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  1. We are boarding on Nov 10 b2b for the repositioning. We still read the threads. Why the post? Just ignore the threads if you do not want to read them.
  2. We are from Canada and prepaid gratuities on our upcoming b2b on Sky Nov 10 because the exchange rate changes.
  3. An interesting response. No, I am not an aeronautical engineer but many at the FAA and other national aero regulatory agencies are. They all grounded the Max without exception and have mandated several serious changes, all without having to slag foreign pilots in public. I will yield to what I believe is their superior knowledge and opinion.
  4. You quote the past and criticize current reality. The fact is that Boeing engineering on the Max was not up to the stds it had in the past. The engineering shortfalls and errors on mitigating the relocation of the larger size engines are well documented so I won't go into them here. The plane will be grounded for at least 9 months fixing the real problems. Boeing screwed up bigtime and will pay out huge fines and lawsuits on this tragic fiasco.
  5. Our rural home is not served by roadside hydrants so the fire department employs water shuttle trucks as a source of water for the jumpers. I guess a water shuttle can move people or water. You gotta love the English language.
  6. We have booked 14 days on the Regal 3 times now end March. So far it has been a bit less expensive compared to booking 2 x 7 days. It counts as 2 cruise credits for a regular cabin. We have another 14 day coming up next Mar 29 on Regal.
  7. Crowne Plaze is just fine. Happy Diner for a big breakfast and the Baramee Thai for a great dinner. Lots of beer and road food restaurants around as well.
  8. Ocean Medallion has just begun. The best way to look at the Medallion is as a platform off you you hang functionality. It represents foundation infrastructure. The Medallion is constantly interfacing with the ship IT systems which allows the capability to do far more than the card ever allowed. I think it is far too early too judge, give it 2-5 years to see how it turns out.
  9. Try using the Fongo app for WiFi calling if you don't have or approve of FB. It will actually ring the target phone number (landline or cell) and is no charge if the source and target have the same area code. Skype is also a great alternative.
  10. Second that. Almost $90 Canadian is a bit much. Why not a half pkg with max of 7 drinks for $50?
  11. Your post suggests that Princess and Cunard exchange this type of data as a matter of business or use the same IT systems. I did not know that.
  12. The Regal often points the camera astern to view the Retreat pool at night.
  13. Great logical response.
  14. It's not a real inaugural, but the fifth Sky cruise. DW and I are b2b on the 3'rd and 4'th out of Rome and Barcelona. The Dec 1 cruise is the first out of Lauderdale so I guess that is the difference between an inaugural and maiden cruise.
  15. The anytime dining on Regal is the Symphony on deck 5. I believe the "no useable space" is a galley. You have to go up or down a deck to go from Concerto to Allegro as you are not allowed through the galley except on a tour. The Regal is a great ship. We have cruised on her 5 times.
  16. We are Canadian Platinum members on a 21 day b2b this November. We can purchase internet thtough the Personalizer now for $75 CAD for the first cruise of 7 days and $125 CAD for the second cruise of 14 days. Is it better to purchase now or wait until we board on embarkation day?
  17. Some people are oblivious, I guess......
  18. I changed my game the last three cruises and did not get sick. I vigorously washed my hands over a dozen times a day, especially before and after the buffet. I did not touch the handrails despite sticking almost exclusively to the stairs. I had a paper towel in my hand to wrap around the door handle if I used and when eciting a public washroom. I opened my balcony door 2-3 times a day to bring in some fresher air. I also tried to refrain from touching my lips or eyes with my hands. No guarantees but it does stack a few more odds in my favor or so I would like to believe.
  19. We just "kind" of did this on a b2b with a one way on the first b and another on the second b. Don't think you can on a specific sailing though as the cancellation screen comes up when a flight is already booked.
  20. I remember a day on Royal when they had four different kinds of schnitzel. I think it was a German food theme day.
  21. Credit card companies charge retailers anywhere from 1 to 4 percent on purchases here in the USA and Canada. These charges are buried in the price of the purchase by the retailer and are shared by credit card users and non users alike. Many retailers do not accept one of the major credit cards which charges a bit more than the other two, esp. here in Canada. Australia does not allow this burial, hence the surcharge. The only strange thing going on is the transparency which seems above board to me.
  22. We did LA to FL last Jan on Coral, Dolphin, port side. Great ship, great crew, great itinerary. There is no best side - depends on whether you like sun or shade or land in the distance or ocean.
  23. Better than the offer we got to vacate our balcony on the 2'nd leg of a Caribbean b2b 1.5 years ago. The offer was a total of $100 which we turned down.
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