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  1. His pediatrician ( who I trust more then a generic online post) had recommend a 3900-4200 calorie diet with 20% coming from protein, he starts his day at 4:30 am with workouts ( which he keeps up on vacation)
  2. Land based restaurants have much larger portions then we see on holland America so its not an issue, he normally gets more then 4 bites of meat at a land based restaurant and im not payinh $10,672 at a land based restaurant for a week
  3. I would be alarmed if a regular restaurant asked a child where he sleeps 😂🤣 to charge the $10 they would need an actual room key
  4. Thats the first think i asked too 😂🤣 i can see my teen giving a fake room number
  5. Just a little enlightenment these 2 eat totally different what might be more then enough for one definitely wont be for the other
  6. I will but i wont book our easter cruise as soon as we board like i has planned. As i have stated before. For me the servings are fine. For my teens they are small, and limits their experience to try foods they normally wouldnt. So another company might be a better fit
  7. We just called our travel agent to look at other options now
  8. We are leaving soon on the nuiew Amsterdam, we had actually looked into booking a second cruise for easter on the same ship. We were told to wait and book it on board, now i am glad we didnt book. We will be booking somewhere else. There are lots of other places who want our travel money
  9. We feel the same way, we cruise with teens and purposely pick all inclusive vacations such as cruises to get them to experience new things, foods being a huge one. We will just stick to disney i guess. There are lots of other venues who want our money. Unfortunately they will probably loose them as future customers to since they are not going to have the chance to develop brand loyalty with them,
  10. My teen was worried and emailed them about it
  11. We were on the veendam last easter in a quad ocean view. We are on the Nieuw Amsterdam for spring break this year. On disney we travel with another family of five often. They only have large suites for five, they found it it cheaper and more room to get 2 connecting outside cabins then a veranda suite
  12. We can walk on BC ferries https://www.bcferries.com/
  13. Following we found it very odd the bunk over the main bed too, we were used to disney with it over the couch. My husband hit his head a few times our last cruise
  14. We went through the new locks on the disney Wonder
  15. Well with 2 teens, one that plays highschool football, rugby, basketball ( whos pediatrician had recommend a 3900-4200 calorie diet with 20% coming from protien ) the other who plays volleyball basketball as well as any other sport she finds interesting, both on high protein low carb diets, and we host many of their team mates for dinner, our local butcher knows us very well. The meal requirements and portions for active teens and that of say a 70 year old are vastly different and we generally will pick vacations that offer all inclusive venues, or land base restaurants we know will have portions that will satisfy their hunger. Do to busy lives I personally look forward to family meals on vacation i am not looking forward to having to go to multiple venus on the ship so my kids feel full. We also encourage our children to try different food when traveling all inclusive venues are a great way for them to explore new things. Often they would order something they never heard of to try.
  16. Or if you are canadian its like an Iced Capp from Tim’s
  17. I think they are also driving away familes, their future target democratic,
  18. Cover charge for the music walk or a drink minimum like some bars. Entrance fee for trivia like bingo.
  19. Measure the toilet paper and charge by the square😂🤣
  20. We are not american, but i know that would not even fill up my 14 year old tiny daughter let alone my 17 year old football player.
  21. We have the explore 4 for march then recieved 2 from our travel agent, i phone to ask if we could use the second one for our teens for a family, the customer service agent said absolutely just go talk to the maître d’ and he will arange it all. So then my nephew booked with his friend i called back to see if they can join us to, same answer. They will arrange it on board no problem
  22. I was wondering more the brands of HAL that would be classified
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