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  1. I'll be sailing this trip in a few weeks and plan to use luggage valet...I'll let everyone know how it goes as well as post updates to my blog. If anyone has any questions that richwmn didn't get a chance to answer let me know!
  2. a few photos... https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2019/06/pacific-princess-2019-drydock-update.html
  3. Sky suites are rare...with only 2 they have the potential to sell out quickly. There are some Canada ne sailings with them available but the trans Atlantic is wait listed, as you pointed out. They are about 40% more than the next highest suite. And those are 2020 dates.
  4. We had 4154 and 4156 between our group - each balcony is huge...combined, its astronomical - too bad only 1 leaf of the partition could be opened. The kids loved the stroller racetrack through.
  5. Thank you for sharing. Will be on the "one off" 7 day Amsterdam journey next month stopping in Skagway.
  6. I'm working on a day to day schedule in spreadsheet format if that's helpful to you. Should have it ready in a week or two.
  7. I was too young to use the swim up bar on the original Star Princess which was built around the same time. But golly, what an idea that is great in theory...i heard that it hasn't been repeated often on ships since spilled drinks can sure make a pool gross.
  8. Princess does have it's second largest deployment ever in Alaska this year, and its the first year in several that there has been a decrease in Seattle based ships. This is likely the result of so much extra capacity from NCL in Seattle with the Bliss and Joy flooding the market with ships that are more desirable for families. Still, it seems like there are a lot of good prices on the 1 way voyages to/from YVR early on this season. Unfortunately, YVR really isn't suited to multiple 2000+ passenger ships docked at Canada Place. Princess will be bringing the Regal to Alaska in 2021 with the Royal. https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2017/12/princess-alaska-deployment-for-2019.html
  9. 4154 and 4156 balconies are deep and double wide due to the presence of a staff stairway in-between the cabins. I wish I had a better picture but it's hard to capture completely. Highly recommend. We had both cabins when we traveled in a group and the deck space was great in the Caribbean.
  10. not that i am aware of. Perhaps the best thing you can do is to rent a car at the airport and drop it off downtown. At least then you have a safe place to keep your bags for a few hours. I wouldn't think it would cost more than $30-40 for a few hours.
  11. ive worn shorts in alaska, it can be warm with typical PNW summer temps into the 70s, and when it gets that warm, it will be somewhat humid as well. As others have mentioned, it can also be in the 50s and damp and drizzly also. If you enjoy wearing shorts, it doesn't hurt to bring a pair as you may have good weather and enjoy. I don't think there is a problem wearing jeans at all and have done it multiple times. Athletic pants also work fine. To be honest, just pretend you are going to a northern lattitude beach in the spring or fall and thats what you should bring. It's been said numerous times, in Alaska, the rule is "layers"
  12. FYI, photos of the family suites on this link https://sites.google.com/site/princesscruisesfaq/ships/unique-cabins/uniquesapdia
  13. we are booked down the hall on 2697 later this summer. Strangely the description indicated that these rooms have partially obstructed view...can't imagine from what however. Glad to hear that this area is relatively quiet and the easy access to the private deck is a great perk to this location.
  14. my vote is that HAL is getting into the 7 day pacific coastal cruises that Princess has been milking for the last few years. There does seem to be enough demand to justify it.
  15. Have done both, we didnt enjoy the ketchikan early morning because most things are closed until at least 8 meaning that you really only have 6 useful hours in town unless you are doing an excursion. But not a big deal.
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