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  1. We often have soy lattes at the IC.
  2. We had a sizeable sum of refundable OBC after our b2b last month. Princess cut us a cheque in Canadian funds using the USA funds number two weeks after we returned. They forgot to convert the USA dollars to Canadian. I emailed customer support providing a scan of the cheque. Got a call late last week and apparently another cheque for the balance is on the way. Pleased to see this but checking the numbers is a good idea.
  3. Sometimes people have problems which show up in their attitude or behaviour when you are dealing with them. The trick is not to make their problems your problems. The real secret to dealing with difficult people is in dealing with yourself. Probably best to just move on and send an email to the Princess customer relations email address. Makes no sense to let someone you don't know or will ever meet present you with a high level of aggravation.
  4. Not so sure about editing. "The Favourite" had some fairly spicy moments.
  5. We are Platinum as well but still buy one surf pkg. We logon and logoff so we can both use the pkg, but one at a time. The person not on the surf pkg uses the Platinum minutes for small stuff. A bit of jockeying but it works well for us.
  6. An attempt was made to confiscate our power bar from carryon on Mar 31 Regal cruise. We explained that the power bar was not surge protected. The staff in question may not have understood what this meant but they relented whichnwas good. I think a bit of education may be in order.
  7. Thanks. Makes perfect sense now. No viruses with Fax or snail mail.
  8. You can use a simple and free photo editor such as Irfanview to cut out the account and social security numbers from digital or scanned documents prior to faxing. Princess is happy without this info so long as the statement page has a name, date and an entry showing ownership of at least 100 shares.
  9. Our best friends were on the Sapphire cruise previous to yours. They had a balcony, a great time with great food and no concerns. Sorry to hear about your stateroom damp. I would definitely let Princess know soonest.
  10. Great analysis. We are booked b2b on Sky from Nov 10 to Dec 1 because we like the Med and Spanish Passage itinerary but we think the Regal has a better layout with Crooner's which we use and the buffet which is great. Been on the Regal for 5 cruises and it is a great ship.
  11. On a side note does the Coral have on-demand TV? It didn't in early Jan but there has been a drydock since.
  12. We were on the Regal in E118, next door to E122. The cabins are the same on both ships and have a skinny balcony a little over three feet deep.
  13. I don't think the 3560 number includes 3rds and 4ths, just do occupancy for the 1700+ staterooms.
  14. Sorry to hear these changes are not working for you. We like to eat early despite being younger than most aboard because we like to get to the early show and listen to the bands or party a bit later on. The Medallion lanyard is free, by the way. Best of luck to you.
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