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  1. I think it is important to remember that tourists can't change governments. Not visiting is not going make the CCP re-evaluate their governance. If you want to do something positive make connections with locals, have conversations so you both see the people behind your respective government images. I remember a Joanna Lummley documentary where she was travelling in a politically divisive country and she said the people are lovely it is the governments that are crap.
  2. Chinese tourists statistically are huge spenders when overseas so I can understand why Greece would put them on the list. In terms of risk I would say China is probably being honest about their numbers. Once the cat was out of the bag there was little point in lying and it was in their best interest to be honest as their experts were consulting with overseas experts so accurate data was imperative by that stage and in many ways still is to help them control any future outbreaks.
  3. Someone posted that RCL plans on dumping their smaller ships and concentrating on their bigger ships. I haven't checked if this is true or not. However in the aviation industry airlines are dumping their super jumbos and cancelling orders for them even if it means forfeiting their deposit. They don't seem very hopeful they will fill their planes so it makes you wonder can cruise lines fill their ships🤔.
  4. It seems Greece wants to bubble with Australia: Greece opens Covid-safe 'travel bubble' to Australia
  5. Not all change is bad though. On another thread someone made an interesting point about whether we want the tourist industry as a whole to return to what it was just before the pandemic. There was a lot of problems with the travel industry and where it was heading. This pause in travel could be a good opportunity to re evaluate the way the industry has been run and if there are better ways to doing things.
  6. At some point I'll get sick': 4 coronavirus doctors expose the overwhelmed U.S. healthcare system through daily diaries I feel defeated’: inside New Jersey hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 The only reason the curve is flattening is because of the lock downs. Unless your country is like South Korea it is really the only option for developed nations. As Sweden is demonstrating not locking down will not save your economy. The economy was always going to fall apart no matter what, the least we can do is save lives where we can and prevent the long term complications resulting from COVID19 that will further bog down our health care systems.
  7. So all the medical workers who said their hospitals can't cope and that they were breaking down form exhaustion and have to decide who gets a ventilator and who they will let die was that just them being whiny whingers?
  8. CovidSAFE Marshalls to instruct patrons not to move between areas😳. Sound like a mini lock down in the clubs😂
  9. It is not just airfare, but travelling around Australia and NZ is not cheap. It will probably reduce the number of visitors to our countries. I have never been particularly interested in war films or shows (I had my fill of it in high school😆) though ANZAC Girls was very interesting as I had never heard of the experiences of the medical workers. I second the Water Diviner, it is really about post WW1 but again I found that interesting as it was about things I had not been taught at school. I haven't watched many Canadian shows but Orphan Black is one of my all time favourite shows🤗.
  10. Apart from Qatar Airlines they all to some extent are reducing capacity. I do not know where they are getting their data from though I suspect they are worried people won't be able to afford to travel and Australia and NZ are pretty expensive destinations, probably not high on the list of hoilday destinations for those with reduced discretionary funds. I noticed a lot of the dramas you list are historical, Australia does a lot more contemporary dramas (our budgets are nowhere as generous as that neighbour of yours😜). Are they the selection available to you or is it a preference for you?
  11. Oh we have had some stinkers that shall not be named😜. You seem to like your mystery shows, have you seen Mystery Road? It is a hard boiled crime show with two telemovies and two series. You should also check out the NZ series Brokenwood Mysteries very light Agatha Christie style crime show.
  12. They are not the only airline that is looking to drop long haul routes. I think they worry there will not be enough customers to cover the costs of running those routes.
  13. Here are some other cruise lines that have made decisions: What New Health Protocols Are Cruise Lines Introducing?
  14. COVID19 has revealed some surprises for me. A premium airline I booked with turned out to be a disaster at handling a crisis whereas a cheap bargain airline was really swift and generous. There are travel agents that have really disheartened me and others that have been really accommodating. There is a cruise line who I thought would be nice turned out to be nasty and other cruiselines that surprised me with their forward thinking. Sometimes it takes a crisis for companies to show their true colours😆
  15. Our local RSL had a very popular buffet with really good food and now they have announced they are turning it into a bistro😕.
  16. Flights I have doubt will be back before cruising but chances are there will be less of them. I have been reading of airlines that are scraping or cancelling orders for those super jumbos, so it seems they are anticipating a reduction in customers. You also have to wonder if getting to certain places won't become more complicated. Air NZ said they don't know if they will resume long haul flights. If no one picks up the routes it will be a lot more connections to get to NZ. If I were you I would plan out a driving itinerary in case flights do resume so you'll be ready to go🤗. While my plan for next year was a Greece trip I have myself a rough itinerary of a NZ trip in case it does turn out to be the only international destination open to me. I have always wanted to visit NZ but thought of it as a later in life trip since it is so close to us. I think for the next few years in travel flexibility will be important.
  17. I heard on the news the town has a lot of FIFO workers and they were allowed to travel during lock down because their work was classified as essential🙄.
  18. You can add this article of announcements to the list What New Health Protocols Are Cruise Lines Introducing? Looks like buffets are becoming a fast casualty.
  19. Interesting CC article about annouced COVID19 related changes : What New Health Protocols Are Cruise Lines Introducing?
  20. It would seem a lot of River Cruises are now ditching buffets: River Cruise Lines Start Outlining Onboard Health and Safety Changes
  21. I wonder what will cruise ships do to passengers who refuse to follow the regulations? Can they be kicked off the ship? Will they confine them to their cabin🤔?
  22. It seems Australians are already planning their domestic trips😀 Most popular holiday destinations for Australians during coronavirus outbreak revealed
  23. Not just cruising but travel in general. Apart from medical the last thing you want is for your destination to go into lock down. The bills add up and those charter flights can be expensive😱.
  24. The reality is the world cannot stay in a state of quarantine for ever. Unless we get a lucky breakthrough an effective vaccine is a long way off. We will just have to live with threat of COVID19 the way our ancestors lived with small pox and the bubonic plague. Whether you feel save to go on a cruise that is up to you. There is no point going on holidays that make you anxious 😉. I myself will wait to see how things go in the industry before making any decisions. I am an expedition cruiser which having less passengers would decrease the chance of COVID19 on the other hand being in the middle of nowhere is not the best place if there is an outbreak😕.
  25. I visited that lighthouse a few years back, because the weather was so bad and the viewing platform closed they let us climb for free. They had a good museum inside and an interesting fact that stuck with me was that originally instead of stairs they had a spiral ramp. As someone who prefers ramps to stairs I wish they had retained that 😉.
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