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  1. They don't. Some people have two passports just so they can visit a country they know another country they also want to visit will deny them entry for visiting the first country. The fact is countries don't tend to give access to each others database, so even on one passport it is difficult to track people's travel. It is one of the reasons countries ask their traveling citizens to register their trip plan in case of things like war breaking out or natural disasters. If they could easily track you, you wouldn't need to register in the first place😜. Add in a second passport and you may as well be undercover😂.
  2. Actually there is no world wide database but countries can have agreements to access each other's databases and even those agreements don't always mean full access. Though you would think during an international health crisis countries would be giving each other more access to each other's databases or at least have a program that would flag China in the recent travel history.
  3. On another forum someone said no food was given to stop passengers taking off their masks. I can't find a detailed account of what it was like on the flight so I don't know if it is true but if it is that would be pretty extreme as a flight from Tokyo to America is not that short😱.
  4. Here are some good pictures of the aircraft: Passengers disembark from coronavirus-quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship There is a picture of the outside of the plane and it seems to me to be no windows.
  5. I spent a week on Easter Island, wonderful place☺️ Anyone who can get there it is totally worth it👍.
  6. To me they look like lights not windows. Corn itself is high in sugar so I would assume that would transfer into the cornflakes unless the processing removes some of the sugar🤔.
  7. It is already happening. Chinese and people who look Chinese have reported being harrassed, if not wearing masks they get reproached in public, asked to leave business premises and on the extreme side even one landlord because he found out his tenant had visited Malaysia (at the time there had only been 5 confirmed cases) changed the locks so she couldn't enter the property😱.
  8. The RFID chips are suppose to hold travel information, perhaps during a worldwide health crisis countries should give access to that information so we can see people's travel history.
  9. Someone on another thread said it was a modified cargo plane. Looking at the picture perhaps they are right.
  10. Especially under the current circumstances. We were actually thinking about a cruise around Japan but after considering the destinations we wanted to visit we decided a cruise wouldn't work out. Looking at how things have turned out it seems it was a pretty lucky choice😜.
  11. I always have a memory card full of podcasts and TV shows I have been meaning to catch up on in case of delays at airports. I would hope that would be enough material for a 14 confinement🙄.
  12. The reality is the cruise industry has gotten huge and the bigger things get the more problems become visible or exacerbated. Just look at MacDonalds, Coca Cola or IKEA. All these big name brands constantly get bad press but if you think about the bigger the company the bigger the impact they have and if their impact is negative then alot more people are affected than if they were a small company or industry. If you want to be big you just have to get use to being noticed😉.
  13. They are usually considered ethnic groups not race but at the end of the day the whole thing is just made up so I wouldn't get to hung up on the wording😆. There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label Can we stop trying to compare COVID-19 to the flu😩 Coronavirus Is Bad. Comparing It to the Flu Is Worse Chinese people are getting harassed, verbally abused and asked to kindly leave the premises because of people believing they are all carriers of disease and are scared of them. When major cruise lines are putting blanket bans on people holding Chinese passports you are just adding fuel to the flames. If there is someone in the Chinese expat community who has the virus they will infect everyone they come into contact with even those not from China so a Chinese person is no more likley to be in danger of infection than the locals that infected person would probably be working and socialising with. The ban is fuelled by fear and anything that is fuelled by fear in my experience is illogical, ineffective and more often than not there is an underlying predjudice.
  14. I don't have any cruises booked but I do have a DIY land trip to both Japan and Taiwan next month😆. We only have flights and accommodations booked, so if we did cancel it wouldn't be a huge loss. Since it is DIY we decided to go anyway. Neither country has a large infection number and if things really did get worst we can easily cut our trip short without losing too much. We got our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.
  15. I think people just want to minimise their chance of getting sick. Even the evacuation flights passengers and crew were given face masks so they cannot be completely useless.
  16. Surgical masks are apparently meant to be changed every two hours, that is what they did on the evacuation flights from Wuhan. The only really effective mask is an N95 mask that is fitted properly.
  17. I was referring to after ship quarantine was over, so on land.
  18. What about the non US passengers? Are their countries planning to also quarantine them for another 14 days?
  19. I have to admit reading that sentance it sounds a bit OTT. You sure your brother is that offensive that he could say something that would land him in jail😳? Even in some of the more conservative countries it would take a real ranting tirade before they put you in jail. If he is really that loose that he would for exapmle rant about how much he dislikes the King of Thailand in the streets of Bangkok then maybe you might need to sit him down for some cultural awareness training before you start your cruise.
  20. People over 80 tend to have more medical complications perhaps they think the effects of confinement are too much from them. Also I suspect there isn't too many people over 80 so maybe they see it has a manageable amount to get off the ship.
  21. In Japan you can start receiving the pension at 65 so I would assume they consider that and above to be elderly
  22. I have no doubt they traded something with Cambodia. Unfortunately they are a government that is easily bought but the reality is Carnival had to do something they can't float around forever😆.
  23. So if you don't lose a roof it is not considered a flood? Why are insurance companies allowed to change the definitions of words in the English language😕?
  24. Actually China was officially aware beginning of December, they reported to WHO end of Decemeber. Any company conducting business in the region especially one prone to infectious diseases should be monitering local news. When WHO declared PHEIC they made it clear in their statement The Committee does not recommend any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available. The cruise line's decision to ban passengers who had layovered in HK was their on own choice not enforced by anyone nor recommended by any organisation expect their internal assesers. Therefore they could have given warnings to passengers of upcoming cruises that they were considering this restrictions and passengers could have made choices to amend their flights based on these warning. There was no reason to give passengers less than 24hrs warning before boarding cruise. Statement on the second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
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