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  1. We are going in December and I thought it was odd that I couldn’t find much on it on this site but FB has a lot of groups that have a lot talk and speculation to keep me busy until we sail 😂
  2. I made an account with Allstate about a month ago and entered in all the promo codes and accumulated a bunch of points . I went to log in just now to buy a gift card and it is saying it can’t let me log in. Anyone else having this problem. Is there a different website to log in to that i might have forgotten or is it just Allstate.com?
  3. We took my son last year at 3 and he was use to sitting for the MDR but didn’t do well in the steak house for some reason. Could have been an off day for him though. I think a 10 year old would do really well. I would have enjoyed it a lot !
  4. Check the deck plans for that ship when picking a room to make sure you aren’t above/below loud areas. If it were just my husband and I we would be ok with an interior! You can use your cell phone but you have to purchase internet plans and there are different tiers to pick from. There is also a chat feature on the app for Carnival
  5. Magic is our favorite ship! We got married on her in May 2017!
  6. My son loved it. The first few cruises we went on he didn’t care for it but when he was 3.5 and we were on the breeze you couldn’t get him out of there. He even ate dinner with them
  7. I got married on the Magic a few years ago and I have Carnival a list of people coming. Some were not cruising but most were. They all checked in with the planner and waited in a separate area. I was the first to board the ship along with my guests. My room was ready and my in laws so my husband could get ready. Shortly after we boarded my bridesmaid room was ready. If you have any questions about the process ask the bride. Carnival gives them all the details
  8. Amber Cove We were excited for this port since it has a kid area at the pool. We were at this port a few years ago but our son was only 1 1/2 at the time and tired quickly playing and swimming. We lucked out to a beautiful sunny day. We made sure to have a big breakfast and were off the ship shortly after the announcement. We forgot to pack our beach so that was our first stop. I was able to get a nice sized one with a zipper for $18. After getting the bag we headed over to the pool area. It was still relatively empty and we grabbed a nice shady spot by the kids splash zone. We spent the next few hours hanging out here and our son had a lot of fun. We went through the lazy river once and went right back to the kid area since the pool was so crowded with adults and older kids. I would like to visit this port again once our son is older so we can go on the waterfall excursion. We took a walk around the shopping area for a little while and made our way back to the ship. We usually just eat on the ship instead of in Port. Once back on the ship we had lunch at the lido and headed back to the water works. My son played there until it was time to get ready for dinner. We made reservations for the steakhouse a few months ago and were really looking forward to it.
  9. I forgot to mention we also checked out the Thrill Theater on deck 4 since it was raining all day. We paid $5.00 each and the crew member told us if we decided to get the unlimited package they would refund the $5.00 and just charge for the unlimited. We went to the fun for everyone show and it was a lot of fun! They played 3 short movies and it was like a movie theater type setting. The seats moved A LOT. Like if you have back problems you should probably avoid this. They give you 3D glasses to wear and also you get “splashed” and air blown onto you. We ended up never getting the chance to come back to this. We were going to bring our son but the time always conflicted with something we were doing
  10. Day 2 First Sea Day: I’m an early riser normally even on the weekends so I was up at 5. I decided to go running before it got hot out and used the track on deck 12. I use an app, couch to 5k and that worked with the social media plan that I had purchased. I love being out and about on the ship this early since there is barely anyone around. After my run I grabbed some coffee and went back to the room. We thought we put the room service thing out but my husband put it in the mailbox for some reason so they never saw it. By this time my husband and son were up so we got ready and went to breakfast at the buffet. I don’t normally buy any type of sugary cereal and I only allow it on cruises so my son was in heaven eating fruit loops! We like to get to the buffet early because if not it gets crowded quick! after breakfast we got ready to go swimming and it started looking a little overcast. My little guy made it in the pool a whole 20 minutes before saying he was to cold. We went back to the room to change and by then it started raining and I don’t think it ever stopped the rest of the day! We ended up dropping our son off at kids camp and explored the ship some more. I forgot to mention that they gave us two sail and sign cards for my son and one for me and nothing for my husband. We had to go to guest service for that after the mister drill. The lines were crazy! People were just walking up to the desk as if they didn’t see the long line of people waiting. Fast forward to the next day and I check my account and notice there was a $100 (forgot exact amount) bar charge on our sail and sign card. My husband and I don’t drink and we weren’t even on the ship when the charge was put on so off we go again to guest services. They took care of the charge but told us they would need to open an investigation. Tonight was elegant night and my in-laws said they would dress up with us for pictures. I use these pictures as our family pictures for the year instead of going to a photographer. In our past cruises the photographers were always great, this year not so much but we did get some good shots. We had early dining in the Blush dining room but our in laws never requested to change their singing time from anytime dining. We went to the dining room before they opened and allowed us to sit with them. The food was good as usual for elegant night. My husband ordered 2 of everything and we had to roll him out of the dining room! Service was great as well. We made it to a Motown show I believe (unless I’m confusing my days) and we stayed for a short time before our son got cranky. After that we turned in for the night. Next stop Amber Cove! We were keeping are fingers crossed for some sunshine!
  11. The last few cruises we went on he hated the kids club. This time we hyped it up a lot and he never wanted to leave! He ate lunch and dinner with them a few days. He really enjoyed himself and they were so sweet to him
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