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  1. 1 hour ago, fragilek said:

    sorry I  wasn't  clear I meant how do countries keep track of where you have been if you have 2 passports on the go


    They don't. Some people have two passports just so they can visit a country they know another country they also want to visit will deny them entry for visiting the first country. The fact is countries don't tend to give access to each others database, so even on one passport it is difficult to track people's travel. It is one of the reasons countries ask their traveling citizens to register their trip plan in case of things like war breaking out or natural disasters. If they could easily track you, you wouldn't need to register in the first place😜. Add in a second passport and you may as well be undercover😂.

  2. 5 hours ago, OzKiwiJJ said:

    The passport number would provide electronic access to worldwide databases which would contain details of all travel on that passport.


    Actually there is no world wide database but countries can have agreements to access each other's databases and even those agreements don't always mean full access. Though you would think during an international health crisis countries would be giving each other more access to each other's databases or at least have a program that would flag China in the recent travel history. 

  3. 17 minutes ago, NSWP said:

    Correct, cargo plane no windows - Boeing 747, retro fitted with seats and isolation cabin.  No peanuts and champers or hot towels on take off.   More like a made in the USA Peanut butter and Jelly sambo and a bottle of coke.


    On another forum someone said no food was given to stop passengers taking off their masks. I can't find a detailed account of what it was like on the flight so I don't know if it is true but if it is that would be pretty extreme as a flight from Tokyo to America is not that short😱.

  4. 5 hours ago, The_Big_M said:

    Look on the right side especially. You can see they're flush with the aircraft skin i.e. windows, not lights on the surface.


    Here are some good pictures of the aircraft:

    Passengers disembark from coronavirus-quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship


    There is a picture of the outside of the plane and it seems to me to be no windows. 

  5. 9 hours ago, The_Big_M said:


    Cargo planes don't normally have windows, as not required. They're also not painted on the inside as the cargo doesn't care (and as a result are a bit more beaten about). 


    To me they look like lights not windows.


    7 hours ago, OzKiwiJJ said:

    They have the least amount of sugar of any cereals, if any. 


    Corn itself is high in sugar so I would assume that would transfer into the cornflakes unless the processing removes some of the sugar🤔.

  6. 3 hours ago, That sinking feeling said:

    If governments or powerful organisations allow opinions to be out there about certain people of certain genders or colour of skins, then you know the less educated use this to show their own true colours.


    It is already happening. Chinese and people who look Chinese have reported being harrassed, if not wearing masks they get reproached in public, asked to leave business premises and on the extreme side even one landlord because he found out his tenant had visited Malaysia (at the time there had only been 5 confirmed cases) changed the locks so she couldn't enter the property😱.

  7. 3 hours ago, MMDown Under said:

    There are advantages to DIY land travel.  I hope you have a great trip next month.  


    Especially under the current circumstances. We were actually thinking about a cruise around Japan but after considering the destinations we wanted to visit we decided a cruise wouldn't work out. Looking at how things have turned out it seems it was a pretty lucky choice😜.

  8. The reality is the cruise industry has gotten huge and the bigger things get the more problems become visible or exacerbated. Just look at MacDonalds, Coca Cola or IKEA. All these big name brands constantly get bad press but if you think about the bigger the company the bigger the impact they have and if their impact is negative then alot more people are affected than if they were a small company or industry. If you want to be big you just have to get use to being noticed😉.

  9. 16 hours ago, clo said:

    As I commented earlier Chinese isn't a race. There are lots of races in China.


    They are usually considered ethnic groups not race but at the end of the day the whole thing is just made up so I wouldn't get to hung up on the wording😆.

    There’s No Scientific Basis for Race—It's a Made-Up Label


    16 hours ago, evandbob said:

    But it is an overreaction......flu has killed way more than corona virus in the last 4 months, by a huge amount.

    Can we stop trying to compare COVID-19 to the flu😩

    Coronavirus Is Bad. Comparing It to the Flu Is Worse


    Chinese people are getting harassed, verbally abused and asked to kindly leave the premises because of people believing they are all carriers of disease and are scared of them. When major cruise lines are putting blanket bans on people holding Chinese passports you are just adding fuel to the flames. If there is someone in the Chinese expat community who has the virus they will infect everyone they come into contact with even those not from China so a Chinese person is no more likley to be in danger of infection than the locals that infected person would probably be working and socialising with. The ban is fuelled by fear and anything that is fuelled by fear in my experience is illogical, ineffective and more often than not there is an underlying predjudice.


