesty, it doesn’t leave me with much hope to see any part of the refund any time soon.
  13. Happy birthday to Owen! As an educator it’s been really tough not seeing my students. Remote doesn’t work for all kids. The highlight of my week happened on Thursday when I held a thirty minute lesson in a driveway (social distancing) to a student who has not engaged in remote learning since we closed school in March. There is hope 🙂.
  14. I’m probably being too logical in thinking there was some sort of order or protocol for processing refunds. It doesn’t appear to be done by date requested, TA or non-TA, amount of refund, C&A status...
  15. So, despite receiving an email from RCI stating I’d receive my refund or an update by May 6th I received neither. I called customer service this morning, and was told that she could see my refund was “in the final phase of processing “, whatever that means. I reminded her that it’s been 6 weeks since the refund request was made and acknowledged by RCI. I also asked for a specific date, because the “final phase of processing “ did not give me much information. I was told I could expect a full refund next Monday. I’m not sure if that was a random date to get me off the phone, or if I will actually see something next Monday. Did anyone else who received the email last week receive anything?
  16. I still haven’t received anything from our 4/20 sailing. The last communication I received from RCI was the apology email stating if I hadn’t received a refund by 5/6 I would receive an update. My guess is the update I’ll receive tomorrow is another apology stating that the process is taking longer than anticipated, and I’ll receive a refund or another update in (fill in the blank) days 😐
  17. I also received an email from RCI tonight : Dear Guest, It’s no secret that the world is going through a difficult time. And while there are many changes going on around us, one that will never change is our commitment to remain transparent and as communicative, as possible. As we went into our global suspension of sailings, we initially estimated that refunds would take 30 days. Unfortunately, with an unprecedented volume of refunds and credits, we are delayed. We’ve worked diligently to resolve most of the volume issues and are working around the clock to address the backlog to get you your refund, as quickly possible. Currently, some refunds are taking up to 45 days. Please know that each and every request is receiving the same level of care and dedication. And rest assured, your refund will be honored and it is coming – it’s just taking a little longer than expected and we’re very sorry about that. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We’ll have an update for you by May 6th, unless we see that your refund has already been disbursed between now and then. Please be sure to check with your banking institution for an update if you don’t hear from us. Please stay safe! While I’m glad they finally reached out to me, it doesn’t state that I’ll definitely receive a refund by May 6th. If we don’t receive it by then, we’ll receive an update.
  18. The 30 day mark that was listed on the email from RCI has come and gone, and still no refund on anything for us. I finally called today, spoke to a very nice CSR, but the only thing she could tell me was that it will be longer than 30 days, and closer to 45 days. So, Refund requested on 3/26 and received a response id stating refund within 30 days Nothing received so far, now being told 45 days. 😐
  19. It’s encouraging to hear people are finally starting to see refunds. Today is the 30 day mark for us from when we received an official refund request reference number from RCI stating refund will be within 30 days. Unfortunately nothing has been refunded.
  20. I’m not sure what to think of the email I received this morning from RCI. We were scheduled to sail on the Mariner on 4/20/20. As soon as it was announced it was cancelled my TA requested a refund for the cruise fare as well as all the cruise planner items I had purchased (UDP and Cocoa Beach Club day passes). I have a copy of the request dated 3/26 with the response ID # from RCI. The email I just received this morning stated that: “a change has been made to your reservation or guest status” Due to this new “cancelled” status in your reservation, we have cancelled all reservations made using our cruise planner”. The email goes on to say that all monies will be reimbursed to the original form of payment. Nothing has been posted to my cc, nothing is showing as pending. We haven’t received the cruise fare refund either. The original response from RCI on 3/26 stated that we can expect to see our refund within 30 days from our request date, which would be tomorrow. Hopefully this means we’ll see something soon, and doesn’t mean 30 days from the date of the new email received today.
  21. Unfortunately we had just found out the cruise was cancelled, so didn’t have a chance to cancel these first. Luckily all I had pre purchased was a dining package and the beach access at Coco Cay.
  22. Our cruise planner purchases for our 4/20 cruise were cancelled at the same time as our request for a refund, which was 2 weeks ago. We have not received anything yet, and don’t think I will see anything for awhile.
  23. Our flight schedule on Jetblue was changed. I called, was on hold for about 30 minutes, and was told I would get a refund. Four days later the refund was posted to my cc 👍.
  24. We are extremely fortunate to have an amazing TA. We were booked on the Summit for this July, with FP in a few weeks. I made the decision to postpone until next year, so moving the booking to July 2021. Last night our TA was on the phone with Celebrity, and took care of everything. The entire details of the initial booking transferred completely, including the OBC we had initially received for booking while onboard.
  25. Right now we’re booked on the Summit for July. I really don’t expect the cruise line to be sailing then, so I’m trying to rebook for July of 2021, essentially the same cruise, same cabin category. It’s looking like we will have to pay an additional deposit plus maybe change fees to do this, and then eventually we will get a FCC for the original deposit. We are 3 weeks from final payment, so right now just have the 1,000.00 deposit down, but not feeling too great about having to pay out more money. The other option is to wait until the next round of cancellations, but that would probably be past final payment date 😐.
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