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  1. I am a TA and I loved the crossing April 2018 Ontario Cruiser
  2. Did the Seranade crossing last April. Great ship and Elite hours 5pm to 8pm nightly. OntarioCruiser
  3. Portside for daytime sun when westbound and starboard for eastbound Ontario Cruiser
  4. We were there on th Silhoutte two weeks ago. It was by far the best beach we have ever been on. Sat under the almond tree. Third time there and every year it gets better. Always raking and keeping it clean Ontario Cruiser
  5. I was on this cruise but didn't take any pictures so really enjoyed your review. I told the others who were with us to read this wonderful review. OntarioCruiser
  6. You seem to have a real chip on your shoulder. You don't understand why people have to share cabins. Lighten up Ontario Cruiser
  7. We have been to Vigie twice and going back next week. Very relaxing lots of shade. Rodney bay is crowded we used to there.Ontario Cruiser
  8. We go to Lobster Alive every year and will go back next week. It is a lot quieter there and you also get a drink coupon. OntarioCruiser
  9. The reason that I have a none lite in my cabin is that my husband is too sick to travel so my very good girlfriend is taking his place. Hopefully you are never in this situation. Ontario cruiser
  10. Same question I asked before.non elite that was booked in the same cabin were allowed drinks in the lounge. What happens now? Do they still have to get drinks there only Ontario Cruiser
  11. As unfortunately my husband had to cancel so my friend is taking his place in my cabin. Elite Plus Ontario Cruiser
  12. So how does it work for the non elite that was allowed to have drinks in the Captains Club lounge between 5 & 7pm? Ontario Cruiser,
  13. We booked outside cabin on the Summit for Jan 2020. Then cancelled the price is now over $1000cdn more. OntarioCruiser
  14. We have the same problem. My husband can't come on our March cruise. I have booked the Summit for January 2020 Our doctor is going to review our insurance questionnaire to see if he can do the January cruise. OntarioCruiser
  15. I did this at Xmas for us and our friends. Will do it again in March. Makes it easy to identify our cabins OntarioCruiser
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