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  1. Let's not forget that tipping was a cultural practice imported from Europe😜. Brief History of Tipping A brief history of tipping But America returned the favour by giving Europe the Anti Tipping Society 😉. Imagine if history had turned out differently. We would be on the opposite side of the tipping fence and this whole thread would be an inverted conversation🤗.
  2. Oh I think you might have misunderstood. When I said "loading" I don't mean I make podcasts, I download ones others have made and listen to them. You give me more credit than I'm due, I'm not that talented🤣.
  3. I saw a video of a plane passenger who for a number of reasons ended up being the only passenger on a commercial flight and it got me curious if anything like that had happened on a cruise ship. Obviously not in the same extreme (one person on a cruise ship all by themselves imagine that! 🤣) as the flight but perhaps has a ship ever sailed for example at 20% capacity? Or would that be too low already? How low does the number of passengers have to be before they just cancel the sailing?
  4. I love loading podcasts. They are quite good for listening to on a cruise.
  5. I have noticed that a lot with Caribbean destinations, everyone seems to suggest once you have been a few times there is nothing left to see. I have travelled very little through that region so I don't know it well but it always makes me think about this yearly drive I do to this tiny outback town and every trip we have always found something to do that we haven't done before, so I'm always baffled when I read the comments here saying there is nothing to do in so and so place. It just seems a little unbelievable.
  6. My friend on his last day in Hawaii chose not to tip because of what he considered bad service (food took too long to come out, turned out it was the wrong food, server blamed him and the friends he was with for the error). They where waiting outside the restaurant for their Uber and the server having seen no tip was left came out screaming and swearing at them. They tried to walk away from her but she kept following them all the way down the street. Luckily they managed to get their Uber and got away. I have heard since that if you don't tip you should leave a 1 cent coin to signify you thought the service was bad. I don't know if this is standard practice, if any Americans read this I would love it to be comfirmed or denied. I think the best way to view tipping in America is always as a wage not an indication of workers performance. The abolition of slavery established tipping as a wage since restauranters didn't want to be paying freed slaves. The anti tipping movement really took hold in Europe in the 19th century and got rid of it as a wage. As Australians we probably imported that idea via Britain. It is most likely why the views on tipping are so diverse around the world and why people get so confused. Bringing it back to cruising it would seem the anti tipping lobby in America actually considers auto gratuities and prepaid tips as the better form of tipping as it limits peoples ability to reduce tips for reasons of the staff's race, gender, age, attractiveness, the fact they didn't laugh at a customers joke or refused a customer's s sexual advances. It is one of the reasons a lot restaurants now add the gratuity to the bill, so it creates a better environment for their staff.
  7. I was once talking to a retired man who said he didn't even finish highschool and walked into a major department store, asked if there was any work and was put straight on the floor selling things. He said today to get that same job you now have to have some certificates in sales and retail and you have to apply properly for the job sending an application to a department that does all the hiring. The individual stores can't just hire anyone who walks into a store anymore😕. I have read a statistic that suggests about 70% of entry level jobs now require as a minimun some sort of tertiary education and that the rest will probably disappear because of automation and blockchains. It does seem getting your foot in the door is going to require more work than use to. Otherwise you can try your luck at becoming a YouTube star or Instagram influencer😜.
  8. On Aranui they had a passengers dance performance that was performed on the last night of the cruise. The people who participated were really surprised at the amount of rehersals they had to attend during the cruise. I suspect if they had the cruise again they probably wouldn't sign up to this activity again😂.
  9. Is it possible to connect to the internet through your own device? That way you would have the latest browser and if it is a phone try downloading the app. If you are stopping in Mexico maybe you can use a WiFi hotspot while there?
  10. I have an insatiable curiosity so I love a good lecture and I don't mind a cooking class in local cuisine. When I was on a freighter cruise we would go up to the top deck and watch the cargo being loaded and unloaded. Otherwise I like to just sit on the balcony and admire the scenery.
  11. I can't speak for Canadian insurance but I know in Australia there can be a cover for "trip interruptions" and one of the reasons for trip interruption they will cover usually includes the loss of your passport. And from what I have read they say they will pay out for any loss of prepaid travel arrangements. They don't usually specify what travel arrangements but I would assume (I know a dangerous thing with insurance😝) that would include a cruise.
