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  1. RCCL and Celebrity have announced limited cruising resuming June 5th, but ALL passengers and crew must be vaccinated and show a negative test within (I think it is ) 72 hours prior to embarkation. I’m pretty sure NCL and the other major lines will follow, if they don’t sit back and wait to see how it goes.
  2. CDC has no powers to enforce any of its suggestions. It is only an advisory body. Therefore no-one HAS to follow anything they say. Having said that, the state and federal government can create Executive Orders based on the CDC's recommendation, in which case, it would be an offense not to ignore the EO, not the advice. Also, it would be dumb to not to at least listen to the recommendations in this litigious society, so the airlines are taking a risk and potentially putting profit ahead of safety.
  3. No! The 125% will be calculated AFTER taxes and fees have been taken out. You will not get 125% of $1260.
  4. Couldn't be more wrong! Upgrades are charged at the current rate, so if there's a price increase, then that's what's paid. Pre-increase prices will only apply if upgraded before a certain date, just like increases in gratuities.
  5. IF you get on board and the beds are not as you'd like, just ask your room steward and they will (should!) be happy to meet your request. However, as stated, I've never in 19 cruises so far, seen the beds apart by default.
  6. In what universe? First, prices will have increased and perks decreased and second, it wouldn't be $2100, it would be much less once you take out taxes and fees. It's only 125% of the actual cruise fare, NOT the full amount paid.
  7. Gratuities make up part of their pay. Removing them stiffs the people who work hard for you. And yes, it's been beaten to death elsewhere and will continue to be as long as there are ignorant people around. Thanks for playing back atcha.
  8. So all the people who work behind the scenes for you doing laundry, etc. get stiffed, right? Nice.
  9. The clue is in what you posted 'amount paid' less taxes and fees, so in your example (and using fictitious amounts), if you paid $3000 and $500 of that were taxes and fees, you'd get your $500 T&F back and your FCC would be 125% of $2500 ($2500 + $500 = $3000). The 'cruise fare' is what you paid, not the rack rate, which is basically a fictitious amount like the MSRP of qa car.
  10. With no-one able to predict what'll happen next week, I don't see how anyone can answer this with any certainty!
  11. So let me get this straight. YOU cancelled the cruise while it was still official and you're upset that the rules changed AFTER you cancelled? Tough! This is the same post I have seen on just about every other cruise line forum. If you had waited, then you would have no complaint and, if you won't cruise RCCL or X ever again, then you must, by extension, rule out all other lines too as they are doing the same thing! We cancelled our May 17th Alaska cruise a day or so before our cancellation went from just the deposit to 50% of the fare paid, so we'll be gett
  12. No, it means you will get 125% of the CRUISE FARE as FCC instead of the cash refund. This is NOT what you paid, but what it cost less taxes, fees and port charges.
  13. Comment removed so as not to offend decent people reading this thread!
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