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  1. Was one of the first places we checked... most reviews say they booked from their sandals resort and not many recent from cruises.
  2. Has anyone been on tour with them lately? We’re signed up to go with them next month on a recommendation from someone who stayed at a hotel on the island. Wondering how your excursion went as a cruise ship passenger went. TYIA
  3. Mine said that up until Friday. Now it says 3:00-3:30pm. My letter and tags arrived today saying please arrive at your scheduled time... I never scheduled a time, always had this message. NCL said to go based upon your edocs. I think they are just as confused as the rest of us.
  4. Following as we are embarking on Feb 16th. Was not allowed to pick a time to check in, but am not haven or higher ranking Latitudes. Called NCL and was told not everyone was allowed to select a time but can show up starting at noon. A bit unsettled by his answer so I called again today.. same response.
  5. Edited and cannot delete post - found my answer. - Spa credit can only be used on treatments only.
  6. @Aviator of the Seas and @MrLacox I think its good to keep it in the San Juan board too.. We're sailing out of SJU in February on NCL and are closely watching what is going on just incase. Just my opinion.
  7. Always enjoy your posts, especially the live at sea reviews. Enjoy- we’re watching you sail away on PTZ!
  8. First time actually bidding despite having the changes to previously. Searched this and the old thread but seem to have some conflicting info. Could someone confirm if my theory is right - TYIA: Currently booked in a B6 Balcony and have the chance to bid on Mini Suite, Spa Balcony and Haven. If I bid and it was accepted, I retain my "3 at sea perks" that I gained at my time of booking. I would not gain the new "take all perks being offered." If I was to be accepted for Mini Suite - would I gain the double latitude points that was and is offered currently? If I was to be accepted on a spa level, is it guaranteed that I get a spa pass or just the spa location room? TYIA for answers!
  9. I recently checked into a few outside companies to see if my NCL coverage was worth it on our upcoming trip. From what I found, and this is specific to my travel plans, preferences and experiences, is that the NCL is not worth my money. I can have my flights, airbnb/hotel, and cruise coverage for similar price. The value is double what NCL is offering on delays, luggage and medical coverage. I am also covered for cancellations for work or economic hardship reasons, something my NCL policies have never had. Sources: AIG TravelGuard, Insuremytrip (Broker with several options) and AMEX travel
  10. Next from NCL: Premium Towel Animal package starting at $49.95 for a 5 night sailing.... Kinda bummed that my next sailing is on my birthday and I will admit to looking forward to see what I got on that day... But this change won't cause us to cancel our cruise or tip my steward any different during our vacation... And I would TOTALLY buy the package if it did come out.
  11. We were first timers to Cageny’s in September on the Getaway- never again. Moderno and LeBistro are by far the best places to go.
  12. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I am generally a confident traveler and do my research, but this port was a wake up call. I have not been here since 2005, but it was not set up for tourism then. A guard in a folding chair, machete and AR sat guarding the port gate, which was a cattle panel and a few pieces of chain link fence. We took an excursion from the ship and it included several stops to sugar cane, cigar and other local spots. We were told not to take backpacks, purses or carry beach bags for security reasons. We quickly learned at stop lights why- the safari bus was engulfed by kids and teenagers begging for “American Money” and they would try and jump up and tap your hand and arms for your attention. Yes, I was aware that this was a higher poverty area, but was not aware of the intensity in which it presented itself. It was a newer stop from what I understand and I hope that the cruise line has helped the economy with community service oriented excursions and providing support to the local area... however, it felt very flung together and not thought out. Lessons learned for all. However, once back on ship, there was several baseball fields off the port area and was some of the best baseball I have seen.
  13. Thank you for the reply - I was thinking of bringing some of our own to add as well. Glad you've had a great group of stewards. Also, noticed you were on the Getaway in September from your signature - so were we (23rd sailing). Hope you had a good steward... we did not have such luck, so this last trip really makes us question how to ramp it up for the birthday cruise.
  14. Thank you all! @NLH Arizona - I wouldn't expect anything beyond 4-5, which I know is a lot. Some of the "surprise" photos are similar to what @HBCcruiser posted above. And @Sauer-kraut I wouldn't have expected it for free/not tipped in appreciation.
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