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  1. Sometimes I get emails from Carnival and other times nothing. Hopefully it will populate on the website tomorrow. Good luck!
  2. I’m on that sailing and I received the email along with my mom and friends that are coming
  3. I like the Liberty and the Breeze!
  4. I was reading that people thought maybe Port Everglades and Miami might not be open to sail by then and that’s why the Breeze is going to Port Canaveral. I’m right next to that port and our numbers are much lower here
  5. We were on the Dec 5th sailing for the Radiance and we were going to switch the Breeze on the same date and take the hit for the deposit. Glad I didn’t do that! I am still hesitant to cruise so soon though. I think we know now that when Carnival grays out sailings they are going to cancel them and it isn’t for capacity control
  6. I think I know what page you are talking about and you are right! Comment section is always an interesting read!
  7. Someone on there translated it that the ship is going to be scrapped. Anytime someone posted it John would reply “Carnival hasn’t made any announcements yet” seems like an interesting choice of wording instead of saying it isn’t true. I guess we shall see
  8. Our final payment is due in early September for our December 5th sailing. We don’t think it’s going to be ready by then and there is a big chance we won’t be cruising by then either. We talked about taking the early saver hit and moving our booking to another ship in December but I don’t think I feel comfortable sailing yet with what’s going on still. If it isn’t canceled by final payment date then we are going to put it on our Carnival credit card so we don’t tie up our money in the event it gets canceled.
  9. We have a cruise booked in December on the Radiance so there is double anxiety about it. I am pretty sure it’s going to be canceled and I’m ok with it. I was hoping cruises would have started in August to see what happens but now I’m worried December might be one of the first ones. We are just hanging tight and hoping we get the news soon. These boards are almost becoming unbearable as well. So much negativity that it actually gets me down.
  10. We are in East Central Florida so we have a lot of options. If our December radiance Cruise gets canceled (which I think it will) and we can’t book another cruise we talked about getting an Airbnb in Orlando and going to Disney for the week since we have annual passes. Disney though just came out with a new reservation system so not sure if that will still apply in December. We also talked about getting an Airbnb on the west coast or Panhandle or doing the opposite and going up to Asheville! Either way we are doing something! I need a vacation!
  11. We booked before March. Would we be able to switch to a different sailing without a penalty ?
  12. I log in a lot to my cruise manager especially lately and I just checked and my December 5th, 2020 sailing on the Radiance disappeared and my May Mardi Gras is still there. I was able to add it back on but I bet it is a sign of news to come. Bummer! Wish we could find out soon so we can make other plans
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