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  1. Unfortunately ship lights can obscure a lot of bioluminescence but also your eyes need to adjust to be able to see bioluminescence and again the ship lights stop this from happening. Unless you get lucky and hit a big mass of Noctiluca Scintillans chances are you won't be able to spot much from the ship, not to mention most bioluminescenent creatures live deep in the ocean and rarely come to the surface.
  2. I have seen people lock their carry on, it is not that unusual. But you have to have the right bag that can be locked in the first place. I keep my carry on under my seat because I constantly need access to it so it became too much of a hassle to keep it in the overhead lockers.
  3. They will do what all loyalty programs do and make it more difficult to achieve whatever rewards in the program. That will lower the numbers.
  4. Someone once told me they put a sticker on the windshield to remind them which side of the road to drive on. I personally use the rule of the driver should be sitting close to the middle of the road though driving in St Thomas that rule went out the window😆.
  5. When I was newbie at travelling my painkillers went missing on SYD - LAX flight. Silly me putting them in my check in😜.
  6. Oops😯. It seems I misunderstood what you and Lenny were discussing. I went back through the posts, read the article I see now what you were disputing. Sorry about that. From what I read I would agree with your interpretation. In the Kennedy case it seems to me "mafia" was used in a the way we would use the word "clique" today. Though a part of me wonders if using the term "mafia" wasn't a strategic move by the media to sensationalise and perhaps stoke a bit of fear that the Catholics were taking over🤔.
  7. I wouldn't get too hung up on the word Mafia. It is just a generalised term for organised crime of Italian origin. Even in Italy they don't refer to themselves as mafia but names like 'Ndrangheta or Cosa Nostra. At the end of the day whether it is triad, yakuza, cartel, mob or gangs they all have similar internal structures (economic and social) and mirror each other in behaviour. Whatever their label it doesn't make the bad things they do any less real.
  8. What exactly happened on December 2015? Did the cruise lines make a group announcement?
  9. Upper class French in the 18th century. The Croatians invented the cravat and when it arrived in France someone lost to history twisted it into a bow and the French went crazy for it😜. Black tie you have your own country to blame for that. Though ironically when it appeared in 1885 it was designed as informal wear. That transformation to formal wear came after WWII. The history of fashion is really fascinating🤗.
  10. Sarajevo is amazing and it is not even that far from Mostar. I can't believe how many people skip it. The country of Georgia is one I have yet to tick off on my bucket list. I personally enjoy talking to people about their travel experiences especially if they have done things I haven't. It is great to hear how other people view the world. If someone told me they cruised a lot I wouldn't think they were boasting I would be thinking, great someone with a lot of experience perhaps I can get some tips🤗.
  11. I did noticed that whenever I sat at a table with people from English speaking countries asking what you do for a living was one of the questions asked but when sitting with people of non English speaking backgrounds it was never brought up. To be honest it is not something I desire to know even after I have been asked the question. I always assume people on holiday don't want to think about work😜.
  12. Expertise probably helps, but also to be fair only about 5% of snails are suppose to be infected. They get infected if they eat rat faeces that also has been infected with the parasitic larvae. Personally I think I will stick to the farmed stuff.
  13. I suspect meth dealers would be constantly asked "so is your job just like Breaking Bad?"
  14. I agree all Italians shouldn't be judged by a few bad apples but the word Mafia is not a fictionalized term: Etymology of Mafia
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