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  1. There are not 8 gala nights on a week cruise, We travel with a 17 & 14 yr old, all in carry on ( even for our two week panama cruise) our daughter, 3 pairs of capris, 2 dresses, 2 bathing suits a cover up, 3 pairs of shorts, 5 shirts, underwear, sock, dressy sandals flipflops. She wears a pair of pants on the plane, runners, t-shirt under a lond sleeve cardigan and a rain jacket. My son 4 pairs of shorts, 4 -t-shirts, one dress shirt, 2 bathing suits, one pair of pants, underwear, socksdark pair of canvas shoes, flipflops, he wears runners, pants, t-shirt short sleeve button up shirt rain proof jacket. You can send out laundry, we find the $49 for a week a great value for 4 of us
  2. Thank you, we are already fighting with out teen about how many shoes hes bringing lol
  3. We have a place here that deep frys them, adds bacon, fried peppers and a hint of Creole seasoning at the end she orders that as her dinner
  4. LOL she is just a weird child who loves roasted Brussel sproutsBrussel sprouts
  5. My child is going to be so sad the Brussel sprouts are gone, those were the only thing she was looking forward to, when we told her she had to come for a family dinner lol
  6. Dinsey, we have done HAL ( meh food after disney) and carnival
  7. One of our longer cruises we pulled the kids put of school, my daughters science teacher gave her an independent assignment, she had to write about animals she saw, we seriously didnt see anything except birds amd lizards that trip, the cruise director kept seeing her and every time she was doing homework so he stole all her books and didnt give them back until the end of the cruise, and wrote her teacher a note lol
  8. It was the second to last week, the ocean was like glass it was so calm. We seen lots of wild life even had a mom and baby orca playing in the ships wake one afternoon
  9. We went late August, except for right in tracys arm, it was actually very hot, warmer there then the interior of British Columbia, ( which is very warm);
  10. And that describes the food how? someone ask what the food quality was like and i was trying to give a reference
  11. Do you think they will get a lot more food compaints now? Before on a cruise of something wasn’t cooked well, i woukd just order something else. On land if a steak or something isnt cooked well i send it back.
  12. I was trying describe the food quality of the main dining room so someone, i would was thinking like the Cheesecake Factory quality. Not quite the KEG in canada .
  13. Do you mean the quench package, we got it our last cruise. It was a great value
  14. Where are these cheaper cruise lines? Our HAL cruise was $2000-$3000 cheaper then carnival, RCCL and Norwegian, same dates ( or with in a day or 2) similar itinerary
  15. At leastbwith a copy of the letter i can bring it with me if i have an issue now. And a contact person
  16. We were able to pack for a 2 week panama cruise in carry on bags and a backpack each, one checked bag each way paid for the laundry ( disney was self serve)
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