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  1. Whelp, the party is officially over! Sitting in the airport drinking a blue margarita and looking across the runway at the X on Infinity’s smoke stack. I briefly pondered how hard it would be on luggage valet, my credit score, employment status and my marriage if I just headed over to Port Everglades this afternoon and threw down the AmEx and booked a little 5 night jaunt to coco cay. I quickly determined that the answer on all counts is: catastrophic. So here I shall remain. Disembark went very very quickly with no baggage (well worth the valet fee) but sadly Captain Kate wasn’t at the deck saying goodbye to everyone as I’ve read she’s done in the past. She sent me some love on Instagram though, so that was pretty cool. I’m reading back through my review to remind myself where the holes are I need to fill in and it’s becoming clear to me that, overall, I had one heck of a week. More to come soon!
  2. Thanks for your review! I just got off Equinox and asked while onboard about whether the Lawn would survive the refurb (one of my favorite spots too). I was told they are keeping it but will be turning the hot glass area into the Lawn Club specialty restaurant that is on Reflection and Silhouette.
  3. Good morning from the shores of cold, hard reality and happy embarkation day to you lucky people boarding Equinox today. I'm having one last buffet breakfast while pondering how I’m going to live through tomorrow morning when there’s no fresh baked croissants awaiting me when I wake up. Im doing luggage valet so we are free to leave the ship any time after 8am. My flight out of FLL isn’t until early afternoon so I don’t need to rush to leave, but I’ve found it’s easier for me emotionally if I just rip the bandaid off quickly. Once I get to the airport I’ll find a bar to drown my sorrows with a non-beverage package Bloody Mary and do my last few posts. 😭😭😭😭
  4. No worries Sue! As you can see, a trip to the martini bar is a major inconvenience for me 😁😁😁😁 I’d love for you to have a martini for me on Reflection! I’ll be pretty ship-sick by then so it’ll be nice to live vicariously through you. Bon Voyage!!!!
  5. If you try Murano I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! At the last minute I booked it again tonight and just finished a dinner that has me seriously considering investing in a tableside cooking cart for home!
  6. To quote from the original Overboard (one of my favorite movies): It’s a hell of a day at sea! The Cardinals are doing a great poolside Motown set. If you want in-seat drink service there’s a bit of a wait with the crowded deck, but I set my phone timer and it hasn’t taken me more than 7 minutes to get a beverage in hand if I get my lazy butt off this lounger and walk the 10 feet to the pool bar myself (again, additional exercise I could very much do with given I probably had 300 calories just in the Gizu martinis and sake I consumed at lunch). Speaking of lunch, when I finally got in at Sushi on 5 it was worth the wait. The maitre d poured me a premium sake and was very apologetic about the reservation confusion and wait. I had had a yummy Kobe “slider” served on fried ramen instead of a bun and my all time favorite: the pork ramen. I know I still have to go back and report on my multi course sushi and sake pairing lunch there from a few days ago and will do that soon. Spoiler alert: it was a fantastic value for the cost and I highly recommend, but only for those with a decent alcohol tolerance.
  7. Safe travels Sara, I think you’ll have a wonderful vacation. Please tell your daughter to also try the hurricane in the Gastro Pub and the Pain Killer at the mast bar. Both are included in the alcohol beverage packages and were also delicious!
  8. Oh yes, I can’t say enough good things about Dewa. I have an envelope to deliver to him this evening and it has the highest amount of any I’m passing out today.
  9. Just went back to my room to read on the balcony and found a HORRIBLE smell in the hallway. Ive spent a lot of time around horses, cows and chickens so I’ve got a pretty high threshold for foul scents, but this one had me in my bathroom with tears in my eyes desperately trying to keep down my lunch. It was a mix of raw sewage and extremely strong bleach and ammonia. On my way back to the elevator I saw a poor lady who looked really pale and told me she actually did throw up. On Infinity in December we experienced a sewage smell a couple of times on the first day of the cruise but if that smell was a 3-4 to me, this one was a 12! Ive adjusted my plan and now have a book and a blue note punch in my hand in the fresh air of the pool deck. Hopefully whatever this is is fixed by dinner time!
  10. Thank you! I was satisfied with the excursion especially considering the price and that most “taxis”just to go to and from Calico Jacks will cost around 25 dollars US per person round trip and will make you wait to come/go till they sell out their van. There were a good number of people for the excursion. I’d say probably around 75 total but they split us between multiple vans and 2 boats. The boats are double decker so they didn’t feel too crowded. I do remember the captain mentioning their was a bathroom onboard on the first floor but I didn’t visit it. It was a pretty basic (but clean) fishing boat, so I would guess the bathroom is nothing fancy though.
