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  1. We had it shown on the Silhouette in September but not on the Equinox in November
  2. Can you clarify what number you called please. I sail Celebrity a lot and would love to get this credit if it's available
  3. Just for the record, AQ cabins on Millennium are 191 square feet. The largest standard balcony on Royal Caribbean is 193 square feet, and many are smaller. Don’t have bathroom measurements. Its a shame that 2 square feet is all it takes to make this the worst cruise ever. Perhaps your frustration with the typhoon situation colored your opinion of the entire cruise. That’s too bad as looking at the remaining itinerary and having sailed happily on Celebrity many times including on Millennium, I would guess there are many who would have loved to take your place, problems included. I honestly think there is likely just a misunderstanding of how the refund was calculated. Did you ever get an answer from Celebrity as to how they calculated the amount?
  4. Curious what other lines you have cruised. I’ve also sailed on Princess, NCL, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival. The cabins and bathrooms on similar balcony cabins were very close in size to Celebrity, and sometimes smaller. Perhaps you misunderstood what Aqua Class is all about. It has more amenities but is definitely not a suite. If that is what you expected you were bound to be disappointed.
  5. Wondering if Solstice has the Celebrity App yet? If so, the menus are there. I see prime rib on the MDR menu for the first night of our upcoming Equinox cruise FWIW
  6. I congratulate you that you have children who know how to behave themselves in restaurants - honestly. And I certainly don't disagree that some adults can be obnoxious. That said, I still stand by my opinion that those venues are really not designed for children, and unfortunately there are way too many parents whose children do not behave nicely like yours do. It also is a lot to ask a child that young (and younger for that matter) to sit quietly for a dinner that often lasts 2 hours or more. Many children (yours being the exception) just cannot handle that, and even if they behave certainly don't enjoy the experience. I would like to see at least one of the Specialty restaurants limit the age to 12 or above for those who would like to enjoy a nice, romantic experience while onboard. Even well-behaved munchkins kinda kill the romantic vibe. For that matter, I would like the maître d's to have the wherewithal to speak with obnoxious adults who are ruining other's experience in those restaurants as well.
  7. I was very surprised to see your posting. We also go to Vegas twice a year, and also are Platinum MLife only because of our Celebrity status, and also are Elite Plus We have never, ever received any OBC on Celebrity related to that relationship. Are you certain you didn't get the OBC based on the amount you gamble on the ship? I am not a big gambler onboard as the odds are awful on the machines, which is my preferred game.
  8. It's very possible we just had an isolated bad experience. Hope yours is much better!
  9. I believe I actually responded to this already - perhaps on a Facebook post? Anyway, there is not always a set schedule. I have talked with musical acts who were on for a couple of weeks, and some that were sailing for months. There is really no set schedule that I am aware of. There is no way to know if the Edge will be changing musicians, other than if someone onboard now has spoken with them about it. I have been on B2B sailings where sometimes the music stayed exactly the same and sometimes where some acts changed and some stayed. I have never been on a B2B where all the music changed (although I have done fewer than 10 of them). As to cruise directors, yes they do change ships. I don't know the length of their contracts, and even if you did know, you would need to know when they started to find out when they were leaving.
  10. I have never had any safe on any Celebrity ship other than the one that uses a code (I have sailed all except Edge class). I agree with trying it out first. Even then, we also once (only once in 50+ cruises) had the battery go out. Be advised that due to good security there are a limited number of people who are allowed to open your safe - your stateroom attendant not being one of them by the way. Therefore it can take awhile before someone can get to you so don't wait until the last minute just in case.
  11. For one thing, the wind kept blowing my hair across my face when I was trying to eat. Service was bad. The food was good, but for the price it felt way too casual to me. I have no desire to pay that kind of money and then have to get up and get my own salad (at a salad bar where half the bins were almost or totally empty). I confess I’ve only tried it once but I have no desire to go again. I love Tuscan; some aren’t fans of that.
  12. This is true in most ports, but not always. For example, we have been in Aruba and Curacao overnight where the casino was open - don't recall for sure about the shops.
  13. We visited the city on a Celebrity tour a couple years ago and absolutely loved it. Within the city proper, I would just take the normal precautions I would use anywhere. Guatemala in general unfortunately has a lot of crime in other areas, so I recommend taking ship transportation to and from as the city is not close to the port. Tourism is very important to the city, so they definitely want to make sure tourists keep visiting and they would only do that if they feel safe. Had the same concerns about Cartagena, but had a wonderful time there as long as we stayed within the walled city.
  14. There is really no set schedule. I have talked to musicians who have sailed just a couple sailings, and others who are on for months.
  15. I agree that while sometimes you need to get off and re-board, we have never had to take luggage off - it just stays in your cabin if it is the same one.
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