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  1. Specialty Favorites: Pork Ramen at Sushi on 5 and Calamari at Tuscan Blu Favorite: Lamb Shank My stomach is very anxious to return to cruising!
  2. I’m also booked on a December Reflection sailing and right now there’s a 20% discount on a lot of the specialty dinning reservations. Depending on what restaurants you’re interested in and how many, it may be worth doing the math on booking them separately with the discount vs. as a package. The nice thing if you book individually is that you can select your dining time for each meal when you book vs. the package where you have to wait till you’re onboard to make all but 1 reservation. If you like to eat at prime times, it may be worth paying a little more total to be able to loc
  3. On honeymoon on Equinox, sailing out of Skagway through the Lynn Canal sitting with my new hubby after a romantic dinner in Tuscan Grille sipping port and watching Alaska go by behind us. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “I’m so lucky to be living this life and have you as my wife.” ❤️ We can’t wait to get back on the seas!
  4. I can’t imagine the financial stress for the crew as well. I know they receive a salary from Celebrity (which I assume they will still get in full) but they’ll also be losing the standard gratuity share and additional cash tips they usually get during the suspension. If if all goes well, I’ll be on one of the 4/11 sailings after the suspension and will be putting extra money aside for tips.
  5. SIGH...good morning from Seattle. I suppose it was inevitable given our lack of family wealth and/or extreme gambling luck that we were going to have to get off the ship this morning. As is our tradition, Jeremy and I saved our free bottle of cheep champagne for the last morning and drank it as we did our final packing. When we stepped on the balcony this morning we remembered what city air smells/feels like. Captain Alex did a wonderful farewell morning announcement that had me with tears in my eyes. Our luggage tag number was called while we
  6. Thank you!!! Congratulations on your anniversary! We’ve said several times on this cruise how lucky we both are to have found a partner to share our life and travel adventures with. 💕
  7. I ask you: is there any sight sadder than suitcases with disembarkation tags on them sitting in a cruise ship hallway? Jeremy and I keep saying one of these years we should save enough money and vacation time to do a back to back. That way on this night at the end of leg one, we can walk the hallways and say to ourselves “not us, not today”. We’re gonna call it our “sucks for you” cruise. 😁 Jeremy is in port buying a few souvenirs and I’m headed down to get some cash from the ATM for extra tips for our favorite crew members, then we’re meeting for one last dinner in Bl
  8. The Taking a step back in time to report on our fantastic day in Skagway. In this port we booked 2 tours with Celebrity: the white pass train ride in the morning then the Ben Fogle Great Adventures Chilkoot trail hike and rafting adventure. Our weather luck continued and it was completely clear and fog less for our train ride so we got great views of the Sawtooth Mountains, U.S.-Canada boarder, glaciers and the famous bridal veil falls. After the train, we grabbed a quick lunch of salmon dip and fish and chips at the Skagway Fish Co. restaurant near the ship. We washed
  9. Good afternoon from the pool deck! After a cool and cloudy morning the sun is out and the party around the pool is in full swing. Celebrity Life is doing several outdoor activities, including a poolside line dancing class. In spite of the busy deck, there are literally no drink servers that I can see. There are quite a few people in the outdoor pool, which is heated, but it’s still a little cool for my taste. I think I’ll stick to doing my swimming in the solarium and maybe a little hot tub outside. This afternoon Jeremy and I had coffee in al Bacio for a
  10. Good morning CC! We started our (late) morning today having a blueberry Red Bull and vodka at the mast bar while the two friends who betrayed jeremy last night (Seniors Patron y Don Julio) looked on. We just finished a mast grill lunch while the whale horn went off almost nonstop. In the past hour we’ve seen 2 large humpback pods and a pod of 5 or 6 orcas. We port in Victoria, B.C. today but interestingly we don’t arrive until after 5, so today is like a half sea day half port day. We’re on our way down to al Bacio now to have some coffee and
  11. We started our fancy dress night with a cocktail made by our new best friend mixologist Sonja in the World Class Bar while listening to the strings duo then went to dinner in Blu. We got there a little after 8 and the restaurant was still pretty busy, but service was prompt and attentive. We had the same waiter (Eudel) and sommelier (Nik) we had on the first night and both remembered us and provided great suggestions for food and wine again. The tomato soup I had was so good but could have used twice as many of the tasty Asiago cheese croutons in it. I’m no
  12. After a busy afternoon of reading and drinking in the hot tubs, we’re getting dressed for our second evening chic night. Our buffet lunch today was just ok so we only picked at it and we’re eating a little late tonight, so we stopped by OVC on our way down to the room to make our own evening canapés. The canapés that are included with aqua class are now only delivered if you fill out a form (see below) and make sure someone is in the cabin to receive them. Far too much hassle for us! Besides, our chicken nacho bar, beef satay and shrimp ceviche that we found in the buffet were far
  13. When we finally joined the world of the living this afternoon we had this invitation for a Blu kitchen tour on our door. I don’t remember being offered this in prior aqua class sailings. I wonder if this as well as the aqua class only glacier viewing set up are part of an effort by Celebrity to add more amenity value to the premium charged for aqua class (at what’s probably a relatively low cost to the company). I will say, it’s working for me. The price difference between aqua and concierge when we booked was a total of about $500 and I personally feel I’ve gotten that value in having Blu f
  14. Attempting to post more Juneau pics, including the delicious “Glaceritas” served at the bar on the whale watching boat and a short clip of the whale watching video I took. Someone let me know if the video works, please! DC96BECA-8F87-4D1A-9009-C33535CD417A.MOV
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