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  1. Lol she can now smoke pot and still run, but has to check her recycling 😂🤣
  2. I have a 14 yr old daughter who will be all over those Evian misters when we go in March.
  3. When I was younger I’m sure I could drink the 15 drinks only as alcoholic drinks ( I’m Canadian we need antifreeze) but now I’m maturing in age ( old) I get a headache.
  4. Is it just 2 bottles even in the family cabana? Can we request sparkling water instead? I read mini fans and misting bottles are included are they replaced daily if we rent the cabana for the week?
  5. Thanks. Last lime we had the quench package so I didn’t even think twice this time the beverage package is included.
  6. Did you find the 15 drinks enough? Not the alcohol after 2 I’m done but I like sparkling water, an iced coffee etc.
  7. Can we check our account with an app or something or is it up to us to remember to count
  8. I’m just trying to figure out the location In the line of cabanas
  9. Thanks for the feed back, we went ahead and booked them the lido cabana,
  10. That would be awesome I can drink 6 bottles of water in a day, but need to make sure there is still credits for wine 😂🤣
  11. My question was is it now quench plus 15 or 15 total, I know what’s included for quench we had it last time.
  12. We just called to book one and that was the one available, I know it’s second in from an end but I’m trying to figure out which end,
  13. Is is closest to the Dive in restaurant or farther away?
  14. In some threads I’m reading 15 drinks, no matter what you order, others I’m reading the quench package plus 15 alcoholic drinks?
  15. Thanks, ours are 17 and 14. Hopefully they will meet up with other teens like past cruises then it won’t be an issue, we won’t be cool enough to hang with. Lol
  16. We have booked during spring break for a shorter cruise, we are told there would probably be more kids then normal on those cruises.
  17. When we were on Disney kids were allowed in one of the lounges until 9, what is the policy on HAL?
  18. We were in Puerto Rico after their hurricane, some of the first things up and running were tourist areas. To get money generating going.
  19. Would the lido deck or the retreat be better for teens? On the lido deck is it the St.Tropez or the Corfu that is closest to the Dive in? thanks
  20. Our last Holland America cruise had 89 teenagers, and 45 tweens I’m not sure how many younger kids
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