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  1. We have always liked Summit, and had great experiences on her. With the recent massive dry dock, the experience should be even better! I wouldn't hesitate. There are a few recent threads here on CC that should give you a good view of what to expect under the current configuration.
  2. Wife: Hey take a video of the Grandkids on that "fancy" camera of yours. Me: For the thousandth time, I don't do video.
  3. Now that is one heck of a recommendation!
  4. The first day of our trip to CA fell in this week, so Within minutes of checking in, a juvenile Cooper's Hawk posed for me. The mountains are spectacular out in the desert.
  5. Some really good shots folks! Another couple from a trip to Palm Desert, CA: Hummingbird getting a drink from a water feature Momma feeding a juvenile (i'm guessing Brewer's Blackbirds) And a Common Raven (not so common for this East Coast Guy).
  6. I realized I had not shared some shots from our trip to Palm Desert, CA and area: From the Palm Springs Tram - Near the top of Mount San Jacinto (97degrees at the base, 60 Degrees at the top) Chilean Flamingo (wild, but stays in the ponds of the JW Marriott) White Pelican working on a fish Costa's Hummingbird DW donating her bracelet to the POW-MIA museum (in the Palm Springs Air museum)
  7. How did you get a PCC? I have one on HAL, but never heard of one on Celebrity?
  8. I like the MDR. We now do Select dining, and never make a reservation (we think it defeats the purpose of being flexible on a daily basis). The longest wait we have ever had is 5 or 6 minutes. There is a dress code and most follow it. Shorts and flip-flops are a no-no in the MDR. As to the buffet, in 36 cruises, we have not tried it in the evening. I'm sure it is fine, I'm not buffet fan. The ice cream is made on the ship, and I absolutely love it! I also like their cheese plate as a dessert.
  9. I'm pretty sure the OP was asking about Summit.. The "Spa" cabins are actually Aqua Class cabins. Having been on the Summit a dozen times, and many other Celebrity ships, I have never heard of "Cons" class??
  10. Well done! I have to get one planned for next year.
  11. With the recent "revolution" ship update, I'm not sure of the locations. Usually Deck 5, Port side, 1 spot on deck 14 near the Mast Bar and on 15 near the sunset bar. Most cruise lines have become fairly restrictive on smoking.
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