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  1. So you would actually not book a cruise just because he was on it, even though there are multiple venues you could visit that offer other music? Interesting. I can't even imagine hating an act so much to do that, but to each their own.
  2. I do agree the CDC may enforce way stricter rules. Let's hope so (although I wish they could get going on things!) But to those who say basically why should I care my response is that we are talking about the same CEO here, which would imply same philosophy. And say what you will, but this is in no way based on the science as he advertises he will do things. If it were based on the science, no one would be allowed onboard unvaccinated, at least at this time. And to advertise this cruise as "fully vaccinated" is an outright lie.
  3. Exactly. Unfortunately based on what they are doing with the RCI cruise out of Israel children may be allowed to cruise unvaccinated. Insane!
  4. I was a working parent for many, many years and the mother of three children. This is not about your being entitled to rest and relaxation. It also has nothing to do with discrimination if it is based on the safety of your fellow passengers. It has nothing to do with whether we do or do not desire a childfree cruise (for the record, we sailed with our younger son on Celebrity more than 15 times). If vaccinations are required for all (which I hope they are!) this is about saving lives, period. Are you seriously suggesting your right to relax is more important than my right not to catch a f
  5. Maybe I'm misinterpreting, but it seems a Royal ship is going to be sailing with required vaccinations only for those over 16. They are calling it "fully vaccinated". In what universe does allowing any number of potentially disease carrying and/or vulnerable children onboard equal fully vaccinated? Am I interpreting this correctly that there will be children onboard, but they don't need to be vaccinated? I think so - correct me if I am wrong. This infuriates me on so many levels. The CEO says they are going to do things 'according to the science". Baloney. This is doing thin
  6. I wasn't clear - does this mean no one under 16 is onboard, or those 16 and under do not need to be vaccinated?
  7. I think Celebrity certainly may be sailing adults only for awhile. It will be interesting to see what Royal and Carnival do regarding vaccines as they normally sail with a lot more children, especially during the summer should cruises start again by then.
  8. I so wish we were able to discuss TA recommendations on these pages! I know we can't so I won't go there. But why do I say that? For years we have used a large online agency for our bookings. We have gotten group rates at times, more OBC, discounts on the "Best" package when that was still around, and so on. The only real downside was that they were hard to reach over the week-end. They also charge a minor cancellation fee but as we would rarely cancel it was worth the risk. Then came Covid-19. I know everyone has had a hard time and agencies have been very, very
  9. Everyone has their own opinions on these cabins. Here's mine - I would take one of these cabins (usually called hump cabins) in a heartbeat. They are always, always our go-to cabins on Celebrity. I have sailed them many times and have never even noticed the bathroom door "issue". Not saying it is not true, but I put it in quotes because it has never been remotely an issue for us. I honestly never noticed it. Love the location near the elevators and the fact that being basically mid-ship there is less motion (which is rarely an issue on Alaska cruises regardless). We've never had an issu
  10. It is true that pushback could happen. But at the same time, it looks like all passengers and crew will be required to be fully vaccinated, and also will be tested before sailing and likely during the cruise. So in many respects cruise ships will probably be some of the safest visitors to their islands. Presuming only ship excursions will be allowed, I think that also will be a huge factor. I suspect those excursions, in the Caribbean, will likely be limited to outside activities like beach days, perhaps even in sectioned off areas with very limited interaction with the locals.
  11. If by some miracle the CDC allows a 12 day cruise by then (which is very, very unlikely), there is no way you will be sailing without being required to wear a mask by September IMHO. So if that is a deal breaker for you, I suggest you cancel.
  12. I agree that they will need to have tests available on the ship. But I'm not sure I agree they would charge for the test - at least not outright. Not that I think they would eat the cost - I think they are building that expectation into their ridiculously higher pricing right now. But the real question is - if you test positive then what? I'm sure a second test to confirm, but if still positive, what are their plans? The CDC set some very strict guidelines for that situation but the cruise lines have really been silent about what their procedures would actually look like. (for
  13. It certainly can depend on the hostess, but we have never had an experience where they had a table saved for us if others were waiting. We have had good hostesses who knew our habits and tried to save us particular tables we prefer, but never saving tables and seating us ahead of other people. And if you did have that experience just because of your little "Thank You" then shame on them.
  14. We used to buy boarding (and other photos) years ago when we started cruising. Don't bother anymore unless it is a very special occasion for us. Now with the great pictures you can get on cell phones, we feel that is enough for us. IMHO the prices Celebrity charges for photos is insane. I've always felt that if they just lowered the prices considerably they'd sell a whole lot more of them and end up making more money when all is said and done.
  15. For us, since we often do longer cruises or B2B, that bag of laundry (actually two as we are Elite Plus) is very, very valuable😊. Actually, usually the only perk that matters as we almost always purchased the internet package.
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