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  1. They do say because of the extra heat it keeps water in the atmosphere for longer till it is heavy enough to fall and by then it results in torrential downpour. Either way I do prefer the rain to the dry🌧️.
  2. Not always that simple: Why shutting down Chinese ‘wet markets’ could be a terrible mistake Pangolins are seen as a magical cure all animal and technically they are illegal to trade since they are critically endangered but corruption is rife and the triads pay good money for the government to turn a blind eye.
  3. You are right, I had another look and I did read it wrong. Technically it is not a pandemic but it seems the difference is really minor: Is the coronavirus a pandemic, and does that matter? 4 questions answered Seems like some unnecessary labelling🙄.
  4. Very well presented stats. This map is also pretty good, though I think for Japan they included the cruise passengers: Novel Coronavirus Infection Map
  5. Already happened end of January: Coronavirus has been declared a public health emergency by WHO. Here's what that means
  6. This suggest there has been some genome sequencing Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor binding
  7. There was an interview with two Chinese virologists they had found the orginal Novel Corona virus in caves around Wuhan five years ago and already linked it to the Horeshoe Bat. The question is whether it jumped straight from bat to human or did go through an intermediatry animal like the Pangolin.
  8. The reality is our current disposable world is unsustainable. IKEA has to use illeagally logged trees because there is not enough legal wood to keep up with their easily breakable furniture. We choose to keep people in poverty and misery because we want ten $1 T Shirts that if lucky even gets worn once rather than people being paid properly for the effort they put in. People wanted milk so cheap that it cost more to produce so what happens, dairy farmers started leaving the market. If they keep leaving the market will we have to start importing milk, having to depend on other countries for a food source is hardly what I would call an improvement. We want everything so cheap but don't want to accept the consequences of what that cheapness means and the other losses in terms of resources. And by the way a Samsung phone at $1300 is not what I consider cheap.
  9. But they have treated the Coronavirus different otherwise the OP would have boarded their cruise.
  10. Which Korea? I doubt we would not know if the South had infections. People there are very media savvy, they would be posting things online.
  11. You really think life is that much better because of disposable coffee cups? You think the anxiety of young people to never be seen in the same T shirt twice on Instagram is an improvement in life? I have a perfectly functioning printer but now I have to throw it away and purchase a new one simply because the company has decided not to make ink cartridges for it. I can't refill the cartridges because the micro chips won't recognise it and generic subsitutes are hit and miss if they work again because of the microchip. Now I am forced to purchase a new item even though I have a perfectly functioning one. That is not improving my life if I have more expense and hassle. Disposibility has not improved things, it encourages things to be made badly like phones screens that break on the smallest falls and IKEA chests that topple on toddlers because they are not properly designed. Developing nations deserve better then that don't you think?
  12. Not every airline has cancelled flights to China and some only cancelled to certain cities. You have to sign a waiver on those flight apparently😋. At least 73 airlines have cancelled flights to China amid coronavirus fears — here's the full list
  13. I already knew about the coronavirus begining of January and would be very surprised if cruiselines were not following the story and considering there are still flights between Singapore and Hong Kong it seems unlikely it was at Singapore's suggestion to not allow the embarkation of passengers with layover in HK. Again people not vaccinating is out of the control of the cruise line. The cruise line made a choice to deny boarding of those who have layovered in HK, that is what the want to do that is fine but there are consequences to that decision and the fact is there were people ready to board who had already made it to Singapore by the time they were advised of the rule change. If the cruise line had at least given some warning that the decision was on the table before they boarded their flight then passengers could have made arrangements to comply with the rules. But they didn't give them the option and they had already put time and resources into the trip. It seems fair to compensate them for the very last minute rule change to these particular passengers in this particular circumstance. Other cruiselines have offered compensation to cancelled cruises within the region despite the cancellations being more than 24hs before boarding and that is for a whole ship of passengers. This particular cruise would have only been a fraction of passengers.
