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  1. Just received our air refund for April 25th refund for return from Spain on may 9th non refundable ticket west jet I finally went to Mastercard and filed a claim. Ontario Cruiser
  2. Did you have a refundable or non refundable ticket? Ontario Cruiser
  3. If Ceebrity instead of refunding issued an open ticket they need Westjet to tell them that the ticket is refundable then Celebrity will credit your credit card. for the airfare Ontario Cruiser
  4. I phoned them Ontario Cruiser
  5. Westjet & Air Canada are now giving refunds for some European and Cruises from Canada to US so once Barcelona to Toronto (May 9th ) is approved we will get our non refundable fare back So keep watching Ontario Cruiser
  6. Both. Good luck. I only got a credit with Celebrit. That was with Westjet Ontario Cruiser
  7. We did not get refund. They are holding onto our money in an open ticket.Still waiting to see if our credit card will get the money back for us. Celebrity cancelled our cruise Ontario C
  8. MC credited my account but have not heard back from Celebrity cruiseair. Ontario Cruiser
  9. Just checked out credit card balance due today and it was 773.46 LESS NO NOTIFICATION. So not sure if Celebrity refunded but doesn't matter as It was the nonrefundable Choice air amount. Infinity Ta April 25th Ontario Cruiser
  10. We also love this class of ship. Connie is the only one we haven't been on. Summit too many times to count. We were on her in January after revolution. Our Infinity crossing in April was cancelled. I hope they don't sell any of them. Hi Wine O Ontario Cruiser
  11. And visa versa Canada has closed the border. Non essential travel. Hopefully we will find a vaccine. So sad too many dying. OntarioCruiser
  12. What date was your cruise and where were you flying from? Still trying to get my Westjet refund Barcelona to Toronto May 9th. Cruise was Infinity crossing April 25th Ontario Cruiser
  13. We also had a Choiceair Westjet non refundable. When Celebrity cancelled our April 25th cruise Celebrity gave us an open ticket which stays with Cruiseair not Westjet. They would not give me a refund. I have given up so I filed a dispute with my credit card OntarioCruiser Peterborough
  14. Good luck with refund for cruiseair with Celebrity if you live in Canada I got nowhere. They without telling us issue an open ticket. So I have put in a dispute with our credit card. OntarioCruiser
  15. I suggest that you read the cruiseline air comments. Scroll down to that section but need to go back to home page. OntarioCruiser
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