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  1. There is no way to be sure that it hasn't help slow the progress and at the end of the day if a carbon offset program is the reason a forest stays unlogged and helps give families clean cooking facilities that saves their respiratory health I can't see how it is a complete scam if it is helping to improve certain communities.
  2. Ineffective is perhaps an exaggeration. Their impact is minimun and is no substitue to big industry changes but if you choose the right programs it can have a positive impact albeit a small one. Carbon offsets are not a scam in themselves but the can be used as a scam. You just have to research carefully to make sure your money is going to a program that will have the greatest impact.
  3. To me the key wording is cancelled within 24hrs of departure. I think any cruise line that cancels with such short notice should give some compensation because most passengers within 24hrs of departure will have already put in time and resources that cannot be taken back or rearranged especially if you are expected to fly to Singapore. Celebrity have known about the epidemic for months and it was their own perogative to make the decision to not allow passengers who transit through Hong Kong. They should have been aware that the date they implemented that decision would immediately affect certain cruise passengers and those passengers should be compensated for the last minute decision making of Celebrity. Anyone with travel isurance should check if pandemics won't invalidate your insurance.
  4. There is one critical difference between indulgences and carbon offsets. Indulgences were a monopoly whereas with carbon offsets there is a wide variety from different providers. If you do your research you can in fact have carbon offsets that actually have a positive effect and are not just scams or projects that cause more harm than good. But it really comes down to the purchaser making the effort of researching their options and not just mindlessly ticking a box on a form. What Are Carbon Offsets
  5. In America what is the minimun spend per month you need to qualify for cashback? In Australia the average is around $1000 a month on eligiable (refers to mostly retail) purchases. Though sometimes for the first three months you can get a deal where you only need to spend a few hundred.
  6. I'm sure they were at least supporting Qantas and would have made their arrangements with an Australian based travel agency. Or am I being to optimistic?
  7. Your immune system is severely compromised if you lack good nutritrion, sleep and are under constant stress which are all major problem for people who live in slum communities otherwise their life spans wouldn't be shorter than the average population and they wouldn't suffer so many dickensian diseases.
  8. Pacific Islands are not equipped to deal with an epidemic so it makes sense to they err on the side of caution and just keep people out. However if there is a one country that is horribly ill equipped to deal with an epidemic it would be India. They will have a very hard time containing the virus especially if it enters the slum population😳. India and China have a lot of traffic between the two countries and they have just had their first confirmed case.
  9. While this is true 100 years ago it is no longer the case now. Pacific Islanders for one thing are very much mixed with European genes and so what ever genetic immunities Europeans have they would also possess. On top of that those who had no ability whatsoever to fight foreign diseases would have died prematurely during the periods of first contact therefore their genes would have had limited spread. And besides if Europeans were so immune to the measles and its severe side effects then there would be no need to vaccinate European people in the first place😉. Measles in Europe
  10. It has to be remembered that during an epidemic statistics are almost always over estimated. The fact is alot will die with out having a test for the Novel Coronavirus. Despite this their deaths get lumped in with Coronavirus victims because there is no time or resources to do any post mortem tests so they prefer to err on the side of caution. In the end with epidemics you never get an accurate count of how many people died of the infection itself. On the other hand this is an ongoing situation so naturally the situation could get worst but they can also get better😉. So far it has been well contained within the Chinese borders with no major outbreaks in any other country so personally I am optimistic.
  11. Not necessarily futile. They are not destinations that are swamped with international visitors and being small isolated islands with no international land borders gives them a lot of control over who can come and go.
  12. Yesterday I was in the shopping centre saw an African family where the teenage girl was wearing a surgical mask. A boy in the group who looked about twelve started to have a coughing fit. The girl in the mask shot him the dirtiest look I have ever seen😂. When the boy stopped coughing he gave her an embarrassed smile and shrugged. You just can't cough without being judged these days😳.
  13. They say the seasonal flu kills between 290,000 and 650,000 people every year. In terms of a mortality rate the Novel Coronavirus is only 1% higher and it is believed that could be an overestimation since not everyone who died had a confirmation test for the virus and the reality is in situations like this autopsies will not be completed since they prefer to put resources into treating the sick. Unfortunately during epidemics all deaths are statistically put together without any regard to the actual cause of death. So in the end we never really have an accurate picture of how many people have died from the virus itself and not some other cause.
  14. Wuhan Coronavirus Spread Map The above map is as close to real time in documenting the spread of the virus So far none in New Zealand but 7 in Australia.
  15. You may need to rethink Singapore. They have more confirmed cases than Japan: Singapore confirms 3 new cases of Wuhan virus; total of 10 infected And just to be clear the Wuhan Coronavirus is not classified as a pandemic: Is the Coronavirus a Pandemic? Here's What Experts Say.
  16. A few cases is not an epidemic. Japan was only 3 people, Taiwan 8. The epidemic is only in China. Those few cases outside are outliers otherwise it would be reclassified as pandemic. Until that happens I can't see any reason why you couldn't have cruises docking else where in East Asia.
  17. None of the other countries have shut their airports or closed off roads so I don't see why it would be a bad idea to travel to the rest of Asia🤔. So far the epidemic has been confined to China.
  18. Google maps and Norwegian and French on Google translate are downloadable so you can work them offline. For Europe I personally would go with SIM Corner. I have compared their prices with a lot of local SIM prices and found them to be a much better deal. Also their Europe SIM card covers many countries so you don't have to swap SIMs.
  19. I hope you also fill out the feedback forms. Most people only fill them if they have something negative to say but if you really appreciate a staff member's hard work you should make sure the cruise line knows. If they see a name consistently turning up in positive feedback they will offer those staff career advancement opportunities🤗.
  20. For some public toilets you will need a €0.50 coin, in Poland it was about 1 - 2 zloty. In Denmark we came across toilets where you put money in a slot to unlock the door. Can't remember the price unfortunately.
  21. All those countries are credit card friendly. In fact Sweden and Estonia are pretty cashless societies. Poland I found some of the more touristy places will accept Euros in some shops but you most likely will get local currency as change. Norway or Denmark I didn't find to be Euro accepting, and outside of Copenhagen some places don't even accept a international cards. There are ATMs everywhere so obtaining local currency is not difficult just make sure you withdraw only from bank ATMs and not the non affiliated ones as they charge high fees and give terrible rates. There are apps you can download to help you locate desired ATMs.
  22. I was wondering the same thing. If you can bribe your way to an extra shot surely those in charge of cruise ship inventory would notice that spirit stocks are frequently running out while the revenue is not rising accordingly. So the only logical way for bar tenders to hide this practice is to short change passengers who don't pass the red envelope so to speak. I have seen some reviews where passengers complained about drinks they got that were weak. I thought they were being fussy but now I wonder if perhaps really their drinks were watered down😳.
  23. I assumed you wanted more information of the use of equines in disability service and ESAs. Sorry if I misunderstood😳.
  24. Miniature horses can be trained to perform the tasks that most services dogs do but the advantage they have is they have a longer working life than dogs so in someone's lifetime they can work out to be cheaper as they don't have to be replaced as often. As for ESAs horses in general have been found to be very effective with calming autistic kids and getting them to engage with the world.
  25. What exactly is appropriate certification/accreditation for a service animal? Especially if you are a business with international customers how are you suppose to know what is an official service certification/accreditation considering every country would have their own system🤔.
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