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  1. Pretty sure Royal class ships have 3 banks of elevators with 6 at midships.
  2. Rome is chock a block full of great hotels in great locations. We like staying in San Piedrini near the Trevi and Pantheon. So much to see and do within easy walking distance. Why confine yourself to Princess hotels?
  3. The final payment date is 60 days now but the cancellation fee dates are not and depend on the length of the cruise. https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cancellation-final-payment-policy/ https://www.princess.com/plan/standard-cancellation-refund-policy/
  4. Cancelled our Mar 29 cruise on Mar 11. Took 91 days for full refund on credit card. Cancelled our Oct 31 Panama canal cruise today and was informed refund of deposit could take up to 120 days.
  5. Note that there is still a cancellation penalty of deposit between 45-74 days despite the move of final from 90 to 60. https://www.princess.com/plan/standard-cancellation-refund-policy/
  6. I thought Princess had moved final payment to 60 days from 90. Does this not apply to UK travellers as well?
  7. I do not know the exact expenses involved in upgrading a ship to Medallion but my guess is that these upgrades have been moved to the future in most if not all cases.
  8. Agreed. Assuming COVID death rate is about 0.5%, any vaccine will have to be ultra safe in order to provide more good than bad. Good news is that there are several vaccines in the running, including one already approved for emergency use in an Asian country.
  9. The Sky had 2 uncovered pools on the Lido deck on our Nov TA. One was definitely heated to a much warmer temperature than the other.
  10. Yes, very sad. Smallpox used to kill millions. It wiped out entire populations of Indians in NA, the Caribbean, and entire tribes in Africa as well as regularly killing Europeans. Thank God for Jenner. The virus only exists in labs now. Polio was a scourge as well. Measles is even more contagious than the coronavirus. Yellow fever also has a vaccine as does some pneumonias that kill us older folk. I get my tetanus shot every few years as well. I feel bad for people who cannot understand the simple math and logic of vaccination.
  11. Yes, we are booked for 15 days on Coral for Oct 31, 2020. We may cancel as well.
  12. We have a 15 day transit on Coral booked for Oct 31, sailing E to W with EZAir booked already. Wonder what happens now.
  13. Medallion at this point in time. Must have or need to have?
  14. Do not really see what Princess should do at this point. You did not get COVID tested on debarking so it may have been anything. Glad you feel better, though.
  15. Canadian as well. Excursions are quite clearly marked to be in $USD. OBC is also,purchased in $USD units converted to $CAD at your exchange rate which is fixed by Princess on your booking date which can be quite favourable for us at times. We once purchased $400 OBC at $1.25 when the exchange rate was about $1.34.
  16. We did a similar reverse trip in 2017 leaving Barcelona, ending in Rome. We were on the starboard side but it did not really matter that much. Stromboli was a pretty amazing sail by as well as the Straits of Messina, Bay of Kotor, and Santorini. An excellent itinerary. We sailed by Stromboli and Messina twice on this cruise.
  17. We cancelled our b2b on Mar 11. P cancelled a few days later. We chose option 2 lower value. The sum was $7K+ CAD with EZAir. Decided not to worry about it even though we are retired on a decent pension, not even close to wealthy. Worrying and anxiety are not good for our health or so we have found. Excursions were refunded Jun 10, cruise and air on Jun 13 and FCC setup was complete on Jun 17. 100% accurate, zero phone calls or FB posts. Our experience dovetails exactly with the initial post in this thread. Might get blasted but I think it best to remain calm and avoid getting worked up. Health is the most important thing we can have, IMO.
  18. We cancelled our Mar 29 b2b on Mar 11, subsequently choosing option 2. Excursions were refunded Jun 11. Cruise and EZAir were refunded on Jun 13. FCC perk showed up on Jun 17. Seems to us they are doing refunds in their own way at their own speed. We never lost any sleep or had a worry over the $7K or so and we are definitely not wealthy.
  19. We were refunded Jun13. The FCC perk took 5 more days to show up, but It did.
  20. We spent Nov on Sky doing a b2b. Great ship. Loved Take 5 and the extra pool. Missed Crooner's there was lots of extra avbl entertainment in Princess Live, Vista, Piazza, and Piano at Crown Grill.
  21. We cancelled Mar 11. Refund showed up on CC on Jun 13....
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