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  1. If they want your cabin to sell it to someone else, they will upgrade you no matter your status. However the rumor is the upgrade fairy visits new passengers more frequently than past passengers, all things being equal. However that's probably very minor. We've gone on cruises with couples, where we had last status, and 2 other couples had no status. All booked the same gty inside category, we got what we booked, another couple got what they booked and the last couple got upgraded to balcony. Not much rhyme or reason. However they were raving about how awesome it was to have an upgrade and based on the gamblers fallacy booked again. The other couple with no status had a good time all the same but didn't feel so inclined to book again. Would they have if they got an upgrade? Maybe, maybe not, but I would surmise the cruise lines hope (or have data) that new passengers with an upgrade spend more onboard or come back more frequently? Maybe?? I've seen upgrades without an upsell as well as upgrades following an upsell attempt and upsell attempt without a subsequent upgrade. There are so many factors to consider. I think most cruisers don't consider all upgrades equal...inside to inside may not be an upgrade but inside to Oceanview usually is...unless it's in a bad location. But to the cruise line, an upgrade is usually done if they believe they can sell the cabin you were in (for more than you paid) while putting you in one they don't feel as confident about selling. They have all the data.
  2. there are a lot of variables when it comes to GTY assignments and upgrades how well the voyage is selling overall how well a certain "meta" group of cabins are selling (balcony vs inside) if there are several TA groups (and how well those are selling) how well certain categories are selling relative to others - if all the IA and IB cats are available and the IE and IFs continuously sell, they will likely bump some IC and IDs up From what I have seen, the average "upgrade" is about 4-5 categories, all things being equal. If you book in an IA cabin, you have a good chance of an upgrade to an oceanview room, IF AN UPGRADE IS MADE POSSIBLE. If you book in an IF GTY, you have a good chance of an upgrade to an IA or IB. The best tip I've heard is to carefully book a GTY in a category that has the fewest number of cabins - there are some cabin counts listed here: https://sites.google.com/site/princesscruisesfaq/home/cabin-upgrade-statistics/upgrade-tips
  3. Basketball court is still there just aft of the funnel and can be crowded depending on weather and time of day. It's on sky deck. The Chess board is on Sports deck, aft, starboard side.
  4. I would consider the Fiesta deck cabins to have the VERY LARGE windows since they were the windows for the casino.
  5. From a review here on CC in P604 Cabin OC P604 Plenty of storage. Very large picture window. Tiny tiny shower and old hairdryer that needs replaced. The most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in.
  6. One of our favorite parts of the princess ships with little kiddos is the closet area is a great place to put them in a pack n play in. Its dark and with some magnetic hooks and an extra sheet you can block out most of the light making the rest of the cabin useable for you. See a photo in this post https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2018/03/. I think you all will enjoy it, there will be plenty to do provided you arent expecting waterslides, ice rinks, etc. Princess cruise staff do a really excellent job of having a lot of activities all day long. Granted you may not be interested in them, but we never have had a problem finding a few things to do each day whether it be watching a movie on the large screen, going to a lecture, participating in some games (elevator roulette is surprisingly fun), or just relaxing. Although princess doesnt have the number of specialty restaurants that NCL has, I feel like the food is consistently better and more complex than what I would get in the NCL "included" dining rooms. The international cafe is awesome for small bites and there are a variety of other food times on board. The Caribbean is pretty casual - if you want the dining room I think a collared shirt (or nice non-collared) shirt for guys and jeans without holes is all you need on the casual nights. On the other nights, just go to the buffet.
  7. can confrim the ship has the newer beds and got them in December 2017. We were on the cruise right after drydock. Photos from that... https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/search/label/star princess
  8. its itinerary update season - they are likely working on updates at the same time. Big parts of HAL and Princess websites were down last weekend.
  9. At any given time, cruise lines have multiple "fares" available. Some are the standard brochure rate, some are special TA group rates, some are "targeted" rates at past cruisers (casino players etc), some are promotional rates with non-refundable deposits, and some are promotional rates with a refundable deposit. Obviously, the rates with the non-refundable deposits are the most affordable - so when you use an online booking engine, its usually only going to show you the "best" deal - which may not be refundable. Best bet is to call a knowledgeable TA or Princess and ask about the fare options. Some TA's will only give you one rate, because they make a % of commission on the non-refundable deposit, and hence, they get paid whether you go or not. Some TA's just dont know how to see the various fare options (or cant). And some agencies just dont want their TA's quoting 5 different prices for the same cruise since it can lead to decision paralysis for some customers. NCL is one of the worst cruise lines with this since their promos say "4 for free" yet on most cabins the passenger has to choose just one or two of the 4 free offers and its a real mess to sort out what the final price is (unlimited beverage package for "free" adds additional gratuity to the final price, specialty dining package also adds additional gratuities, yet advertised "for free") If you dont want to pay the non-refundable ask a knowledgeable TA or Princess agent what options there are. For instance, on the Landmark sale, there are sale prices for the same promo - some refundable deposits, other with non-refundable deposits. As you might surmise, the refundable option costs a bit more. If the agent is using the Princess booking engine, they can see all the available fares. If they are using a proprietary one, they may not be able to.
  10. Photo of the door open in this blog post - scroll down to the pictures area. https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/2018/03/ruby-princess-live-blog-day-3-monterey.html
  11. Princess targets email/snail mail mailings based on passenger itinerary history, upcoming bookings (or lack of), casino history, and resident locations. IE if you have taken a last minute sailing to Alaska from Seattle, you will probably get more advertisements in subsequent years.
  12. The coupon book sometimes comes from Princess as part of a promotion. If you book with a TA and the Princess has a promotion for the coupon book, it will come also. TA's also sometimes have sales programs coordinated directly with Princess just for a given agency and the coupon book comes with that - they use the term "Cruise Night" for a week long sale that the agency will run. But agree with the sentiment, most of the coupons are useless and require you to spend money you might not have to get something for it.
  13. Ruby is likely sailing RT from San Francisco for 2021 Alaska season. Emerald will probably be Seattle based (nearly identical to Ruby). The other Seattle ship hasn't been revealed yet, possibly the Star - or the Royal, or even the Regal.
  14. Does anyone know when the Regal itineraries will be updated. I've seen that it will have a port call in Astoria in May of 2021 and sailing in Alaska that summer - right now many other ships have been positioned for Alaska in late spring of 2021 according to the schedule but the last update for the Regal is late march of 2021.
  15. Maybe what OP was referring to was the decor and style of the grand class ships is starting to be a bit dated. Some of the upgrades done on the grand in the last 6 years or so have helped. The One5 lounge is nice and she generally has a more cosmopolitan feel than the star and golden, direct sisters. Does that mean the Crown, Emerald, and Ruby are step sisters? And the Caribbean is the middle child, and the sapphire and diamond are cousins that live down the street? 🙂 Looks like the Caribbean got some nice furniture upgrades in the last drydock. Arguably, the grand class and all derivatives are well designed and have a nice assortment of pools, hottubs, and outdoor space. Something the Royal class doesn't quite have. However, after sailing on the ms Amsterdam last month - it will be hard to sail on anything with more than 1500 people again. Nary a crowd to be found and THAT ship, was perhaps the most well taken care of I have ever been on - they vacuumed the carpeted ceiling! They also had a great library/game room concept - it's a shame that HAL has reduced the size of them on the later ships. Sorry, got off track... https://cruisingrobsblog.blogspot.com/search/label/ms amsterdam
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