  14. It is not propaganda it is the statistics. Do you really think that making everything disposable is not going to increase waste? Clothes alone we throw out 6 tonnes every ten minutes, every year a billion disposable coffee cups are thrown out in Australia alone, America throws out 151 million mobile phones a year, the World bank estimates about 1.3 billion tons of waste is created every year and looking at past performance they see a 70% increase in waste in the next thirty years. And recycling is just one step, it is about reverting a whole system back to being less dependant on disposable temporary products. if we don't change the system now it will be much harder and more expensive to change in the future as developing nations will become more developed and they will produce more waste.
  15. But that is the problem, the volume, you can't make enough landfills quick enough to handle the rate of garbage we produce. We have been using landfills for decades and yes they worked in the days we had little waste, before fast fashion, IKEA, single use items, e waste, processed food and all it's packaging but now we live in a different world where everything we buy is disposable and temporary. It is impossible to keep up, the only thing that will make a true difference is reduction.
  16. Coronavirus Is Bad. Comparing It to the Flu Is Worse
  17. I'm not saying they need to expempt those with a layover in HK. That is their perogative but they should have realised that the timing of their implementation of this rule would have an immediate impact on people who had no way to comply with this new rule as they were already at the destination port ready to board. Those particular people were given no fore warning that the company was even contemplating this move so passengers could make adjustments accordingly. At the end of the day this was a rule the cruise line implemented out of their own will so they have complete control over the situation, they can't pass the buck on to someone else.
  18. If we removed all subsidies whole economies would collapse😂. In America Sillicon Valley would not exisit if it wasn't for large government handouts. Subsidies are part and parcel of running a good economy. But I would prefer to see subsidies moved from recyclable collectors who make billions already to recycle pellet makers so they can bring the cost down to compete with virgin plastic. Like I said landfill does not decrease the volume of waste we produce and that should be the aim. We have already seen what happens when we ignore this aim, last thirty years volume of waste has gone up 60% it has not even stabilised and the next thirty years it will only increase if we don't deal with the out put problem.
  19. See that is where it get complicated. The communist party owns the factories that make the virgin plastic. That virgin plastic is highly subsidized so it is much cheaper to sell. Small business owners due to enough demand from some businesses presumably those who want to go green where able to make a profitable business from recylcled plastic (granted they didn't always do it the right way, it is China after all not much in the way of health and safety). Of course as long as there is still virgin plastic coming into the system we are still making more plastic in addition to recycling plastic. So recycled plastic has to always compete against highly subsidized virgin plastic. In the end there is more plastic being made then there is demand for the recylcled stuff. So if you get rid of or at least decrease virgin plastic production then plastic "stuff" makers would have to rely on recycled plastic and recycled plastic would not have to compete with subsidized virgin plastic and with demand up and production of new plastic down we would use more of the plastic material we have and might finally start decreasing the out put of plastic into our environment. The main goal should be the decreasing of waste.
  20. There is a part of me that hopes it is true because it might be the thing that would stop the Chinese demand for these creatures so Pangolins don't end up extinct😔.
  21. Three years ago was my last trip to USA and I purchased one from Sim Corner and it worked great till I was coming back to the mainland from Puerto Rico, emailed Sim Corner and they had it working again in 24hrs. Plus I checked what you could get in the states and found Sim Corner to be much cheaper than what was available locally.
  22. I can't find the article now probably because it has been buried by newer articles about Novel Corona but there was an interview of two Chinese virologists who had discovered this strain about five years ago in a bat cave. So it has been known about for quite awhile and China does seem to make the effort to hunt down and track these viruses as that seems to have been the job of these two virologists. However they still haven't found how it evolved to jump to humans🤔.
  23. Still don't see what any of your hypotheticals have to do with the OP. It has nothing to do with passengers refusing to vaccinate, that is something the cruise line has no control over so they cannot be held accountable for something they have no control of over. But to not accept passengers who layover in HK was a cruise line created rule and they could have chosen to expempt the passengers who were already in Singapore and therefore could not change their circumstances or at the very least send passengers a warning letter earlier that this is something they are considering doing so passengers could have an opportunity to change their flights.
  24. What do you mean by traveling with someone reduces your odds? Are you using your travel partner as a human shield against disease😆?
  25. If you going to mask it you really should get an N95 mask. Surgical masks provide limited protection and you have to change them every two hours to be effective against viruses.
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