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  1. Thank you all for the well wishes! Really looking forward to that dose of Vitamin Sea. 😊
  2. HAL did send a similar communication last week to those on my roll call for Friday's sailing on Zuiderdam, so they are on it. From what I understand, the cruise ship group CLIA has taken this approach after the Costa ship had the scare when a passenger became sick. Fortunately it was not the coronavirus.
  3. I'll echo all the thanks for doing this thread and for posting all the excellent resources. We'll be doing the tropical Caribbean itinerary in February and the information you provided is invaluable for planning. Happy New Year!
  4. I know what you mean, I've been wistfully following all the various live threads and reports and can't wait for some sunshine and warm waters! Plus this sailing happens over our anniversary and we're going to celebrate.
  5. What fun! Could you please add me as follows: February 8, 2020 Zuiderdam 7 Day Tropical Caribbean Thanks for doing this.
  6. Hello IrishSmiley, just booked my ROV for our February cruise on Zuiderdam and thought of you. How did your ceremony go? Would you be willing to share, and include pictures if possible? Our cruise actually happens during our actual anniversary but it's a port day, so I suspect the ROV will be the following day, which is a sea day. Best wishes, Robin
  7. I am allergic to alcohol but Ship Services told me it would be an easy swap to a nonalcoholic beverage for the ROV, so that’s an option.
  8. Thank you St. Louis Sal and Sailingdutchy (love the orange tie!) for posting your beautiful photos and to everyone for sharing their experiences. We will be sailing Zuiderdam on our anniversary next year and I am definitely doing this for my husband! IrishSmiley, I can't wait to hear about your experience! Have a wonderful cruise and ROV. 🙂
  9. I didn't notice any vent issues or noises during my cruise last month. We were in a verandah stateroom if that helps.
  10. Thank you so much, Colbe! We're fairly new to cruising so are still figuring things out. We thank our stewards, waiters and other crew members we see in person, but it's nice to know there are options for those behind the scenes such as the laundry workers.
  11. Could you please tell me how to do this? We were so impressed with our laundry on the last cruise and had no idea how to pass on the kudos except in the survey.
  12. You have triumphed and the gremlins are eradicated...menus work beautifully now. Thanks!
  13. The embarkation day is fixed but now the Day 2 has gone MIA. Thank you for all your work sharing these great resources with us!
  14. Hi Crew News, Embarkation Day menu is now showing as a broken link. The Day Two menus are still there but the header says "AL Embarkation Day" so not sure what happened. Thanks for doing this thread, it has been full of good information!
  15. I purchased the $99 package a couple months before our January sailing on Koningsdam and am really glad I did. On the ship it was advertised at $299! We received our images on a HAL liner shaped USB. We were in hurry and didn't check before disembarking and when we got home realized our HMC excursion photos were missing. I called HAL's Photo Department and they tracked them down and sent them to us, so kudos.
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