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  1. I have used quite a few trackers and I think the biggest issue is none of them will tell you where you are in the ship only what your position is in the sea. If there are ships that do 3D tracking it is probably because they have sensors around the ship that would be trading information to what ever wearable device the passengers have. This technology would be specific to the ship only and not interchangeable.
  2. That is an in interesting question. If they were on a private tour not sold through the cruise line would the cruise line have stayed as long as they did? Do they give much support to people who are injured on non cruise sponsored excursions? It seems some cruise lines are removing volcano tours from their lists and yet people say they will book a private tour regardless. What would happen in those cases if the volcano erupts?
  3. Bedlam at Whakatāne Hospital as worker describes eruption aftermath An article about the aftermath and the amazing efforts of the medical staff, they really deserve to be commended🏆
  4. I saw on another thread someone wrote that when on a cruise ship they feel like everything is extra safe even on excursions. So it doesn't surprise me that cruises get blamed when things go wrong even when it is clearly out of their control. When I was on an expedition cruise there was one excursion that was a difficult hike and on the orientation day they said if you want to sign up for the hike understand that it is very physically demanding, you are in the middle of nowhere with limited medical facilities and there is only so much the cruise could do for you if something went wrong. They really went out of their way to burst our safety bubble. I know people think it sounds like common sense and you should know it is dangerous but when people are in the euphoria of that safety bubble people's common sense tends to get lost in the haze. Maybe there is something to be said of cruises emphasising the danger of the more riskier excursions.
  5. The second link the thread is closed but the first link the thread is still open and you can get updates on the situation.
  6. White Island Erupts Ovation of the Seas Pax Possibly Injured in Volcanic Eruption These threads are already discussing the topic if you want to know more about the eruption.
  7. If you choose to visit an active volcano or even just the area an active volcano is in you are taking on the risk of being involved in an eruption. You can only make these tours so safe in the end you are in the hands of mother nature.
  8. Perhaps it would be better if cruise ships weren't built so big in the first place, then you wouldn't need special dedicated ports for them. Around the world it might create less conflict with local communities who seem to specifically object to these mega structures.
  9. If he is afraid of water has he thought of doing some phobia therapy? Might at least reduce his fear.
  10. 4 miles is not that much distance and doable by bike but what if you lived 12 miles? 30 miles? 60 miles? In a lot of rural areas not having a car means you can't go to the shops let alone make a regular transit to work. When finances get tough they are more likely to drop car registrations and insurances in favour of food on the table and petrol in the tank. A car may seem like a luxury to people who live in the city but for some people it is a lifeline.
  11. It would be a miracle if anyone who was stuck on the island survived. The toxic fumes from the eruption would asphyxiate you pretty quickly though I heard some tour groups did have gas masks on the other hand I don't know if anyone has tested them for a full blown eruption event.
  12. Have you tried calling them? I did this once for a company that kept sending obscene amounts of spam and it worked for me. As for the dead trees I would hope they were using recycled paper especially if everyone is chucking their brochures into the recycling bins they could just keep churning out new brochures from the old ones again and again😜.
  13. I think it is a little harsh to assume they are all deadbeats. There are plenty of people who live pay check to pay check and a lot of places have terrible public transport so without a car you can't get to work. Putting up the fines means those who can afford it will just pay their way out while those already on the edge will be pushed further into destitution.
  14. The cruises I have taken there were no extras I had to purchase and none of the optional extras have been of interest to me (usually the only options are souvenirs and spa treatments). My question is really out of curiosity because I noticed a lot of comments on threads about getting great deals with OBC so it makes me wonder what people are spending on board that makes OBC such a desired perk.
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