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  1. Countries That Have Reopened For American Tourists Hope this helps🤗.
  2. The lowest point has to be when Orange Man accused NY nurses of stealing PPE to sell on the black market😔. That pretty much sums up how seriously he takes this pandemic. You know the phrase I am so sick of hearing😒: "What happened to personal responsibility?" It is constantly used as a justification for why people should be able to do whatever the hell they want consequences be damned😳. Talk about twisting words 😕.
  3. OK I see where you are coming from now. Maybe you are right about the broad stroke average but in my experience those national figures do not match on the ground reality because of the variability between businesses. Try arguing to a hotelier that caters to Germans that they have lost 10% of their business. They would think you are mad😜 whereas the cruise line that caters to 80% Americans would be thinking 10% I wish 🙄. These figures are great news bites but I think in the end they usually don't reflect reality. Let's wait and see what the reports are from European businesses as to how well tourism is doing😉.
  4. I'm confused😟 what would Carnival have been waiting for?
  5. I read an interview with Jamaica's minister of health and in February he wanted to implement a ban on anyone who had travelled to China and health screenings for everyone entering Jamaica. He said Carnival put a lot of pressure on him to exempt cruise ships from his protocols and that cruisers who had been to China should still be allowed in. From what I understand it didn't work and Jamaica eventually went ahead with their changes.
  6. Some things are only effective if people work together. There is such a thing as social responsibilty and being aware there are people in you community who are vulnerable so maybe we should look out for them instead of telling them too bad so sad I'll do whatever I want and you will just have to suck it up. When did kindness end😔?
  7. The Caribbean does get a lot of land visitors otherwise why would anyone invest so much in building resorts? I did read an article about how the Caribbean could reduce the cost of flights so if cruising did disappear I am sure they would do that. Before cruising existed they already had a tourism industry so I am sure they could adapt if cruising wasn't an option. People on the islands have been questioning the contribution of cruises to their economy so there seems to be enough people not benefiting that perhaps some sort of change is required. They are already saying they won't let cruises in till there has been some sort of renegotiation of contracts. There are way more Filipinos working on land in countries around the world who spend years never seeing their family. Cruises are the better job for sure since you only spend a few months from family and still get equivalent pay but if cruising stopped they will most likely move back to those on land jobs. It sucks but they would not be completely left with no option.
  8. When I visited French Polynesia we did one archipelago with a cruise and another island hoping and staying over night. I think there are pros and cons to both. It was much easier cruising from island to island and we visited more islands than we could have on our own but staying overnight did allow us to do things like attend heiva festival events that all ran when cruises had left. It also meant we could do excursions that took all day like in Tahiti crossing the mountain ranges. You also get to experience what the island is like when everyone isn't in cruise visit mode not to mention the night life. I don't think one should assume islands are better by cruise I would consider it IMO a different experience, not better or worst just different🤗.
  9. Everything eventually get replaced. If they didn't we would still be using horse and carriage, communicating by telegram and computers would be people. I don't think cruising will die but if it changes it changes. Philippines has endured much change they are more adaptable than you think and the Caribbeans have already been looking at being less dependent on the cruising economy, this might accelerate that movement. Change is scary and there are people who lose out and others who will win from this. That is just life 💁. I think you misread, the poster is talking about those who work in and around the industry not those who take holidays😉
  10. For those that fine the 49 page document a bit daunting this video is a pretty good summary of the main points: 7 GUIDELINES FOR CRUISING To Resume
  11. Sorry I just don't understand what you are trying to say. For one thing 10% of people doesn't equate to 10% spending. Some will go luxury and some will go bargain basement. So I can't see how all businesses will lose 10% when there is so much variability in patronage and spending amounts. Again I am a bit lost at what you are trying to say. Businesses go under all the time you can't protect them from everything. My point has always been that the majority of European businesses will survive without American tourists because most of European tourism is not dependant on Americans. Cruise lines that cater to mostly Americans might not make it but they are a tiny portion of the European travel industry, it is not going to bring about the collapse of the entire European travel industry. Things will adapt, things will be replaced and life moves on🤗.
  12. But that is assuming even distribution. The Americans that visit Europe are not going to patronise every business in Europe. The times I have driven around Europe it is obvious that tourism in certain places do not cater to any English speakers at all. Clearly Americans is less than 10% of their business so they will not even notice the lack of Americans in their countries. There was an article on this site about European river cruises. Yes there are some cruise companies who have up to a whopping 80% American customer demographic so it will hurt them badly but a significant number of European river cruise lines have very few American passengers so it will hardly effect them. Just because it is 10% country wide doesn't mean it is 10% for every business.
  13. It seems Caribbean Islands are looking to renegotiate their contracts. So who knows how long that will take: Cruise ships and coronavirus (COVID-19)
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