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  1. the star received new large TVs in late 2017. They did not have the on-demand system but I had luck connecting my phone to use the TV to play music on the speakers and view photos. I had heard the drydock may be in Portland, OR vs Victoria.
  2. I don't think shes leaving the fleet for quite a while - shes in very good shape.
  3. Well this was a short trip review due to some technical difficulties, but you can find the rest of the photos here. https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2019/09/coral-princess-trip-report-final.html I also have some time lapse "front to back" walks on Fiesta and Promenade deck I'll post soon.
  4. Sorry for lack of updates...medallionet seems to not like loading cruisecritic very fast.
  5. Even with 2 other ships at Canada place, boarding went as fast as I've ever seen. 20 mins from curb to cabin and that's boarding at 1:30
  6. can you maybe find a location close to easy access to an outer deck? Which ship?
  7. A short first post... https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2019/09/coral-princess-trip-report-day-1-enroute.html?m=1
  8. Hi all, I'll be heading out on the Coral on Wednesday and will be providing a photo review. Let me know if you'd like photos of anything in particular or have questions. The blog will be here: https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/
  9. I got a notice from victoria port authority about this a few weeks ago and wondered about it. Interesting.
  10. Her agency may have a special deal with HAL, but more likely they used some of their commission to pay for an upgrade or other amenities for you to keep you as a loyal customer...it worked and everyone seems to be happy.
  11. If they want your cabin to sell it to someone else, they will upgrade you no matter your status. However the rumor is the upgrade fairy visits new passengers more frequently than past passengers, all things being equal. However that's probably very minor. We've gone on cruises with couples, where we had last status, and 2 other couples had no status. All booked the same gty inside category, we got what we booked, another couple got what they booked and the last couple got upgraded to balcony. Not much rhyme or reason. However they were raving about how awesome it was to have an upgrade and based on the gamblers fallacy booked again. The other couple with no status had a good time all the same but didn't feel so inclined to book again. Would they have if they got an upgrade? Maybe, maybe not, but I would surmise the cruise lines hope (or have data) that new passengers with an upgrade spend more onboard or come back more frequently? Maybe?? I've seen upgrades without an upsell as well as upgrades following an upsell attempt and upsell attempt without a subsequent upgrade. There are so many factors to consider. I think most cruisers don't consider all upgrades equal...inside to inside may not be an upgrade but inside to Oceanview usually is...unless it's in a bad location. But to the cruise line, an upgrade is usually done if they believe they can sell the cabin you were in (for more than you paid) while putting you in one they don't feel as confident about selling. They have all the data.
  12. there are a lot of variables when it comes to GTY assignments and upgrades how well the voyage is selling overall how well a certain "meta" group of cabins are selling (balcony vs inside) if there are several TA groups (and how well those are selling) how well certain categories are selling relative to others - if all the IA and IB cats are available and the IE and IFs continuously sell, they will likely bump some IC and IDs up From what I have seen, the average "upgrade" is about 4-5 categories, all things being equal. If you book in an IA cabin, you have a good chance of an upgrade to an oceanview room, IF AN UPGRADE IS MADE POSSIBLE. If you book in an IF GTY, you have a good chance of an upgrade to an IA or IB. The best tip I've heard is to carefully book a GTY in a category that has the fewest number of cabins - there are some cabin counts listed here: https://sites.google.com/site/princesscruisesfaq/home/cabin-upgrade-statistics/upgrade-tips
  13. Basketball court is still there just aft of the funnel and can be crowded depending on weather and time of day. It's on sky deck. The Chess board is on Sports deck, aft, starboard side.
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