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  1. We are not american, but i know that would not even fill up my 14 year old tiny daughter let alone my 17 year old football player.
  2. We have the explore 4 for march then recieved 2 from our travel agent, i phone to ask if we could use the second one for our teens for a family, the customer service agent said absolutely just go talk to the maître d’ and he will arange it all. So then my nephew booked with his friend i called back to see if they can join us to, same answer. They will arrange it on board no problem
  3. I was wondering more the brands of HAL that would be classified
  4. Which are what for call and premium ? credit to http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/ for the photos i snagged the screen shots from
  5. if i ordered this drinkAsked for grey goose would it be included ?
  6. Better deal then the regular SBP price
  7. I have a 17 year old that can finish off 2 meals without blinking
  8. If you have as you wish dining, could you have dinner and come back later again
  9. Not that it helps to much last easter we were on deck 5 room 638, im a very light sleeper, no major sounds bugged us
  10. The martini tasting at the bottom was it everyday?
  11. On a 7 day cruise how many do you think there are. We have a SBP and dont drink wine, but we do enjoy the tastings and classes so i was wondering if its worth upgrading to the EBP for them, or just pay separately for them
  12. Could they not just order the internet package and give you the login
  13. We just got a few travel chargers at Christmas for the kids stockings they are PocketJuice 12,000 mAh Portable Chargers
  14. Thanks, I am a little tech savvy. I think I will order one and try it out.
  15. Would we need to bring a laptop or is it possible to do 100% wireless? We are planning on bring an iPad and phones
  16. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/2-ports-of-call/
  17. Ok that make scenes. The kids will have a bit of homework to do while we are on board, I was worried I would have to sell the first born to pay for it lol
  18. I was under the impression not all ships had these packages yet according to this post
  19. What are the prices right now. We leave in a month.
  20. I asked on the west coast departure board, but no answer. We just applied for our nexus card will they be of any use in March for cruise?
  21. We did the applications on the 31st all have had the interviews at the airport and both kids got their cards this week all under 2 weeks start to finish
  22. I lined up the deck plans, do you think we will hear lots of noise from above us? We are don’t go to bed early, around midnight.
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