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  1. I just had my TA call about our Med. cruise in April. My costs so far are cruise fare, business class air (thru Oceania), excursions (thru Oceania), and pre and post hotels (thru Oceania). We are ready to cancel and re-book same exact cruise in June 2021. The first Oceania agent told us on the cruise fare was eligible for Future Cruise Credit(FCC) , but I would lose my business air, excursions and pre/post hotels. My agent then asked to talk to his supervisor. He told us something different. He said we would only lose the pre and post hotel cost, not air or excursions. We then asked about the cost of the air deviation fee. After holding, he returned and stated he did no know and now was not sure about credit for business air booked w/Oceania. He said call back on Monday and he will have better answer!! If you look at Oceania statement, they only mention FCC for cruise fare, no other costs. The cost of my business air, is nearly the cost of my cruise fare! To lose this will be unbelievable, while other cruise lines are refunding, or giving future air credit air also. I am not trying to get any refund and am ready to book another trip in June 2021. Has anyone got both cruise fare and air covered by Oceania?
  2. I have arranged a Hotel and airport transfers with Oceania and 3 night stay at Westin Excelsior. I realize than this is more expensive than planning transportation and hotel on my own. We are just going with Oceania this time. As discussed above, I will plan on several hours before I get to hotel. We have a food tour by night starting at 4:30 pm, so I will not plan now to cram in anything else. If we get there in late morning, then we can decide what to do. Probably rest up from cruise!! , and hope hotel will get us in room early. Thanks for all for your thoughts.
  3. I end my cruse on a Saturday at Civitavecchia and have a Oceania arranged shuttle from the ship to my hotel in Rome (near Villa Borghese). The ship arrives at port at 6 am and according to Oceania, all are off by 9 am. What time generally does the shuttle leave for Rome hotels and about when should I expect to arrive at my hotel? I am trying to plan activities for Sat in Rome. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  4. We end our upcoming cruise on Sunday Feb 16 when the Eurodam docks in Ft Lauderdale at 7 am with 5 other cruise ships. Quick math results in about 19,000 passengers leaving these ships. We have a 11:45 am flight out. Do you think there will be a problem getting a taxi to the airport and making our 11:45 am flight. Are there better options other than a taxi to get to the airport? I am worrying about nothing? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Thanks to all for your response. I used your suggestions and have booked the trip:-)
  6. I know that for certain cathedrals and museums, they may be closed on Sundays and Mondays. There are many trips from Amsterdam to Basel, each starting on a different day of the week. I plan to leave Amsterdam sometime during the last week of April 2021. Are there any ports/cities that I should avoid on a certain day (like Sun/Mon) to insure I do not miss anything? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. One of the few indulgences we do on a Holland cruise is buy the the couple's Thermal Suite and Thalassotherapy pool package for the entire cruise. We are going on an 11 day cruise on the Eurodam and the current pre-cruise price is $339. I would prefer to wait and buy once I am on the ship as I can then use some of my OBC to pay for spa/pool package. As I recall from other cruises, the price is the same whether bought per-cruise or once on the cruise. Can other's verify this is still true? Thanks in advance for your replies.
  8. My TA called and told me 9 pm is a hard time. So. we are going to move our Tapas and Wine food tour to the previous day and since most Barcelona restaurants appear to not open until 8 pm, we will just eat on board before we leave at 11 pm. Too bad I would rather eat onshore , than on the ship as long as we are in Barcelona.
  9. I just called Oceania about my original question. FWIW, the person at the other end of the phone said I needed to be back on board by 9 pm for an 11 pm departure. I then asked if I only could make it back by 9:30 pm , would that be OK? The Oceania person said " I guess that would be OK also". What?!?!? So I think I will make my tapas and wine tour reservation, call Oceania again in a few months to see if I get same answer, and then once I am on board talk with an Oceania person on the ship to verify 9:30 pm will be ok. Clear as mud!
  10. We are starting a cruise from Barcelona next April. The ship leaves port at 11 pm. We were hoping to do a tapas and wine tour from 6-9 pm and be back on board by 9:30 pm. Is there a "required" time that all passengers need to be on board? Typically on other cruises, it is 1 hr before departure. Does anyone have onboard experience with this late of departure time?
  11. Our cruise ends on May 9. 2020, and according to Oceania, our cruise disembarkation in Civitavecchia is at 8 am,. We are staying in a Oceania post cruise hotel in Rome (near Villa Borghese) and using an Oceania transfer. I am trying to plan activities for the afternoon. What time should I expect to be at my hotel? If disembarkation starts at 8 am, when would people with transfers to post hotels start disembarkation? Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. We will docked on Oceania Riviera at Livorno, Italy from 8 am to 8 pm. I notice several key museums in Florence are closed on Mondays ( Uffizi and Accademia ). What would you suggest doing with our time? Still go to Florence or head to Pisa? We do not mind using private tours that we can sign up on Trip Advisor. I welcome your thoughts and comments on specific tours. Thank you in advance.
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