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  1. We are booked mid may 2021 Vancouver - Fairbanks on Coral Princess with the Connoisseur tour up into the Princess wilderness lodge. Then sailing back early June on Celebrity - Seward to Vancouver. We were to have done this trip this year. Hopeful it will work out in 2021 but must say not confident it will go ahead. What will be will be.
  2. I'm in Australia but booked Alaskan cruise on Celebrity with US online travel agency (TA) in January this year to have sailed on May 29, 2020. This morning made contact with TA and have arranged for lift and shift of Celebrity cruise. Same cruise itinerary didn't have to pay anything extra just shifted orginal booking and OBC over to date in June 2021. All went very smoothly.
  3. Were the Future Cruise Deposits (FCDs) recredited back to you to use for future bookings? My travel agent told me that this wouldn't be happening as you are paid this money back in your refund therefore you no longer have them as FCDs
  4. Thanks for your response. Will be sure to factor in taxes when caluculating final price. As this is an international cruise wouldn't i be paying gratuties anyway whether booked in Oz or US but if it was an Australian cruise grats would be factored into pricing??
  5. Noticing significant differences in prices and benefits from the US Celebrity website to the AU Celebrity website. Has anyone successfully booked a cruise on the US site from Austrailia. Even with the dollar conversion seeing much better deal in the US. If you've been successful are then any pitfalls or issues I should be aware of in going down this path? thanks K
  6. If you have used a future cruise deposit when you made your original bookings for your deposit are these 'credited' back to you to reuse. I've had 2 cruises cancelled by Princess that I'm waiting on refunds/fcc for so keen to know if we also receive our Futrue Cruise deposits credited back to us?
  7. We booked our flights through Celebriy air and they booked through Air Canada and Alaskan air. The flights haven't been cancelled but the cruise has. Would the above approach work?
  8. Thank you for sharing your story. Interesting read and good to hear you were able to keep safe and continue your adventures.
  9. Thanks for the info. Very uncertain times for us all on so many levels atm. We were sailing from Australia in April and were sailing Sydney to Vancouver on the Ruby Princess which has been cancelled 😢 We were then booked on the Royal for a May 16 departure Vancouver to Alaska cruise tour which falls outside of Princesses current 60 days cancellation dates. We hope Princess comes back to us soon on what is planned for this itinerary as we will now need to purchase a one way flight to Vancouver if it proceeds. Princess would make it easy for us if they advised this c
  10. You pay when its time for your final payment for your cruise.
  11. We are sailing from Sydney to Vancouver and then up into Alaska. We will be overseas for around 70 days and are looking to buy a sim card for mobile phone use mainly to be contactable and communicate with family back in Australia. Does anyone have recent experience with purchasing a mobile phone sim and phone plan etc. they could recommend that will give coverage for both USA and Canada? thanks Kayla
  12. They are also converting the window suites into family rooms which will create additional passenger capacity.
  13. Well done to you on keeping on top of expenditure. I would love to be so organised. Is it possible at all for you to share your spreadsheet? thanks Kayla
  14. Thanks for your response. My TA said that i would need to cancel and rebook as this price was only for new bookings?? Plus this also meant we would have to rebook airfares and they are much higher atm. Doesn't look that attractive anymore 😞
  15. I've booked a cruise and ezair flexible fare with Princess. With a current promo Princess have I can save over $500 on the cruise cost. If I contact my travel agent to rebook with the cheaper fare, what happens to the airfare component. Does it have to rebook as this would be a worry as currently airfares are $100s of more and are no longer flexible only fixed? Ideally I would want to keep the airfare but rebook the cruise. Is this possible?
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