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  1. Thanks for all the info. First of all I forgot to mention that my thought was for 2022 as I already have one cruise(11 nt) booked for Mar 2022. I also have a 12 nt booked in Nov 2021 which is just two weeks after CDC's 7 night policy expires. If that cruise cancelled is why I thought about the b2b(adding on to the other cruise either before or after)) so I'm down in FL anyways and the FCC(if Nov 2021 xcld) could be applicable. I'm already using one FCC for the Mar 2022 already booked.
  2. Forgot to mention renting a scooter and from cruises from Port Everglades
  3. Looking into b2b when cruising restarts. Never did it before. How does it work as far as Disembarking off of 1st leg and Embarkation of 2nd leg if your in the same cabin. ie...What about, keeping luggage in cabin, going through customs after 1st leg, .any priority of re-boarding if you have to, same with staying on late on first leg. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I'm on the Enchantment next Nov. Not even sure that will go (if CDC extend the no more than 7 days) but will hold on and decide at final time
  5. We hope that the 12nt Enchantment out of Baltimore in Nov '21 is a go since CDC protocols of 7 nights or less are in effect till Nov 1, 2021. That's too close for comfort.
  6. Good luck Quantum. Your healthy outcome fate will determine when future cruises will restart.
  7. According to RCCL, the FCC is based on 12/31/21 or 12 month from original sailing date whichever is longer.
  8. I just checked my balance on cruise credits(obtained cruise cert number from TA) and now shows 250 pp. I double checked that I'm within time frame for applying it to my cruise. How long before my TA receives the cert?. Don't know how many days ago it changed from 0 to 250.
  9. So it should not show 0? Does the TA have to call to get it reissued with correct amount?
  10. How long does it take to get a cruise certificate and do I or TA get it? My TA first said 5-7 business days, when that passed, I called the TA. TA said showed the cert but said amt showed.....$ 0. So TA called Royal and said they told her 30-45 days before it would be issued and when it got closer would show the 500.00 I'm entitled too. Should I believe her? and again what is the time frame any of you experienced? Thanks for any help.
  11. Rhapsody of the Seas, Nov 30, 2019 7nts out of Tampa to Western Caribbean family group of 24
  12. In the meantime, save a life or two, wear your masks, social distance, limit family gatherings this holiday season and wash your hands as hospitals need your help so they won't get over loaded.
  13. You are right...So far nothing here in Maryland has been said when the port of Baltimore will open.
  14. It might have been asked in this tread before and you will excuse me for asking but does anyone think a vaccine will shorten the CDC Nov 1, 2021 guideline to an earlier date when the general population would have received it and of course those willing to take the vaccine?
  15. Maybe b2b to coco cay/ Labadee and back to US and then back to coco cay/labadee and back to US at least for awhile..just my opinion. we don't know yet
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