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  1. Unless you get to Diamond (RCCL) or Elite or better, the benefits, in my opinion, are nothing great. Accumulating points, a different story. Being in Concierge on your two =X= cruises, you will earn higher points.
  2. I just received an email with a link to the new cruise line rankings. Celebrity did not fare as well as I thought they would: Large ship category - S class - #6 (2 behind Royal Caribbean 😨) Medium category - M class - #14 (again behind RC) In fairness, I'm not sure that I agree with the rankings; interesting nonetheless. https://www.cntraveler.com/galleries/2014-10-20/top-cruise-lines-readers-choice-awards-2014
  3. I think most mean a L/S dress shirt when they say button down shirt.
  4. Luminae has a 14 menu rotation. So you will have a different menu each day, and if you wish, you may order something from the MDR menu (we order Escargot several times a cruise). Of the 14, we only found one that we were not wild abouy, and ate at Tuscan instead (upcharge). On embarkation day, Luminae will be open for lunch, which is nice. During the cruise, it is only open for lunch on sea days. It is also open daily for breakfast. The staff will quickly learn what time you prefer to eat; if you change from an earlier time to a later time, no problem, just let the staff know if you are able. Butler will also polish shoes, deal with Laundry, and "fix" any issues you may have, within reason. Hope this helps! We have always enjoyed the Summit, in a suite or verandah.
  5. Respectively disagree. =X= markets itself as a luxury line (Modern Luxury), and based on non-RCI related fares, their prices have gotten extremely high. Not having an acceptable premium Cabernet is unacceptable, watery cocktail sauce, yuch (I would have asked them to hand make some). No breakfast syrup is not acceptable and I don't use it. I think the OP's comments of issues that were not major, but combined, are enough to disappoint, and the fact that several others affirmed the comments serves to validate the issues.
  6. Thanks for doing this and glad you made it home safely. Happy Easter.
  7. I don't think a cruise 13 years ago is probably a good basis. =X= definitely adds the gratuity on a daily basis. I cannot recall if it is added then credited if it is a "free" perk, and I have no idea under the new "sail" program.
  8. We find Tuscan too inconsistent. We will usually do Murano 2:1, if we are doing specialties, AND if we are getting discounts. We do not pay full upcharge (other than 1st cruise, because we did not know any better). On M class, there is obviously not that choice, which does not apply for the OP's cruise.
  9. I hear you. I ask my grandkids if they want to look at pictures on my computer, and I get the eye roll. If they are on my iPad, as a summary or story, I have a 50/50 chance.
  10. I hear you, and I don't disagree with your points, which still doesn't make it right. I was at a grocery store recently, and a guy pulls up and parks in the pregnant mothers spot. I asked him if he was pregnant. After he got done telling me to perform a physically impossible act, he proceeded to tell me that there is no law in Pennsylvania that he has to follow regarding these signs. I replied "well counselor, it still doesn't make it right". I guess I'm just a rule follower.
  11. And circumventing the rules by bringing two each is reasonable?
  12. Thanks again for all the info and pictures. Brunch - looks wonderful especially the crepes; however, I can guarantee I wouldn't pay a $39.00 upcharge, even on an expense, account. I would just go to the MDR and have a double smoked salmon plate. By the way, there is a great crepe place on Las Olas in FLL, that you can go pre or post cruise and is more reasonable, by a lot, assuming you are cruising fro southern Florida. Eden is not doing it for me as well, especially at $65 additional. The menu does look good though. I suppose I should have asked if there are discounts available before I commented. We go to specialties often, but in 32 cruises, never at full price (well, except Johnny Rockets on Royal when the upcharge was $5 😁)
  13. Justin, nice shots as always. I have found that while not as interesting as the males, with the right light, the female wood ducks do have some nice coloring on their wings. Ken
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