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  1. OM would do everthing on our recent Sky TA including ordering a drink. It would just spin, however, when I asked it to locate DW. The elevator located screens solved that so no big deal. OM is still a bit buggy and will most likely improve with time.
  2. DW and I both thought 5 Skies was pretty good. We especially liked that something different and innovative was performed and not more of the same "old" even though we enjoy that as well.
  3. One thing we have found and from talking to almost a dozen other passengers. The Sky staterooms creak quite a bit in a moderate sea. Seems to originate from the balcony door frame area. Stuck a few pieces of cardboard in between door and jamb - seemed to help a tiny bit. Never noticed creaking at this level on Regal or Royal.
  4. DW and I are on the Sky TA right now. We were a bit annoyed about the lack of bar soap the first day or two but quickly got used to the change. It's no big deal to get used to the change.
  5. On Sky right now. Zero smell of cigarette smoke in Take 5 the 3 times we have spent time there listening to mostly jazz. We are not fans of Club 6 on Regal & Royal but Take 5 seems "wider" and is a friendlier venue. DW and I both give it a thumbs up. Same with the revamped Princess Live - a definite improvement. The demise of Crooner's on Sky seems to have made the Piazza busier than the other ships though this is just an impression. Could also be the colder weather outside.
  6. On Sky at the moment in the Med and theatre shows have been 1900 hrs and 2145 hrs.
  7. We always ask Princess to link our many b2b cruises. The OBC is always carried over from one to the next.
  8. We just used Smart Cruise Tours at smartcruisetours.com to offer from Rome to Civitavecchia. Well priced and great service, 15 Euros down, remainder after after. Click on Transfers at bottom left of web page.
  9. We are Canadian as well. Did not know you could buy OBC on board. We are on Sky in the Med right now and bought some using the Personalizer on the website because it was a better deal than the current exchange rate. Seems to me that onboard purchases would first drain OBC, then go against your credit card. Not really certain, however.
  10. Many passengers have prepaid gratuities on acount of promotions. This could reduce the pool by quite a bit. We have 3 cruises in 2020 with prepaid gratuities.
  11. I suspect a few have their mind absolutely set on this because they are certain that crew spreads the virus. The posters do not seem to accept the difference between a virus that is spread by infected people and illness caused by food poisoned by bacteria, eg. E Coli or salmonella. Noro is a virus, not bacteria and can only get into food if handled by a Noro contagious person. It will not get there by spoilage or improper cooking methods. I wash my hands with soap and water at least a dozen times/day when on board. I try to keep my hands off railings and almost always open washroom doors with a paper towel when possible. Try not to touch any part of your face with your hands as well. It's like baseball - just try to stack up the odds in your favor. It won't reduce the odds to zero, but it will help.
  12. There may be a slight flaw in your logic. The crew sails every cruise on a ship but not all cruises have a Noro problem. While the crew may contribute to the problem as you state, it makes more sense to focus on the variable part of the situation as the major contribution which would be the passengers. We were on Noro alert on Regal last April. A women cut into the breakfast line and grabbed a couple of slices of bacon with her fingers. A male passenger behind us both started yelling, "Are you kidding....." at her. I have been in the kitchens and they have great kit and the kitchen crew is watched constantly. The line's profits depend on this. I do not believe the crew is the main problem. Slovenly passengers are.
  13. Daily on the Regal and Royal in our experience. The music is not generally 100% classical but can include other numbers as well.
  14. Hope it clears up on this cruise as we board on Nov 10 for a b2b.
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