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  1. From what I have read and heard the whole concept of Freedom day is considered a little deluded by many health experts. The reality is some practices should be kept, some places and circumstances we probably should be always wearing masks, some places should have their maximum capacities reduced. On top of that we need to rethink ventilation and how buildings are built in terms of crowd movement. Freedom day is kind of like pretending covid didn't happen and trying to go back to the past when really we should be thinking how do we live in a world where covid exists.
  2. The lush and green is only during the monsoon season during July, August and a bit into September and then it turns back into desert. If the rains don't come or not enough you don't get the lakes, waterfalls and greenery. Like the Aurora Borealis you need a bit of luck to see the pop up rainforest phenomenon😂 so I may end up with the same view as you, not that would be totally bad for me. Dhofar Mountains is still pretty spectacular looking and being the most ecologically diverse place on the Arabian Peninsula makes it still interesting🤗.
  3. I don't see the advantage of going out of your way to clean your clothes before you get home. The time and effort to clean your clothes if you do it in Miami vs home isn't going to change and if you have to pay for the laundromat then on top of not saving time and effort you're spending more money. Logistically it doesn't make sense. If you are doing it because psychological it makes you feel good to travel home with a suitcase of clean clothes, then the intangible value that gives you would make it worth the effort. For me I don't get joy out going home with clean clothes so it isn't really something I would do unless there were exceptional circumstances.
  4. If I am understanding correctly I think you are trying to say you didn't like Oman? For me personally I have a fascination with the Dhofar Mountains and it is kind of my bucket list experience to visit during its famous Salalah Monsoon season. I find the whole pop up rainforest thing so intriguing.
  5. Next time I go to Europe I am hoping to stop in Oman so I guess I'll see how much truth was in those travelogues. I especially want to visit Salalah, it is supposed to be lush and green though with my luck of weather it will probably be the one year it doesn't rain😂.
  6. Oh well that makes more sense now. I never been to Oman so I didn't make the connection but I suppose if they are anything like the UAE bright colours would be unusual around a mosque, though on the street I always thought Oman was more liberal about colours than their neighbours? At least that is how they present in the documentaries😂.
  7. They are trialling a vaccine passport in NSW: NSW to begin vaccination passport trial It will be interesting to see how the technology goes, though they will still have to integrate into a national system and then somehow make it compatible internationally. I forsee many problems😂.
  8. I have never seen a Barbie Doll dressed like that woman. Usually they're less covered up😂 unless it's a ball gown Barbie which if that was what the pictured woman was wearing I would consider over the top. Perhaps our market has different Barbie varieties to yours probably why the reference went over my head. Still I can't say that pictured outfit looks extravagant to me🤔. In my world it looks pretty mundane, different strokes for different folks I guess.
  9. I reckon I'm pretty boring compared to everyone else. I don't have a life anywhere near as memorable as the stories I've heard😂.
  10. Not offended but confused😳. Why is her dress considered "overboard"? Is this a reference to something I'm missing?
  11. I suppose bubble excursions if I wasn't doing an all inclusive cruise. If I am paying extra for something I would like to have choices. The rest for me are minor inconveniences compared to the joy I get from my travels.
  12. This explains it better than I can: Where does water come from?
  13. It is a rather infamous pie shop😆: Mrs. Lovett
  14. So true😂. Technically all water on Earth is recycled. So really the only time water was as close to "pristine" as you could get was about 4 billion year ago🤪.
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