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  1. All numbering differences among a single class reflect location preferences. The lower the number (for example, A1 rather than A2) the better location - although that can sometimes be subjective. For Aqua Class, IMHO the theory holds true - like the A1 locations much better than the A2 locations.
  2. I don't think it's that anyone finds one single thing very important. IMHO it's more the fact that more and more little things seem to be falling by the wayside. The current CEO has made it very clear that what is important to her is to gear the line towards making the suite life sweeter, and concentrating all the benefits in that direction and more or less the heck with the rest of the group - trying to take away as much as is possible, one little thing at a time and hoping people don't notice - or new cruisers don't know. Many of those of us who have sailed on Celebrity many, many times for years and years and helped make the brand such a success feel like we are being devalued.
  3. If it makes you feel any better (and I know it won't) I was the top cruiser a couple times years ago, before Zenith existed, and we never even got invited to the Captains Table. Anyway....I do agree that more and more it is clear that loyalty is no longer what it used to be with Celebrity. It all boils down to the bucks of course. Yes, when one cruises 200 times they, over time, spend a good amount of $$ on Celebrity. At the same time, Celebrity almost always fills its ships these days. So who would they prefer - someone who has cruised umpteen times but because of that doesn't buy big photo packages, no longer wants to spend $$ on specialty restaurants as they are no longer a unique experience to them, no longer needs or wants any more jewelry or other souvenirs, knows better than to spend a lot on ship's shore excursions versus local, won't spend as much in the casino per cruise as it would break the bank and so on ...…………..or...……..someone who cruises less often and will in fact spend money on those things? As long as they continue to fill their cabins, they want someone whose spend per cruise is higher. That is generally (albeit of course not always) not the case with Zeniths or higher level Elite Plus like us.
  4. What more can I ask for? How about some more food options! I am lactose intolerant and don't like lobster. There goes half of the food options. Yes, I could probably pre-arrange for some lactose free stuff but that is a hassle. So many of us are SOOOOO disappointed that they took away a restaurant we loved and instead put in LPC and of course raised the price. I wish they would do alternating days or something, so everyone could be satisfied. Even though you loved it, would you go back again and again and again like we did with Qsine?? Maybe you would, but I suspect most would not. It seems like a Disneyesque one and done thing to me.
  5. Having experienced Blu on Reflection, my advice is go early, or go late, or prepare to wait in a long line and eat in a very crowded dining room. We ended up going at 8:30-8:45 so we could have some peace and quiet with our dinner and get seated right away (usually).
  6. Just be careful about being reassured you are in Select Dining. When you make reservations, there is no indication of Blu as your dining option. The agent is required to select one of three choices - Select Dining, early seating MDR, or late seating MDR. There is no Blu option on the system per se. So just because a TA entered Select Dining does not mean that is what you are booked in. Stupid, I know, after all this time you would think that system glitch would be fixed, but it is not.
  7. The answer is maybe. Most of the time if you do walk-off you can make it. We have had two cruises where we were not able to disembark until 9:30 due to Customs issues. If that were to happen you would be out of luck. You will get a lot of responses from people telling you how they made a flight at this time with no problem. But stuff can happen, as it did to us. Do you have a good back-up plan? Remember, these days flights often fly completely full so if you miss the flight be prepared to wait, perhaps until the next day (not to mention incurring potentially a lot of $$).
  8. It is supposed to be space available, but it varies by ship. We have encountered severe crowding issues In Blu by them letting suite guests enter, even with lines of 8-10 people waiting for tables. That was on Reflection, which has more AQ cabins and the same size dining room as other ships. Not sure how the revolutionizing of ships is affecting this problem, as that includes adding more AQ cabins. To be fair, they really need to stick to the space available rules as suites already have a very nice assigned dining room.
  9. We are regular Celebrity cruisers (7 cruises in the past year if I am counting right). We always use internet. The quality varies by cruise, and by the location of your cabin. Usually it is decent, and sometimes very good. Have even had some luck streaming video but that is not often the case for us.
  10. My best 'haggling' advice is to make friends with your Maître d' (preferably) or waiter, and have them do the haggling for you. This works best if you are in Blu or Luminae, but I imagine it could work in the MDR as well. We have found the best deals tend to be for less favorable times (8:30 or later, or very early). On some cruises we have been able to get 2 for 1; on others around 30% or so. We will not take any offer less than that. Our experience, is that this works best on longer (than 7 night) cruises, and best towards the half-way point or later. But we have had the occasional cruise where they either would not negotiate a decent price, or where a large group hogged the specialty restaurants so the rest of us were out of luck. But fortunately those occasions have been few.
  11. I was one of those who had serious vibration problems on Eclipse. Do not recall the cabin # offhand, but I know it was not one of the hump cabins. It was rear of the hump cabins. Not sure how far forward the vibrations were, but I think you are safe with a hump cabin. Also, that was quite awhile ago - perhaps whatever was wrong has since been fixed.
  12. I may be mistaken, but I don't believe there are any rules related to athletic shoes per se. It is true that on the first night in particular the dress code can be more relaxed (exception might be a cruise that sails later). On the last night, people generally dress a little more casually but they may still enforce the dress code (tends to vary by ship). That said, if you have your luggage and have your clothes IMHO you should follow the guidelines. The rules get relaxed on the first night, early seating in particular, out of consideration for passengers who may not have received their luggage on time. If you are not one of those people you are just taking advantage of Celebrity trying to be considerate, by your being inconsiderate, in my opinion. There is a difference between what you CAN get away with and what you should be doing. I am not the kind of person who thinks it is ok to push the limits to see what you can get away with just because you can - that's something my two year old grandson does. But that may just be me. It seems like that is what society is coming to these days - if you don't like the rules just break them and dare someone to do something about it (and no, of course shorts in the MDR is not a world shattering event - I certainly understand that- that's not the point).
  13. Agreed, it can work as well if you travel Celebrity frequently and get to know the staff. We have been lucky to run into someone who was our waiter 15 years ago. He is now a Maître d'. We would definitely reach out to him if we were on one of his sailings (and in fact have done so and we keep in touch on Facebook, with him and several others). But it does remain true IMHO that Zenith and for that matter high level suite guests get treated differently than the common cruiser. Not saying they shouldn't, they've earned it, but I think it is true as a general statement.
  14. But I think what works for Zenith members is WAY different than what works for the rest of us😊
  15. We have had them not enforce age or weight requirements. I could never promise they do it on all the ships all the time
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