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  1. 15 hours ago, babs135 said:

    Would this impact on the overall atmosphere and buzz of cruising?  


    I like small ships with a preference towards expedition style cruises and these cruises don't usually "buzz". For me I enjoy the serenity of being away from the buzz of my usual life. Maybe on a large ship where you have arcades and amusement parks having less people would feel a little ghostly since I would assume you would notice less people going down the water slides or climbing the climbing wall. On the other hand not having to wait as long in line for these amusement facilities would probably make passengers quite happy enough to trade that buzzing atmosphere for😆

  2. 7 hours ago, clo said:

    I mentioned somewhere that I've been in two grocery stores in Seattle this week that had one way aisles and it was no problem at all. Seems doable for some of us.


    Ikea has always had the one way walk around their shop. So it is not exactly a new idea and you always hear of people complaining of groups of people crowding the hallways in cruise ships, maybe the one way walking track will encourage them to move along🤔.

  3. 2 hours ago, Markanddonna said:

    An interesting article I read today. This cruise has  passengers, no pool, no spa, no fitness center open. They have to wear masks at times. But, at least it is a first step for those who really want to cruise. 




    I wonder what the passengers thought of the cruise? Has it put them off or was it better than expected🤔?

  4. 11 hours ago, chipmaster said:

    You are confusing social norms like dress and behavior versus something that requires significant new business, space, living models.  


    Not really, changes in people's behaviour influence business and living models. Look at newspapers, people started reading everything online and newspapaers and magazines have been disappearing in favour of news websites which in turn changed the whole landscape of journalism and how they work. Facebook has already announced that they will make more of their jobs work from home positions and if more businesses start to think that way then cities will be forced to change, power grids will have to be upgraded to support the new load of servers, there will have to rethinks in how electricity is charged to make work from home affordable and in turn new residential properties will have to be built with office space in mind. If no one was willing to make significant changes to business space and living models we would still be in cities with no electricity or running water😜.

  5. 26 minutes ago, navybankerteacher said:

    Who’s to say that?


    Perhaps anyone who knows that there is only so much space in most communities - and certainly on public conveyances such as planes, trains, busses and even cruise ships - which can make it close to impossible for any effective social distancing to be normalized.  


    Well that is easily fixed by reducing the need for all that transport😜. There are lot of businesses that want to make work from home permanent and with video conferencing it further reduces the need for transport. Obviously not every job can be done from home but if a large enough chunk of the work force no longer need to travel you are not going to have as many crowds on public transport. The world changes whether you like it or not. Maybe cruising will have to restructure and become more expensive who really knows what the long term impacts on society will be. My mum hates how much we are trending towards a cashless society but there is nothing she can do but adapt (tap and go has helped her with adapting). Sometimes we have to lose the things we love or grown accustomed to on the other hand some changes can lead to great improvements🤗

  6. In Japan there are restaurants where you put money in a machine pick the meals you want after which you get a ticket and they call your number and you collect your food. One Okinawa restaurant had a really modern take on this by giving each table a computer tablet where you would choose all your food press order and then it was just delivered to your table. 

  7. 6 hours ago, mnocket said:

    My point is simply that if you're counting on the young and healthy to abstain from returning to "normal" behavior in order to protect the elderly and compromised, your are likely to be disappointed.  The smart bet is to take personal responsibility for your own protection.


    Maybe I am more of an optimist but I think young people are far more social aware than you give them credit for. And besides what exactly is "normal behaviour"? If you think about it what is consider "normal" has always been changing. Once upon a time men wore high heels not women, pink was for boys blue was for girls, in America tipping was seen as unpatriotic now not tipping is seen as unacceptable, ordering take out use to be a reserved for certain meals now people do it for nearly all their regular meals, in South Korea you would never eat alone and now they connect through video chat. People adapt and change all the time so whose to say social distancing can't be normalised? 

  8. 5 hours ago, mnocket said:

    However, I can understand the young and healthy, who are not at substantial risk from COVID, 


    We don't know if it isn't effecting the young. A few months ago everyone believed children had no risk from the illness and now medical professionals are thinking this new kawasaki like disease could be a result from COVID19 infection. Also they are seeing former COVID19 patients being diagnosed with heart disease and kidney diseases. There is so much unknown about the long term effects of this disease so to say young people will be fine is premature. 

  9. 2 hours ago, bosslaydee said:

    I guess that depends on how your body handles respiratory focused viruses.


    The data is now showing that COVID19 maybe more of a vascular disease than respiratory. There has been a four fold increase in heart attacks in COVID19 hotspots, people who had COVID19 are now being diagnosed with heart disease and they found a strong link to strokes😳. How you handle the flu may not be a great indicator for how you respond to COVID19. 

  10. Greece’s quarantine-free holiday offer to Australians sounds too good to be true – and it is


    I was thinking without a non stop flight how could this travel bubble work and it seems I was right 😒. Not too mention that pesky issue of travel insurance


    To happier news, Australia is really popular with countries around the world 😉

    Israel seeks quarantine-free travel with Australia by December as gateway to Europe


    I have to admit I would love a non stop flight to Central America. It would make it so much easier to visit the area and it would be great not to transit the USA. 

  11. 13 hours ago, clo said:

    Thank you for your kind words. She's strong physically and mentally. And I now know how to make tomato soup 🙂  (No food to chew.)


    The key to great purees I find either lots of spices or lots of herbs. It really kicks up the flavour. And if all else fails generous lashings of butter or cream will make anything taste good. I also don't mind a little umami kick like fish sauce or miso paste. I wish the best for your daughter it is great restrictions have eased you can be there for her, hopefully you don't get a new round of restrictions with everything happening over on your side of the world. Stay safe sending out virtual hugs🤗 or should that be virtual elbow bumps😜?

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