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  1. I believe you have to call. Never seen a place for that on their website.
  2. I don't know if you can book immediately, we were not even asked to. They waited (and stayed on the line) until I received an email with a "transaction ID" for later reference.
  3. I was on hold for almost 3 hours, but eventually got through to a very helpful agent that cancelled my 3/14 cruise. I got the FCC and did not have to book immediately.
  4. We are using the 866-420-3584 number from the FAQ. Been on hold for 2.5 hours so far.
  5. I am still thinking about going this weekend. However, my 8 year old is T1D and is in a risk category. Our issue is not so much the CV but the lack of plan around a quarantine. Otherwise, life is a risk!
  6. Anyone tried the number for US yet to cancel? Or is it not active till tomorrow. We called the regular number this morning and they had no clue this was coming. Typical MSC, I have great service on board, but what a mess on the outside! 🙂
  7. Glad you are having a good cruise! We are on the Seaside on the next outing and debating on cancelling (have a kid with T1D and is in a bad way if he gets anything like the flu). I agree with you on the worry on this thing. No way to contain it, it will run its course anyway. I think most people are not worried about the getting sick part, more the being quarantined part. However, I could think of a few worse places to get stuck at! Continue to enjoy!
  8. Our assistant waiter did the same thing on the Mera in November. If he was not a fantastic waiter I would have reported him.
  9. We have only sailed regular with Bella experience. First Aurea coming up in March!
  10. Thank for the review. We generally like the food on MSC and for our group of eight we felt the food on Meraviglia during the Thanksgiving week was some of the best we have had on MSC and this was our fifth cruise with them. However, I would rate the ship for me the lowest of the four in the Caribbean. Just not my style.
  11. No tissues even after asking on Meraviglia in Kaye November. No issues with toilet paper. In fact we got an extra roll to replace the lack of tissues.
  12. Soft serve was free to everyone.
  13. Soft serve is available for free on all ships. Some have free gelato. Each ship does it a little different - location and self serve or served. Meriviglia has it on the pool deck, served by personnel.
  14. What MSC ship does this? Did not see this on the seaside, Divina, or Armonia over the last year.
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