  12. If one wants to reduce their impulse buying it probably is good to travel on a ship that has less temptations😜. On the other hand those extras to help to reduce the base fare. It is kind of ironic that a ship with less stuff will generally cost more per night than a ship with a built in amusement park ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  13. necessity I think you are right to suggest that no one is asked what they want but I do think the main goal of cruise ships is to get people out of their rooms. If you are sitting in your room listening to the water smelling the air then you are not going to be spending as much money as some who will go to the ice rink, buy a snack or a drink maybe pass the merchadise shop and buy something or after all that physical activity they might decide to have a massage or book a spa the next day. People who leave their rooms are naturally going to spend more money because they are exposed to more temptations and advertising, if you stay all day in your rom the most you might spend on is room service. Well I am glad you are finally looking at the alternative suggestions that the other commenters have posted. As you said you don't care about the destination or all the extracurricular activities so the alternative suggestions should work for you. I have to admit while we did it more out of necessity it was actually nice to have the balcony door open on Aranui. The sound of the water was very soothing especially at night lying in bed and it was certainly a new experience to add to the list. Plus I am not particualrly fond of the smell of cleaning liquids and disinfectants so it was also a nice luxury to be able to air room out of those smells after room service
  14. If keeping the balcony door open is so important to you. Perhaps you should consider a freighter/cargo cruise? Aranui allowed us to keep the balcony door open probably because we could not control the A/C so perhaps other freighter/cargo cruises have the same allowances.
  15. You need the privacy. Last thing one wants is some kids taking a picture of you sleeping ugly and turning it into a viral pic😂.
  16. I think ultimately health would stop most people from travelling. However having money can extend your travel as you can pay for upper class flights and services that can help with health related issues. I know of a woman in her 80s who has some severe mobility issues and she was able to work with a travel company that makes arrangements to help with her mobility issue while overseas. She even managed to travel to Tanzania because of them. But eventually ones health can become so impaired even these services can't help, unless of course you had the money to afford a private jet😉.
  17. My mum really pushed the me to travel now not later. She always thought she would travel when retired but then a string of health problems and she found her travel options limited. So she tells me travel now while you have all the options available to you. It is one of the reason I try to travel to as many obscure and hard to reach places as I can. Overall my family hasn't had the best luck in the genetic lottery so I try to look after my health as best I can (in many ways travel motivates me to keep healthy) but if the time comes where I am severely limited at least I will have a stockpile of photos I can look through and remember my amazing adventures🤗.
  18. To be fair not everyone gets a chance to do what they love. In an ideal world we would all work for the love of it but sometimes circumstances just get in the way and it comes down to needing the money. I don't think it should make you a bad role model😳.
  19. Still I always think it is worth inquiring if there is more recent information especially one with working links😋. Nothing more disappointing on the internet then clicking on a link and finding yourself on a totally different page😉.
  20. True it is not technically waves breaking but the water hitting the ship sounds a lot like it and personally for me it was a pleasant sound, so I understand the appeal.
  21. The link to the photo seems to be expired or at least it doesn't seem to be working for me. I don't suppose there is a more recent reference to this list? Ten years is a long time a lot can change.
  22. On Aranui there was a lock (I don't know if this the right word) on the balcony door that allowed you to keep the door opened even when the ship was rocking. I was surprised because I always assumed that you weren't suppose to keep the balcony door open. It turned out to be a good thing for us as the room had uncontrollable A/C and was freezing especially at night. But I am curious has anyone else come across balcony doors like this on other cruise ships?
  23. Well I seem to have missed any reference to this list, and all my cruises have been ones where tipping is not customary so maybe there is no list on those ships. Is there any other information on these lists or is it just for reporting the tipping situation?
  24. I was unaware of ship tours or that anyone has seen a list of any sort until now. The article made no mention of a daily list so I could only assume all this information was available at the end of the cruise. You have to remember I have never been on a Caribbean cruise so I'm relying on other peoples experiences to understand how it works. Why I have to ask so many questions🤣. As for the 85% my understanding was the interviewee was saying that it was 85% of the people in line at the end of the cruise not 85% of the cruise population.
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