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  1. We are Australian and are on our first Scenic cruise next month. We were assured that no further tips were necessary, and for my part, service would have to be exemplary for us to pay any more. The trips aren't cheap in the first place and it is supposed to be all-inclusive. Luckily we do not have a tipping culture here, and it is an Australian company so I am sure all staff are paid properly. Tipping is the one thing that we hate when we visit the US, so much so that we probably won't go back.
  2. Heartfelttraveler, we are on our first Rhine Cruise next month and are spending some time in Basel post cruise too. We have booked the Hotel Krafft, and have a river view room with a balcony for a very reasonable price. Obviously I can't comment as we haven't stayed yet, but happy to let you know once we are back at the start of November.
  3. Thanks so much for that link notamermaid. Looks like we have no holidays on the river cruise week, and there is one during the week we are spending in Vienna, but we knew about that one luckily. Your posts on the Rhine have made the anticipation even better, only one month to go now until we leave!
  4. We travel from Amsterdam to Basel on 14th October, so hopefully will get to see some beautiful autumn colours. Do you know if there are any public holidays on that route during the week 14th-21st October please?
  5. I second the suggestion of Blackberry Cars. We have used them a few times on London trips and they are good value and very reliable. A cab or Uber could end up horrendously expensive if you get stuck in traffic.
  6. You will find plenty to amuse you in Lyon for a couple of nights. We spent three nights there early last year and also in Avignon. We stayed at the Mercure Lyon Beaux Artes which was great and in a wonderful location. Not sure how close to the riverboats though as we were on a train journey. It is considerably cheaper than the Sofitel and still very nice. Don't miss the food markets - they are amazing, as are the Roman ruins and the wonderful paintings on building walls.
  7. Can't you separate and doing your own thing for a couple of hours? We went to Anne Frank on our last trip to Amsterdam, and loved it, sad though it was. This trip we have already got our timed tickets for Van Gogh. I haven't purchased for the Rijks yet, but I will. I just think it is such a shame if there is something one person wants to do to have to miss out as the other doesn't like it. We are a strange couple in that hubby loves to shop and I hate it. We almost always have a couple of hours apart and he shops and I do something that I like, even if that is just sitting in the hotel checking sites like this, or visiting a museum that interests me. Just a suggestion.
  8. Thanks from me too. Have loved reading all about your Scenic cruise. Makes me so excited that ours is less than 8 weeks away now. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you TravelerThorn. You are correct, we will be on Scenic and I believe docking in Mannheim.
  10. @TravellerThorn, thanks for the explanation. We are only doing Rhine Highlights for 7 nights, so Strasbourg is on our itinerary. We were only there in January, but we loved it so happy to spend another day there. I think we will be going to Heidelberg, glad that it is just over an hour, I can just manage that. It is when it gets to 2 hours plus that I have problems.
  11. Notarmermaid, how long would you expect the ride from Kehl to be? We were in Strasbourg at Christmas and were told it was around a 15 minute tram ride, so I assumed the bus wouldn't be too long. I have some issues whereby I can't cope with long bus rides, hence why I am asking. It will help be plan.
  12. Your St. Chappelle photos are stunning! We got lucky at L'Orangerie a couple of years ago and had the water lillies room to ourselves. Made for great photos. Best reason to travel off-season.
  13. It was mentioned in the Australian newspapers that the government had cancelled all the nighttime cruising a few weeks ago. Today in the paper, it stated that the government ban has been lifted and it is now up to individual cruise lines whether to do them or not.
  14. I have never done a Christmas cruise, but we have visited the England, Scotland, France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Salzburg over the Christmas New Year period for the last few years. Weather varies greatly, but we have never had that. In fact, this past Christmas we had five days in London and four in Paris and had sunshine the entire time! It was drizzly during our five days in Strasbourg, but not particularly cold. We had snow one day and it was gorgeous. And I agree with the decorations, Strasbourg and Colmar were simply stunning!
  15. We are planning a trip there next year, so am about to look at it now. Thanks.
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