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  1. I've decided to just hunker down and accept no travel at all this year and possibly part of next. It's hard, but we need to get this crisis behind us and that should take precedence before anything else. Personally, i'm going to wait until they come out with a vaccine before going anywhere. If that takes another 18 months or more, so be it. The cruise ships will still be there when this is all over.
  2. I messaged Carnival on FB and they replied: "unfortunately the credit would not carry over. You will be subjected to the new incentives that are offered if that sailing gets canceled" That's a deal breaker for me. If they yank back the OBC there's no point in booking so far out and it winds up cancelled. Oh well.
  3. If you book with that $500 OBC special is that always yours whether they cancel the cruise or not? In other words, say the cruise is cancelled and I have to rebook, will that $500 in OBC automatically carry over to my next booking? Or could it be taken away?
  4. Thanks. I did notice where it said "non refundable" but i'd have no problem finding ways to use every penny of that! 🤑
  5. The virus coming back in the fall is a BIG concern for me. I would hate to have an outbreak on the ship and wind up being quarantined an additional 2 weeks after the cruise finishes and not able to go home. That would be a nightmare. I'm very lucky to be retired and on Social Security, so my income is thankfully unaffected. I've been following all the guidelines and staying inside to allow people to deal with this thing, but I read about so many people not following it and going about their lives, not following social distance rules...it's a shame because that only makes this crisis last even longer. I originally had a 5 day Vegas trip planned for December, but that's been cancelled and i've just accepted that 2020 will be no travel for me. But this offer is so tempting to take up---i'll be able to renew the hold another 48 hours if I need more time. And the advice on waiting because more deals will certainly come is also good. A lot to think about for sure!! Thanks for all the great advice!! But no one answered about the $500 OBC-----do you think that would be useable on casino slot machines? That would definitely make it all the MORE tempting for me!!
  6. I haven't cruised in a while and had absolutely no plans to, but got an email for a special and i'm debating whether to book it or not. It's for Nov. 30 on Liberty to Nassau & Freeport for 4 nights, $475 total, incl port tax/fees. (I've already done that sailing twice before and really like both the itinerary and ship.) And my favorite OV cabin is available! I'm just so nervous this crisis could still be going on by then but it includes $500 OBC which is so darn tempting!! For the experts here, would that include using it in the casino on the slot machines too?! Gee, i'd hardly have to bring ANY spending money LOL. Since i'm solo, it would cost $198 for the deposit and i'm just unsure whether to make that kind of financial commitment during all this, but it's such a great offer and I only have 48 hrs to decide!! I just don't know what to do!! 😕
  7. Clearing cookies (at least for now) will bring back the old version if you want it.
  8. Ok thanks very much. That's what I suspected.
  9. If I booked Early Saver through a $49 deposit sale, and after the sale is over the cruise price drops, would I qualify for the savings? Or would I have to cough up the full deposit now since it's no longer a $49 deposit sale? I see my sailing went down $10 today but with full deposit (I know it's not much, but it's still a savings). Can I request the new lower price since it's still an Early Saver fare, or does the difference in deposit change things and I wouldn't qualify?
  10. For those who aren't fans of the new version, I was advised that clearing your Carnival cookies will make it revert back to the old version. When I tried that, I got it back to the old page. I despise the new layout mainly because there's no more contrast between the text and page background. The light blue background on the original version is much easier on the eyes whereas the new layout everything is just bright white with small texts. Yuck. Also, everything seems to be scattered all over the place making navigation a tedious chore.
  11. Hey, that worked!! Thanks! As soon as I deleted all Carnival cookies, I logged back in to see the old Cruise Manager! I just hope it stays. It's leagues better than that crappy new version. Thanks again...i'm so happy now lol.
  12. I tried logging out and back in to see if i'd get the old version back and I didn't. I don't want to be stuck with this. It's so....unpleasing to the eyes.
  13. Cumbersome is a perfect word to describe it. It just seems everything is thrown all over the place now where things were all in one place to easily see at a glance before.
  14. Here's a screen shot of my new Cruise Manager page.
  15. I booked my new cruise yesterday and the Cruise Manager was normal like always, but today I logged in to check it and it's now a whole new layout that's much more difficult to view than before. Everything was always in one place to easily view and now it seems things are all over the place with little tiny fonts and a harsh white background. Big fail if this is considered an upgrade to their website!
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