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  1. We have booked a private car for the day with Ronys tours to go see the sloths, monkeys and iguanas. Then to go have lunch on a beach. We leave in 11 days and I wanted to get a better idea on how much money to take for the excursion. I contacted Ronny and now he is saying it is $10 pp to see sloths and then $15 pp to see the moneys. I thought he was taking us to Daniel Johnson’s but he is taking us to manawaki park. I’ve been researching this stop for 6 months now and have never seen that park talked about on here. Now I’m feeling a bit unsure. Has anyone been to it? Does that sound pricey? Should we book with someone else?
  2. I’m not sure where to actually ask this question, and this is the board I frequent the most.. My husband is epileptic. He takes a bunch of meds. We have never traveled farther then Fl. Can you he just keep his meds packed in his normal pill holder that’s done by dats instead of lugging the original bottles. The bottles are big and there are 12 different ones. Also, we’ve only flown twice. He has a small pill holder, that he puts his next dose in. Is he allowed to just take that on the plane without the original bottles? Thanks!
  3. Our roll Is so boring! No one posts in it.
  4. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m searching for a thread I seen on here a few weeks ago that had tips, tricks and ideas for things to pack and such. I’ve tried searching or it but can’t find it. Anyone know how to locate it?
  5. We do not, and unfortunately we leave in 14 days so kind of late now. We do have a savings acct, so I suppose that would be our back up. This is our first cruise, I guess we didn’t really think about a high limit cc card, because we don’t use them in our normal life. We do plan on taking a larger sum of cash. I guess in all my research for this trip, I read bring cash..but nothing said anything about a large cc.
  6. I think I will call our TA and NCL and see what they say. I just checked with my husband and our cc is actually $700, we had just put the hotel for the night before on it, but that will get paid in the next couple days, so we’ll be back to $700.
  7. Our travel agent said we could use the $150 for the serv charges.
  8. We did not book any excursions through the ship.
  9. What is shorex? We have only booked free shows and only plan on doing the 3 specialty dining that’s included except maybe margaritaville. We have $150 of obc, so we planned to put most that towards the service charge and then pay cash for the rest at the end.
  10. We have $150 on board spending, and besides maybe margaritaville, I don’t see us spending much. We have specialty dining pkg and beverage pkg.
  11. We leave in 15 days for our first cruise!! We are not credit card people. We have one with a $500 limit, that I have attached to our acct with NCL. Will that be enough? I plan to cash out with cash at the end.
  12. We just booked this hotel for the night before we leave on our cruise. Looks really nice, anyone stay there before?
  13. Going on my first cruise ever in 20 days...and I have a couple questions... Ladies.... How many swimsuits do you take? We love to swim, so I’m sure we will be near the pool or at the beach on almost all our stops. Right now I have 2 swimsuits, but was thinking of getting one more. How many “nice outfits” do you take? I know you don’t have to dress up, but we booked 3 specialty dining nights, and I think I want to dress up for those. thanks!
  14. What dates are you sailing? My husband and I will be on the getaway Jan 6. We’re from Taylor, Mi!
  15. Can you take food fro, the buffet back to your room or pool? Like a night time snack to your room?
  16. Which of the plastic tags does NCL use for the luggage tags and if you were to leave an emergency number with family to reach you when on the cruise, where would I find it? Thanks!
  17. It looks like the choices we have are 9:30, 11:30 and then 8:30pm....ugh.
  18. We get off the getaway on Jan 13th. It says we arrive in Miami at 8 am I believe. What is the earliest flight home you think we would make?
  19. I have read your live review! It was so helpful! Thanks!
  20. Hubby and I will be on the getaway in 41 days! It’s our first cruise ever. We will be stopping in Roatan, Harvest Caye, costa maya and Cozumel. Do we take our passport off the ship with us at each stop? Do we need it to get back on the ship or is our room cards/Id all we need? Thanks!
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