  10. I don't have any cruises booked but I do have a DIY land trip to both Japan and Taiwan next month😆. We only have flights and accommodations booked, so if we did cancel it wouldn't be a huge loss. Since it is DIY we decided to go anyway. Neither country has a large infection number and if things really did get worst we can easily cut our trip short without losing too much. We got our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  11. 11 minutes ago, dragonlord24601 said:

    I would suggest ear plugs and a pair of swimming goggles as well. Any microparticles from the virus can land in your eyes and enter your immune system that way. The facemasks are useless however they will protect you if you are wearing goggles, ear plugs and have bandaged any cuts or grazes on your skin.


    I think people just want to minimise their chance of getting sick. Even the evacuation flights passengers and crew were given face masks so they cannot be completely useless.

  12. 4 hours ago, SunNFunCruzer said:

    I am not sure how effective using the same mask over and over could be.  We also don't know where these new infections were living (with, or next to, someone previously infected).


    Surgical masks are apparently meant to be changed every two hours, that is what they did on the evacuation flights from Wuhan. The only really effective mask is an N95 mask that is fitted properly.

  13. 4 hours ago, Cruisingformetime said:

    the idea that he isn't always going to be free to say anything he wants wherever he goes is quite simply foreign to him. The idea that doing so could land him in jail is not within his realm of understanding.


    I have to admit reading that sentance it sounds a bit OTT. You sure your brother is that offensive that he could say something that would land him in jail😳? Even in some of the more conservative countries it would take a real ranting tirade before they put you in jail. If he is really that loose that he would for exapmle rant about how much he dislikes the King of Thailand in the streets of Bangkok then maybe you might need to sit him down for some cultural awareness training before you start your cruise.

  14. 11 minutes ago, LizNeedsAVacation said:

    MAtthew Smith (was that the name?) — the twitter account posted a bit further up this thread— posted on Twitter (saw it after I wrote my comment) that the captain said anyone over 80 is being tested and if they negative they will be given the choice to move to land. There were some other limitations but 80 was the age he said.


    Does make me wonder if a move at this point to allow them to come on land is a sign it will be extended or a sign that they are realizing the need to change course to determine if it is actually still spreading or not.

    And they were told about the 44 new cases  as well.


    People over 80 tend to have more medical complications perhaps they think the effects of confinement are too much from them. Also I suspect there isn't too many people over 80 so maybe they see it has a manageable amount to get off the ship.

  15. 17 minutes ago, LizNeedsAVacation said:

    I wonder what will be officially “elderly” for this. I’m guessing 75. @yardley_wong on Twitter appears to be in an inside cabin (or maybe 2 adjoining) with her husband, 6 year old and another son. Her parents are in a different cabin and she mentioned today that her dad was tested because of a mandate to test people over 75.


    In Japan you can start receiving the pension at 65 so I would assume they consider that and above to be elderly

  16. 5 minutes ago, ducklite said:

    Do you mean roof is gone and house is also flooded?  At that point it's probably a total loss and the HOI would pay out the claim per the policy.  You wouldn't be able to double dip.  The HOI might subrogate some from the flood policy, but that would be up to them and you probably wouldn't even be privy to it.


    So if you don't lose a roof it is not considered a flood? Why are insurance companies allowed to change the definitions of words in the English language😕?

  17. 2 hours ago, mayleeman said:



    Been following along closely paying lots of attentil to the real dates, have you? The OP is the only person asserting that "Celebrity have known about the epidemic for months". As of the time the OP wrote it, even the Chinese had been aware of it for barely more than one month. As of Jan 6 there were only 60 suspected cases.


    Please read this timeline to see how the rapid spread of this virus has taken everybody by surprise, and take a close look at the travel restriction changes in the single week before the OP's silly claim that Celebrity should have known immediately what to do. If they were that good at prognosticating, they would not be running a cruiseline. Profit margins are much higher in stock markets if you can tell the future.




    Actually China was officially aware beginning of December, they reported to WHO end of Decemeber. Any company conducting business in the region especially one prone to infectious diseases should be monitering local news. When WHO declared PHEIC they made it clear in their statement The Committee does not recommend any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available.


    The cruise line's decision to ban passengers who had layovered in HK was their on own choice not enforced by anyone nor recommended by any organisation expect their internal assesers. Therefore they could have given warnings to passengers of upcoming cruises that they were considering this restrictions and passengers could have made choices to amend their flights based on these warning. There was no reason to give passengers less than 24hrs warning before boarding cruise.


    Statement on the second meeting of the International Health Regulations (2005) Emergency Committee regarding the outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

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