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  1. We did Panama two months ago in January stopping in Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia. No one including Princess asked for any proof of vaccines.
  2. I like the Wasabi peas but am not crazy about the sweet nuts. Just off the Regal last week and the bar snacks were fresh, not stale. Each to their own.
  3. D232 on Coral may have the same noise problem. One of our friends said it was quite loud in January.
  4. Depends entirely on the software/computer programme that was written to open the door. My guess is yes since the room stewards need the ability to open more than one cabin door. The chip on the Medallion has a unique code that identifies it to the networked computer which is where the data on which door(s) it is allowed to open is stored. The Medallion does not actually open the door, the computer programme actually commands this action.
  5. Menza, menza is my parent's dialect as well and the way i say it but I think the correct spelling is mezza, mezza or meta, meta. I am practicing for a Rome cruise later this year.
  6. It might not be the answer you want, but you could always hand wash the dirty clothes in your bathroom. Wring out most of the water, roll them in towels and stomp on them to get them dry enough to hang in the closet. It's more time consuming than a machine, but if all your clothes are dirty you won't be doing much outside the cabin anyway. That's what we do now. We wash 2-3 items a day in the sink using dissolving soap sheets, place the items on a pool towel, roll the towel up and press on it with our knees. Items come out quite dry and are totally dry by the next day. Just on the Regal for 14 days and never used the laundromat.
  7. The Ernesto burger was offered in two variations on at least two nights in the MDR on the Regal last week. A most excellent burger.
  8. Not necessary to cancel and rebook. When you get on board all debits and credits will be separated as individual entries on Your account. Your OBC and credit card payments will show up as negative numbers as if you had never paid for your excursions at all. You will be charged for the excursions again (positive numbers) and the non-refundable OBC will be used first to pay for all expenses until it is all used up followed by use of refundable OBC including your credit card payments. You will receive a cheque from Princess if any refundable is left over after your cruise. Took me a bit of thinking to work out what was happening first time as I am not an accountant but the system makes good sense.
  9. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Jan. Very close to the cruiseport and nany decent restaurants nearby.
  10. I keep the Medallion in my pocket which seems to work just fine. I am fairly certain it uses RFID tech where an externally applied radio wave can read the chip in the Medallion. I would ask Princess if the Medallion has a signal boost battery. I don't see why it would need a magnet. Princess will know.
  11. Happened to me on the Coral in January and I was positive I logged out. A polite chat at the internet cafe restored the drained minutes. The logout can be glitchy from time to time and the network disconnect does not actually occur. I now log out twice in a row to make more certain. I type logout.com in the address bar or access logout.com through the drop down history when I click on the bar. No problems since. We are on the Regal right now and the internet speed is excellent with very few glitches. It took 16 minutes to download my Economist magazine on the Coral 2 months ago. It just took 35 seconds on the Regal today.
  12. On the Regal right now and we have a barrel chair in our std balcony.
  13. We were on the Coral in Jan and the IC is abutting the casino. We frequented the IC about twice a day and I did not notice any smoke problem.
  14. Your arithmetic is correct but I find it hard to believe that 2,000 passengers are buying 5 drinks per day. My guess would be under three.
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