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  1. hmm like last time???????? They were accepting bookings RIGHT BEFORE THEY canceled previous cruises.. NICE TRY.......
  2. please ask her to share the email.. peasy easy........ I'm expecting more cancellations through July.
  3. 2022? All April's cruises are canceled
  4. Some people still believe that cruises will resume in May as right now! GEEZ Rude waking will be waking them.......... There have been no word about scheduling mock cruises There are more delays.. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5863/
  5. It has go through the congress and the president, and maybe an executive order..
  6. If somebody says the CDC closed the ports they are WRONG!!!!! The ports are controlled by the state, city, and county, not the CDC
  7. AND ALL cruise ships must do mock cruises, too
  8. Carnival has been in THE LA area since mid 1980's and moved to Long Beach in mid 2000's.... thats why!! more people fly into LAX
  9. Green means CREW only transportation and transfers....... It's not for Actual passengers.........
  10. Everyone needs to realize that flying, going to a theme park, staying in a hotel, and etc is DIFFERENT than taking a cruise..... on a cruise you are struck on the ship for 3 to 7 days or more with SAME PEOPLE
  11. CHECK OUT. Carnival's website yourself........ Radiance's first available cruise IS IN November 2021 out of Long Beach..
  12. Who really thought they’d be sailing in December??? February/March is likely to be fruitful for cruises
  13. And Pride is not scheduled to restart cruises till January. How many new crew members are returning?
  14. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/10/articles/disease/costa-diadema-passenger-with-covid-19-disembarked-in-naples-italy/
  15. November IS OUT.......... Should there be a new poll now? like start in December, early 2021, spring 2021, or mid 2021 like March to June?
  16. keep on drinking that Cool-aid if you think Carnival will cruise in December.
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