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  1. Heard there was a computer problem. Went fast once it finally started.
  2. Huge line waiting to check in. 11:40 and not moving at all. No one giving us any updates. Threatening to rain in which case we'll get soaked as there is no roof over us. Not happy!!
  3. So basically you are unhappy with Celebrity because you didn’t really look into what you were booking and want them to change their rules just for you because you’re a big spender so should be treated differently than everyone else. Got it.
  4. I have six more cruises booked this year, beginning with one tomorrow. No way am I cancelling anything at this time. Anything could change in the future, but unless you are very elderly, and/or already have serious health issues (in which case why are you cruising at all I wonder) I see no reason to cancel at this time. I will bring extra prescription meds as a precaution but beyond that, it’s live life as normal until or if that doesn’t make sense.
  5. With the revolution of ships (and I believe the Edge class?) libraries are becoming a thing of the past. I know there are many out there like me who still much prefer the feel of a hard copy book in their hands to the tablet reader alternative. Who wants to haul a tablet around to the beach or poolside?? I also take many long and/or b2b cruises and I don’t want to have to schlep half a dozen books with me. I know some of my fellow bibliophiles have taken to creating book exchange spots onboard. I thought maybe we could use this thread to identify the spots and spread the word to those who may be interested, as well as to encourage their use. I saw on Summit that there was a small book exchange at the front access to Rendezvous on the port side. I know Equinox still has a library of sorts (Although Celebrity has removed most of the books for some unknown reason😕) but people tend to use the main floor starboard side to exchange. What is happening, if anything, on other ships which no longer have official libraries? Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  6. I was responding primarily to the news sensationalism. You are correct- it could turn out to be worse than the flu. You will note I stated "at this time". The governments are taking prudent action to a virus that can be deadly to some people. I would expect them to do that even if it was "only" as dangerous as the flu. There are already preventative measures (vaccine) for the flu, so of course they would deploy their energies to the new kid in town. The good news that rarely gets brought up in all the media frenzy is that they are already working on a vaccine which they believe will be ready for clinical trials very soon. It seems this virus is much less complicated than various other viruses so they feel a good vaccine is very doable. I will grant you - it could take up to a year or so to get through trials but there is hope. Unfortunately the news doesn't want to report that - it doesn't grab headlines and send people heading for their Xanax.
  7. I wouldn't waste a second worrying about it. Yes, there are separate restaurants for a couple of the cabin classifications. And yes, people in suites have a special bar area and a part of the deck reserved for them, and may get invited to a few things you may not like helipad sail-aways or private parties with the officers. People may also get some extra perks because of their cabin classification or Captains Club status (like internet minutes, free beverage package, etc..). But everyone on Celebrity is treated very well. I have sailed in everything from inside cabins to ocean view to balcony to Aqua Class to Sky Suite. I was always treated wonderfully no matter what cabin I booked.
  8. I'm sure this is frustrating for you, but I want you to rest assured that the service on the ship is a thousand times better than their customer service and a million times better than their website! Your husband is definitely not the first person of size that has sailed and as has been said, the crew will bend over backwards to do what they can to accommodate you. As to food allergies, even if you did pre-advise the ship it is always a good idea to talk to the maître d for your restaurant when you board. I would also advise the waiter(s). Do you have a set dining time or did you choose Select Dining? If the former, you will always have the same waiter so that will help make sure you are taken care of properly. If you have Select Dining, I would speak to the Maitre d' and/or Hostess and tell them you have food allergies so you wish to be seated with the same waiter every night. It may require a bit of a longer wait, but it would be worth it. The same would be true if you booked Aqua Class or a suite and were dining in Blu or Luminae. I don't have food allergies, but others on these boards have posted that Celebrity is very good about accommodating them. If you eat in the buffet, you can always ask to speak directly to the chef who can advise what dishes may or may not be suitable for you.
  9. Let's be honest here - the experience of someone in a Royal Suite may not be the same as the experience of someone in just a Sky Suite, or in Aqua Class for sure. I rarely can afford to sail suites, but when I recently did (sky suite) I could absolutely tell that there is even a class system within the suite level. I was treated very well and have no complaints, but the higher level passengers were treated like royalty. Please note - I am not saying this is not justified - Royal Suite guests are paying a very large premium for the privilege and I don't begrudge them getting special service. I'm just pointing out that your experience may not be indicative of all suite guests.
  10. How do you know these statements to be true? As a regular Blu guest (6-8 cruises per year in Blu since retirement a few years ago), I can tell you with 100% certainty that there are very often suite guests in Blu. On some cruises they are there every night (I know this from being told by the waiters and by the maître d's as well as overhearing discussion - which is very easy to do since Blu is now usually extremely crowded with tables on top of each other). Why they are there rather than Luminae I generally can't tell - although I have read a number of postings and reviews on these boards as well as social media stating they do not like the menu. So unless the waiters and maître d's are lying to me, I can say that at least for the cruises I have been on point #1 is definitely true.
  11. I agree -the posts were relating to the food, not the service. I was replying to someone who said they have never seen anything on social media that suite guests prefer Blu
  12. I guess there are two ways to look at things. IMHO the pricing for the NRD is what the pricing should be in the first place! Celebrity is counting on people to look at it the way you do. We do not take travel insurance except for medical so that cost would not be covered for us. We have some coverage with our credit card, and are willing to take the risk for the rest. I know many believe I am foolish. But I look at it this way - I have taken more than 60 cruises. If I had taken good travel insurance out for each of those cruises, none of which I had to cancel, I would have been out WAY more money than if I had to cancel any of the cruises. Yes, someday it may catch up to me and I may lose some $$, and as I age I may change my position. But insurance companies stay in business based on people taking out way more insurance than they really need. Not saying it is not sometimes the right choice - of course it is, but it is not always the best option based on risk assessment.
  13. We have only eaten in Luminae on two cruises. On each of those cruises we ordered off the MDR menu more than half the time. We found the Luminae menus very heavy on seafood, and much lighter on offerings for red meats or poultry items which we often prefer (especially DH). The seafood offered was also, we felt based on our particular tastes, more exotic than the standard halibut or salmon. We also felt that the offerings were much more 'gourmet' in general than in Blu. I don't recall them being sauce heavy necessarily but we often could not find a single thing on the menu we thought sounded appealing to us. We did very much enjoy the better service, the better ambiance with less crowding, and the bread offerings which were much better than Blu.
  14. I'm a part of several Facebook groups for various Celebrity ships, as well as general Celebrity Q&A and comments. Today alone I read several postings on those Facebook pages where suite passengers stated they preferred Blu to Luminae. Of course that is not true of everyone, but It is true of some.
  15. I'm with you 100%. Flu is much more deadly, at least at this point in time, and you don't see overblown headlines about that every other minute. The media has sadly morphed from the good old days of the Walter Cronkites of the world calmly reporting the facts as they were known, into reporting reminiscent of the National Inquirer - inflammatory headlines, sensationalistic nonsense, and a few facts thrown into the mixture now and then. The even sadder part is the number of people who don't realize this.
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