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  1. Hope to go on cruise in 2021. Does anyone know if there are trams(golf cart service)available on the piers in St Croix, Barbados, St Kits, St Lucia & St Maartin? If so which ones? Thanks for any info you can give me.
  2. I think what people were asking if they have a tram(or golf cart) that would run ON the pier from exiting he ship to the end of the pier? A pier can be a long walk!
  3. When this virus is all said and done for, wonder if CLIA will "still" suggest that anyone with a pre existing condition(s) have a doctor note saying they are over that condition like diabetes
  4. What happens if an Italian crew member goes home and when it reopens brings the virus back to the ship?
  5. Now down to 10 people to gather......whats next but had to be done!
  6. Everything seems like is closing up for at least two weeks but for cleaning purposes. That will help. The one thing I do worry about is crews from heavily infected areas go back home(unless they stay in the US) and then when the cruise lines resume service, do they bring the CV back to the ship?
  7. This is Barbados forum not Cozumel I was asking
  8. Have trouble walking. May rent a scooter if too long a walk
  9. What about a person using a scooter? Any idea how long the pier is/
  10. Please respond as I heard negative comments awhile ago on the smaller bldgs of both the Hilton Marina and Bahia Mar. Also on Gallery One by Doubletree. Thanks for responding
  11. I'm talking about the smaller bldg for each of them vs Gallery One which I believe is only one bldg. Please let me know your opinions if you know????? Thanks
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