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  1. That is only one of numerous theories about the Spainish flu. Others say it orignated in Kansas, France, Austria and Spain. Fact is no one ever identified what the Spainish flu was because of the whole censorship at the time and people being busy with WW1. If you are going to find history repeating itself I would look at the SARS epidemic. WHO did warn China history will repeat itself if they don't fix the problems of their live animal markets.
  2. In Australia you are sent to a remote island that is closer to Indonesia than home so I'm not sure it would be much different to being in a cruise ship in Yokohama bay. They do seem to get more outside time and apparently you can pay to have fresh food flown into the center which is something I have noticed the people stuck on Princess have complained about lack of fresh food so maybe those slight advantages would make it nicer. On the other hand some evacuees have said people are getting on each other nerves so maybe being isolated in your cabin away from other people isn't such a bad thing😂.
  3. Everything is socially engineered. People are ok when big comapnies do it but if governments do it people seem to think it is a conspiracy to take away their freedom. I believe some industries need to be forcibly reduced or killed. Imagine if we still made CFCs in the amount we made pre 1996? If world governments had not subsidised India's reduction of CFCs we never would have fixed the hole in the Ozone layer. Intervention is sometimes necessary especially when it comes to global problems where you need everyone to work together.
  4. Well to be fair if you have cruise ships being turned away and unable to dock anywhere it sounds like cruise lines need to maybe just stop and figure out how to manage the situation because I have to be honest it is quite baffling why they would still be sailing certain routes when their destination countries have clealy laid the new rules for entering their countries.
  5. It has a lot of abuse because people found a way to make lots of money from it without care for the consequences and governments rarely regulated the system. It is the abuse of the system that takes away the cost effectivness. If you close the production system you don't need fines because recylables will become desirable, it also encourage companies to make plastics that can be recycled multiple times eventually all the costs will go down become demand will increase. But if one wants to talk about cost effectivness you have to wonder how much it will cost governments to treat people with chronic illnesses because of DNA damage from micro plastic, not to mention lost productivity from workers who are constantly sick and creating new reefs because of the damage of bacteria colonised on micro plastic is far more expensive than rehabilitating the reefs we already have and if the bacteria jump to fish and start makig them sick you not only lose a human food source but the cost of feeding chickens and pigs will go up as they will have to find alternative protein sources. It is because of lack of long term thinking that everything gets more expensive. If we start to make changes now they becaome ingrained into the system then you don't need to subsidise anything.
  6. No the rational choice is the one that decreases waste. With recycling you can put the product back into the system. You cannot do this with landfill therefore you have to make more product. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Has recycling as a system been terribly abused yes but that doesn't mean the concept doesn't have merit, it is just a matter of making it better and it is why a closed loop production system would make it effective. The problem is under the current system all the financial incentive is given to companies who collect recyclables but there was little investment made into using recylclables therefore an imbalace has occured where lots of product was coming into the system but no one was using the product. If we take virgin plastic out of the system companies will have strong reason to use recycled plastic.
  7. More and more Chinese have disposable income so they have means and will to travel, it makes sense their numbers would be increasing. And so far they are particularly drawn to packaged holidays like cruises though amongst the younger Chinese backpacking is starting to become popular, much to the chagrin of Chinese parents😂.
  8. Surely a country will let them disembark but if worst comes to worst any chance of refueling at sea😳?
  9. People will eventually forget just like SARS and besides China has major international tourist attractions that tourists are willing to forget an outbreak in order to see. WHO after the SARS outbreak did a report that recommended China start regulating their markerts and implement a slew of health and safety codes as they said that Chinese live animal markets are a perfect laboratory for breeding the next pandemic. One can only hope China listens this time.
  10. Well to be fair to the mayor if they do have a really bad problem with water supply it makes sense why they would not want more people to put pressure on that supply. Money can't buy rain.
  11. The Qantas flight had medical grade filters installed so I assume standard air con filters must not be that thorough.
