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  1. I enjoy the pictures of birds we do not see here! Well done.
  2. Be careful, many times cigars purporting to be Cuban are Cuban seed or not Cuban at all. Buyer beware, and I have never seen any on any cruise ship that I have been on.
  3. Sounds all good! I upgraded my laptop a few weeks ago to a Dell Vostro i9/ 9th gen, Nvida geforce video card (first video card) with 6gb, 16GB ram, 512g Solidstate drive. What an improvement. I may even get to like photo editing, well probably not. Still trying to get Granddaughter interested 🙂 Ken
  4. The NYC pictures at night are wonderful.
  5. DW bought a package on this cruise that was a digital version. We have not purchased another package or picture since. This was in 2014. Enjoy the Reflection: Reflection is famous (probably infamous) for this piece of (art) work:
  6. Isn't it a yellow crowned night heron?
  7. Thanks Justin. I have been to Marshall (it is BIG), and Wako (at your suggestion). I'll try the other two, and probably schedule a stop in the Everglades coming over from the west coast. Green Cay also suggests Daggerwing and Okeeheelee. Any feeling about either? Two birds I did not have any luck with last year are on my radar; Woodstorks and Sandhill Cranes.
  8. Thanks for the update Justin. Of course I already booked a non-refundable hotel for my December trip. Oh, well, I guess I'll have to come back in February. I'll go to Wakodahotchee. Where else is a good spot in the area? I'll be staying on Singer Island for two days after being around Sanibel for a little over two days.
  9. Does any of this apply to Junior Suites, or are they not really suites, just cost more?
  10. Exif - You said you were at 1/6400, so the other two pieces of the equation - Aperture and ISO. You can crop in camera, but I never do. It is so much easier, faster and accurate in software. I also never delete photos in my camera; some I follow feel that it can damage the memory card(s). I don't know about that, but it certainly takes a lot longer than on my laptop. Also, the D500 eats up battery. Editing and deleting in camera just uses that much more battery. As others have said, it is extremely difficult to get swallows or other small fast moving birds in flight. If I am totally bored waiting for other wildlife action, I may play around practicing panning an trying to get these birds. For ISO, I want it as low as possible. If there is not much ambient light you will need to go higher. If it is before sunrise when I usually start taking pictures, I start at 2500 and work my way down as more light is available. What I am trying to say, is that proper exposure is based on letting the correct amount of light in to the sensor by adjusting three things; ISO (sensor sensitivity), Aperture (lens opening), and shutter speed. The D500 does a good job with higher ISO, but I still try to keep mine at 2500 or lower, and I would prefer it to bee 100 - 400; I have seen good results at 6400 from some photographers.
  11. I am also late to the party. From a trip to Scottsdale, AZ. Anna's Hummingbird (I may have posted it on another thread): I hiked a few trails in the Sonoran Desert. It is really hard, for me at least, to portray the beauty, even in the middle of summer, of the desert. A neat looking cactus in the complex where we were staying: Ken
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