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  1. Oh good, I love sparkling water and would probably use my 15 credits up on them a day lol
  2. I’m looking for some recent experiences with the drink packages. A few months back people were reporting that you get unlimited non alcoholic drinks like the quench package and 15 alcoholic drinks, even though HALs website says 15 drinks total. Also it might be ship specific how they interpret the policy. We are going on the neuiw Amsterdam, I was wondering anyone has any recent feedback.
  3. No it’s the same before or on board.
  4. We got the kids the quench package it was $20 a day I belive ? It was unlimited nonalcoholic beverages that include any juices, bottled water, nonalcoholic cocktails, nonalcoholic beers and specialty coffees. It worked out great. Basically 4 drinks a day it was paid for.
  5. We have alway booked cruises direct with the different cruise lines, is there an advantage to using an agent over that?
  6. It was early didn’t have my glasses on yet lol.
  7. Lime wedge Celery salt to taste Salt to taste 1 1/4 oz vodka 4 oz Clamato (clam & tomato juice taste better then it sounds) Pepper to taste 4 dashes Worcestershire sauce 3 dash hot sauce Celery stalk Rim a highball glass with lime and then celery salt. Fill glass with ice, add salt and pepper, vodka and Clamato juice. Season with Worcestershire and hot sauce. Stir. Garnish with celery stalk and lime.
  8. I am looking for suggestions and description of some new drinks to try. I’m not a fan of super sweet drinks, but I go to the bar with every intention of trying something new, then draw a blank, get the deer in the headlight look and order a beer or a caesar
  9. On Disney if a person makes it known they have an allergy, their order is ran through a computer to match if there is anything in it.
  10. We felt the same on the same ship about allergies. We sailed over Easter, our daughter who is allergic to food dyes ( not life threatening but she get horrible hives for days after an exposurer) we did note it before the cruise, and every time she ordered something. Mostly it’s the sauces in desserts and drinks where we found it but even making note to please not put the sauce on the plate, it still came out with the sauces more then not. Our previous cruises have all been with Disney and they had gone over backwards to make sure things were dye free.
  11. It was great for the boys too, the night before gala nights they sent out their dress shirts and pants they came back all nice and wrinkles free
  12. The bag is the same size no matter which option you choose, we actually had 2 bags we sent out a day, we just asked our room host for a second one the first night.
  13. It was per cabin, you have to book it for your complete cruise. We have already precooked it for March for $49 for the week for the 4 of us all in.
  14. We went on the Veendam last Easter, there were about 150 kids, ( 80 teenagers) we are going over spring break on the nieuw amsterdamwith our teens this coming March. I know HAL has an older demographic but can we expect around the same amount for spring break as Easter? The kids had a great time with the other teens they met.
  15. For us having 4 of us in the cabin, It was worth it, I’m not sure if it would have been worth it for just my husband and I
  16. We did the unlimited for $7 a day, there were 2 adults 2 kids. We would put 2 bags out first thing in the morning most time get them back later that day
  17. Like do you order a certain meal when you get on, a favourite first drink? Do you eat in a certain spot?
  18. I seen there are after dinner drinks with a souvenir glass, can you order them with the beverage package?
  19. We just booked and have the signature beverage package, I commented about having to get the teens the quench packages ( which we all had before and it worked well) the agent said no you don’t, you can get them the Soda package or tell them to drink water from the lido buffet, it’s up to you. ( we will get them the quench though)
  20. Lol she can now smoke pot and still run, but has to check her recycling 😂🤣
  21. I have a 14 yr old daughter who will be all over those Evian misters when we go in March.
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