  12. The Australian governement wanted to charge the Wuhan evacuees $1000 dollars each but the public outcry made them reverse that decision and the government will now foot the whole bill for the flights from Wuhan to Australia to CI, quarantine on CI and when quarantine finishes flights to Perth. Qantas has offered the evacuees free flights from Perth to their home cities.
  13. I don't know if it can be expedited. From what I've read the test takes time to garner a result. They say it is why in China they don't bother testing everyone and just treat everyone with flu like symptoms has having Coronavirus They are trying to come up with a faster test, I read of one scientist in Europe claiming it might be possible for a quicker diagnosis by checking something in the throat but I think it might not have ended up working.
  14. Some articles I read said the virus can't live long outside the host that is why you need to be close enough to catch it but then on the plane that took the Aussies out of Wuhan they installed medical grade filters and had the air changed every 5 minutes.
  15. It is finally a decent rain in Sydney. It will be good to wash all that dust.
  16. I don't see the difference between landfills and recycling. It is just an excuse to not change behaviour and industry and increase production of things that will end up being more waste. At least a closed looped system would force a decrease in production of virgin product. Virgin plastic pellets account for a huge chunk of the micro plastics in our soil, air and water.
  17. As long we keep making virgin plastic it keeps pushing recycled material out of the market. The truth is we have to switch off the plastic tap. Burying everything in the ground is not going to stop the micro plastics, the fact that it is in our food system and the air we breath is evidence enough that there is too much plastic in the world. This stuff harbours harmful bacteria and attracts toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Landfills will not make micro plastics safer or reduce production of plastic. It will be like recycling and make us feel like we can produce more of the stuff. Of course recycling is not the only answer, for a start we need to be making things that have longevity, all non essential single use plastic should be gotten rid off along with fast fashion which is the source of most plastic found in fish and lots of packaging could either be ditched or replaced with something truely biodegradable. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that need to change now that we have electronic waste as the new minefield of trash. We just keep producing more stuff and burying it is not a long term sustainable solution.
  18. There was one study I remember a retailer friend had been given from her association where they looked at shops that made no other changes but added card payment and it seems to line up with everything else. But definetly online shopping they say it is the targeted marketing that boosts sales.
  19. The problem is China should have nipped this in the bud when the first doctors started reporting a strange flu. Instead they threatened those doctors to shut up or end up incarcerated😕. It should have never reached this stage in the first place since after SARS WHO made it clear that if China didn't regulated their markets better and implement some health and safety standards there will be another contagion outbreak. But unfortunately China spends more resources regulating their social media than public health. Weird thing is China has some empty hospitals already so I don't understand why they did not just equipe those rather than building prefabricated hospitals🤔. There was a video that came out of a doctor screaming down a phone that he needs to sleep. He had apparently done four shifts back to back😓 and his bosses were demanding he do another.They are under staffed and resourced and despite offers from the international community to send help they don't seem willing to accept. Combine this with the high numbers of infected and statistically it makes sense China would have the highest mortality rate.
  20. I don't know if asking people to pretend to shop is that abstract but the studies seem to be backed by findings from various retail associations that say spending per person went up after their members introduced card payment systems. At the end of the day no one is saying you will go into debt just that your spending might be a little bit more and really it is only a little bit. The average increase of spending was about 10 -20% more so unless you are really strapped for funds I doubt it is make or break for most people
  21. Actually what we need to do is move to a close looped production cycle. We need to stop producing virgin plastic and start utilising the recyled plastic. Puting things in the ground doesn't stop leaching and the plastic will still break down into micro particles. It is because of landfill that micro plastic has ended up in our soil and therefore the food we eat and floating around as dust in the air we breath. If we can close the production cycle it would mean at least we would stop producing new plastics.
  22. They are predicting massive rainfalls in Sydney over the weekend. In one way that is good on the other hand nobody wants flash flooding either.
  23. MHW - Ministry of Health and Welfare in Japan
  24. You could bookmark it in your browser. That way you won't have to worry about it being buried in the posts that are probably still to come.
  25. No they are not being charged anything, but service is limited. As someone said check out the Princess forum and also this FB page: David Abel He has been posting regular video describing life on the quarantined ship.
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