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  1. We had the same experience. Read the repositioning announcement, checked the internet, and got on the phone ASAP to reserve Sky Suites for a nice B2B. I certainly would prefer the ship be refurbed (I was looking forward to hanging out in the Retreat), but at this point I would be oh so happy if it is safe to be on a ship, and twice as happy to be in a Sky Suite as we are usually priced out of them. I just hope they don't need to reduce capacity such that they start bumping some of us that snagged awesome deals. I tell myself it is WAY too early to worry about something like that, but I confess it has occurred to me.
  2. I do understand the cost issue - when we were just starting out years ago we sailed in inside cabins a few times. I admit I am spoiled by balconies and for that reason alone would not do an inside. But i also deal with anxiety issues in general, so I would never book an inside for fear of being quarantined there. If you can handle it, I say more power to you. I am very interested in knowing how they would handle sick passengers and where they would quarantine them, if not in their purchased cabins. Keeping inside cabins open for that purpose sounds like a real possibility to me. I could not even imagine being quarantined in an inside cabin for a long cruise. Three days for noro is one thing, but could you imagine being on a 14 day cruise and getting sick on day one?!? To be so sick and then to be stuck inside. Ugh! I cannot even imagine that. I hope that is not their plan!
  3. Speaking to people actually getting the vaccine - the sad truth is that there have been some surveys done (sorry, don't have exact sources at this time) which state that many, many people will not get the vaccine, at least not for some time. I think it was approximately a 60/40 split (can't recall which side the anti versus pro - sorry!). Why? Various reasons. First you have the usual anti-vaxxers, then you have people who are afraid of any vaccine developed rapidly. Then of course there is always a percentage of the population whose age (newborn) or medical conditions advise against certain vaccines. Then you have the people who think the vaccine would give you the virus (just like you have for the flu virus - the ignorance is beyond comprehension in that case as the vaccine is not a live virus)! - not sure if that is the case for the Covid-19 vaccine). Personally, I would rather risk a vaccine that has been reasonably tested, with reasonable antibody results than risk catching a disease that can kill me (at 68 I am in the high risk group). Even if it provides limited antibody protection, anything that would help reduce the risk of me catching it, and even more important the risk of me dying from it, to me it is worth it.
  4. One hint related to the specialty restaurants - you can often (not always, but often) get discounts for these restaurants while onboard. We have had discounts from 20% (common) to 30% (often) to 50% (rare, but it has happened, mostly on the longer 12-14 night cruises). You are most likely to score the discounts if you are willing to be flexible with your dining time -very early or 8:30 or later. Summit does not have as many to choose from as S class ships do, but it is still worth a shot if you are ok with taking the chance. If it's a longer cruise you are almost guaranteed to be able to secure a discount.
  5. Keep in mind these are the procedures before the virus hit. It's anyone's guess how or if they may change.
  6. Exactly! Celebrity has always done a good job with cleanliness. But this is the issue that keeps me up at night. Not even a clue yet as to how this will be handled.
  7. Specifically what type of social media? From someone in the know, or someone just speculating?
  8. It would potentially be, if prices for next year were not more than 125% higher! When I did a lift and shift on one of my cruises the pricing was definitely more than 125% of what I paid. Not sure if that is the case for all cruises, but that has been the word going around on these boards in many cases.
  9. Make them wait where?? The whole idea behind this is to avoid people gathering in crowds. If a lot of people are waiting around there will be crowds. Even outside, there is not that much space, and the weather does not always cooperate. As to the person who suggested people could wait at the airport if need be, I question that idea. You need to go down and collect your luggage (and the vast majority of people cruising check their luggage so please no comments about carry-on as that is not practical for most folks). Down by the luggage area there is no place to just sit and have a cup of coffee or whatever. People who are still working do not always have the luxury of flying in a day early (although I certainly encourage them to do so for other reasons if possible!). People flying from overseas or from smaller airports in the US for example do not always have many choices in their flight times (speaking about US ports, but it could apply anywhere).
  10. The problem with staggered times is with people who are flying in the day of sailing. They cannot always dictate when their flights will arrive, and there is really no other place to go to wait. My biggest concern is not necessarily how to keep the ship clean (although of course that is very, very important). I want to know how they plan to handle things if someone is sick, especially if that someone is me or my cabin mate. There is little to no info on that leaking out anywhere.
  11. I cannot even imagine that this would happen, nor does it need to. The costs alone would price most people out of cruising for good. I could see them hiring more shoreside staff to help do a deeper cleaning before boarding. Could possibly happen for a few months? Perhaps but I doubt it. Most of the infection comes from air particles, so all that cleaning would add little benefit
  12. Yes, the cabins under the pool can be noisy, in the morning when they straighten up the deck chairs and whenever there is a band playing by the pool. On cooler weather cruises pretty quiet.
  13. I get it. For us, the menu in Blu is much more to our liking. But I don’t think it should be allowed due to crowding issues.
  14. We sailed in Aqua Class on Equinox. I honestly don't recall if there were new carpets or drapes. I know the bedding was changed - very comfy. They also unfortunately managed to replace the balcony furniture with the less comfortable chairs with no footstools and the smaller table if memory serves.
  15. No one knows. Personally, I don't see Aqua Class being treated any differently than any other type of cabin (besides suites perhaps) when Celebrity opens. I can't know, but I would expect they will cut capacity on those cabins the same as others. They will need to find some way to reduce the seating in Blu. I don't think reservations would help much, but who knows. Expanding hours would bring the dining times to the point of ridiculous I think. Just how early or how late does one want to dine?!? Whether cutting passenger counts is enough remains to be seen. Hope they prohibit suite guests - that is long past due anyway IMHO, ever since Luminae was introduced. That was the main reason it was implemented in the first place as suite guests were rightly not happy that a lower class cabin had a specialty-type restaurant and they didn't. Well, now they do, so it's time to stop that practice as I have seen it overwhelm the Blu capacity on a number of cruises. Not all maître d's follow the 'space available' rule that's for sure. We are regular AQ passengers, so I wonder as well. The big question, besides the overall when will they sail and what precautions will be onboard, is how do they plan to reduce the passenger count on cruises already booked past the capacity limit. No matter what they do many will not be happy.
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