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  1. Dang this was going to be one of my photos I had planned to post😂 Sandstone Caves Pilligia National Park
  2. Got it in one 😁. If I was on the computer I'd post some gratuitous shots of the gorgeous interiors so this one will have to do:
  3. Name this building: And here is the ceiling it is famous for:
  4. I was thinking it looked familiar, like an itch on the brain😉. No market when we visited but still a nice place.
  5. Is looks a little like the southern Spanish coastline is that the right area?
  6. It will be great for the cruise line but imagine after awhile locals might get a little annoyed because only those with ship contracts will be making money off cruise passengers while everyone will miss out 😳. I can't see this being sustainable in the long term🤔.
  7. We have a winner! Though your guess of Dziani Dzaha has given me a new place to add to the must visit list 😉. Rano Kau is right next to the village of Orongo where they use to do the Birdman festival. Absolutely stunning views. We spent a week on Rappa Nui it is one my favourite places🤗.
  8. There is some amazing street art in the Melbourne Laneways, though there are some that make you go really is that art😳? Art is really in the eye of the beholder and I guess the dealers who put a monetary value on it😜
  9. That is a beautifully photographed picture. It is practically glowing🤗 My guess Hosier Lane?
  10. It is the second time the @d9704011has done this that was why I was thinking perhaps they don't know they are meant to post a photo 🤔 Anyway would someone like to volunteer a photo🤗?
  11. @d9704011 I'm not sure if you are clear on the rules but once you correctly guess a photo you are meant to post a photo for us to guess.
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