  11. Report on 8 course champagne dinner in Silk Harvest: As mentioned earlier, this was my third trip to Silk Harvest of the cruise and my other two had been very good meals. I have to say, this was my least favorite of the 3 trips. I think part of the let down was the event ended up being very different from what was described to me. The event had been billed as a champagne dinner with live music. I did receive a half glass as a welcome drink at the beginning, but no other courses came with any drink pairings. Having the beverage package this wasn’t a huge deal to me, but I could see someone being disappointed if they thought they were getting drinks included and then had to pay for them on top of the cover charge. The “live music” was actually a dj with a laptop (not my definition of “live” entertainment but I guess the guy operating the computer was alive, so technically true). Some of the courses were very good, especially the shrimp with caviar starter, beef and rice and the creme brûlée dessert. But others were so similar to other things I’ve had onboard it was easy to compare and tell they were of way lower quality. For example, the duck course was nowhere near as good as the Asian roast duck I’d ordered off the regular menu just a couple of nights before. They also had a course of pork ramen that fell WAY short of the oh so amazing pork ramen served in Sushi on 5. The service was fantastic as always though and I had great conversation with a couple at the next table from Canada who were celebrating their anniversary. Plus with 8 courses I still left plenty full! Photos of the menu and some of the courses below.
  12. Well, no cruise is completely hiccup free...I arrived at Sushi on 5 for my 12:30 reservation that I made on embarkation day, but the maitre d couldn’t find it in the system and the restaurant was completely full! I have my heart set on having one more bowl of pork ramen before I leave the ship so I did a little shopping, went to the ATM for extra tipping cash and got a cookie from al Bacio to soothe my growling stomach while I wait. It’s 1:20 and I’m still waiting, but I’m pretty sure I’ve put on enough body fat this week that I won’t starve to death, so I’ll give it a bit longer. In the meantime, I’ll start working on going back in time and reporting on yesterday and the special Silk Harvest dinner in costa Maya.
  13. Jose, my favorite pool bartender convinced me to stay for one of his delicious bloody mary’s, so while I’m drinking it I’ll report on the Captain’s Club Senior Officers Party in the Sky Lounge. This is my first cruise with Select status so it was the first time I’ve been invited to this event. I don’t know if it’s the same on every ship but I thought it was pretty cool. I mean, with all my business travel I have comparable loyalty status or better with American Airlines and Hilton, and neither of them ever made me a party. There were tasty small passed appetizers and free drinks (menu photo below). Captain Kate did a short speech and then....oh and then...I found out that: (a) cruise director Simon is a former reality star (thought he looked familiar) and (b) Captain Kate can move! I hope my attempt to post the video below works. Sorry it’s so dark. I kept hoping they’d bring the house lights up a little bit for the performance but no such luck. 79F82E76-6588-433D-9C28-DC9E997A2695.MOV
  14. Good morning everyone! I can’t belive it’s already the last day I’m waking up and opening my curtains to this beautiful view. It’s 10am ship time and has already been an amusing day. On my way to the gym I walked passed a stateroom attendant on my hallway and he said “good morning madam, I’ve been meaning to tell you, you have a good voice, you should go to the karaoke!” When I’m in a very good mood I tend to sing in the shower and at that point I realized I’ve been singing in the shower (loudly apparently) all week. My stateroom is near the entrance to a service passage so I must’ve been giving a concert to most of the crew servicing my deck all week! Also, while apparently they don’t get much Johnny Cash in the Philippines, it seems Chuck Berry and Motley Crue are a universal language. After I finished in then gym I stood at a crossroads outside the spa: Do I go to the aqua cafe for a protein smoothie? Or hit the pool bar for a mimosa? I decided that I can drink smoothies after my workout at home. As I walked to the pool bar a couple of ladies shouted from the deck above “hey! GenerationX!” and waved. I guess this review has developed a following. After I finish cooling down with my mimosa and sea air, I’m going to shower (while fulfilling the stateroom attendant’s request for some James Brown) and find a quiet place to catch up on review posts before lunch in Sushi on 5 followed by the around the world wine tasting event. For all those who are onboard and following, if you see me today, please feel free to come say hello and offer me your sincere condolences on the loss of my vacation tomorrow.
  15. That’s fantastic! I’m very jealous! The weather has been amazing and will make you feel 100 times better after this horrible, extended Midwest winter we’ve had. This has been such a healing trip. I think there have been on average 15 times each day where I’ve taken a deep breath and said to myself “oh yes, I so needed this.”
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